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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Underling at the MP DECR Supported Dialogue in Interstate Relations between Russia and the Vatican

Great Googly Moogly… the Pope n’ Patriarch are gonna meet… Asia News said so… would THEY lie to you?


On Monday, Fr Dmitri Sizinenko, the Acting Secretary for Inter-Christian Relations in the MP Department of External Church Relations, expressed support for the promotion of dialogue in the interstate relations between Russia and the Vatican. “The Russian Church encourages the development of harmonious international and inter-church relations, for just as one of the main concerns of the Church is the welfare of its flock, the state has a similar concern for its citizens, wherever they may be”, he told Interfax-Religion, commenting on the upcoming meeting between President Dmitri Medvedev and the Pope of Rome. As reported, Dmitri Anatolyevich will make an official visit to Italy on 16-17 February, during which he will visit the Vatican, to meet with Benedict XVI Ratzinger, the Pope of Rome. According to Fr Dmitri, the meeting of President Medvedev and the pope is a meeting of two heads of state. He noted that, in Russia, there is separation of Church and state, “and on questions of inter-church cooperation, today, MP officials today have fruitful talks directly with their partners in the Vatican”. However, he continued, the Church “has never been separate from the people, from society, the Church plays a very special role in the Russian life, it’s a spiritual and moral force that binds together the lives of millions of people in our homeland and abroad. The establishment of full diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and the Holy See has given fresh impetus to the development of constructive relations between the MP and the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI pins special hopes on cooperation with the Orthodox Church, about which he earnestly spoke in an interview recorded in the book The Light of the World “.

He pointed out that in the face of such “tragic manifestations of modernity as the artificial imposition of an atheistic worldview, the destructive side-effects of globalisation, and the overall crisis in the sphere of social ethics, believers come to a deeper understanding of what is necessary to unite their efforts in upholding the fundamental values of Christianity”. In support of his thesis, Fr Dmitri mentioned the closeness of the positions consistently advocated by Patriarch Kirill and Pope Benedict, in their opposition to abortion, the legalisation of same-sex unions, euthanasia, and medical and biological experiments incompatible with Christian beliefs. He emphasised, “Today, of particular relevance, is the problem of religious and racial intolerance. In the face of terrorism and discrimination against Christians, we can’t help but form a partnership”. In his opinion, one of the best examples of such collaboration was the recent participation of the Russian government as an interested third party (amicus curiae) in a court case in Italy, where Soile Lautsi, a Finn resident in Italy, where the RF was one of ten countries that challenged a ban on crucifixes in Italian public schools. As Fr Dmitri noted, one can see remarkable results in the establishment of cooperation between Orthodox and Catholics in various European countries. “Quite often, to facilitate pastoral work amongst Russians resident abroad, representatives of the MP turned to Catholic bishops with requests for the facilities necessary for the establishment of parishes and community services. We are grateful for the fact that, as a rule, such requests find a positive response from Catholic bishops”, he added.

14 February 2011



Editor’s Note:

Most certainly, this milquetoast statement from a low-on-the-food-chain flunky shouldn’t have caused the flurry of news stories coming out of Catholic sources about a meeting of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill with the Pope of Rome… but it probably was part of the bubbling witch’s brew that led to the asinine Asia News post (the Blunder and his entourage were out of town, and this unfortunate and clueless peon was the only one left around the DECR hooch). There’s only one other statement made recently by any official… and that was by a rank-and-file aide to Medvedev… I’ll translate that, and all of you will see that the brouhaha over such a meeting is “much ado about nothing”… the Vatican press corps listens too much to pompous ignorant incompetents such as Sophia Kishkovsky… that’s life, though! It’s never been a just world, and there’s more than one knucklehead out there making a living on a “name” (Sophia’s pop is the infamous Lyonyo Kishkovsky of OCA fame… she got her job at the Herald Trib through the patronage of Serge Schmemann). Take a slug off the jug and smile! That’s what’s riles ‘em the most!



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