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Thursday, 17 February 2011

17 February 2011. No Words are Necessary… A Church in Slonim

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A church in Slonim… 200 kilometres (@120 miles) from Minsk in Byelorussia.


Fr Nikolai Balashov thought that Positive Dynamics in Orthodox-Catholic Relations Affected the Meeting between President Medvedev and Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI Ratzinger (1927- ), Pope of Rome and Patriarch of the West, flanked by President Dmitri Medvedev (1965- ) (left) and his wife Svetlana Medvedeva (1965- ) (right) at the Vatican, in the context of an official state diplomatic visit


Archpriest Nikolai Balashov, the deputy chairman of the MP Department for External Church Relations, expressed satisfaction with the meeting on Thursday at the Vatican between President Dmitri Medvedev and Benedict XVI Ratzinger, the Pope of Rome. “The meeting of the Russian president with the Pope of Rome was a meeting between two heads of state, dedicated to interstate and international cooperation. However, we’re pleased that this meeting occurred in the context of positive dynamics in relations between the MP and Roman Catholics”, he told our Interfax-Religion correspondent. He pointed up that Orthodox and Catholics “cooperate effectively, especially in areas such as defending the rights of believers to hold religiously motivated positions in society and in social activities, protecting the spiritual and moral values of Christian tradition, and bringing European society to a realisation of the Christian roots of European civilisation”. Fr Nikolai went on to say, the MP and Roman Catholics “maintain a frank dialogue about the existing problems”. The present relations between the MP and Catholics affected the context of the meeting of the Russian president and the Pope of Rome, but it was an event specifically set in the milieu of international diplomacy, Fr Nikolai added.

17 February 2011



Editor’s Note:

Fr Nikolai sinks the harpoon deep in the blubber of all the bloviators predicting an imminent meeting of the Pope of Rome with His Holiness. Note that Fr Nikolai was at pains to point up two things. Firstly, that the MP and the Catholics “maintain a frank dialogue about the existing problems”, and, secondly, that the present meeting wasn’t about inter-religious affairs, it was a meeting of two heads of state. All the idiots at Reuters and Asia News ought to be taken out to the woodshed by their editors to get “three of the best”. Any time that a diplomat speaks of “frank dialogue”, that means not only that both sides disagreed, the disagreement was acrid (even if the words used weren’t), and it was the diplomatic equivalent of a Texas Steel Cage Death Match (that is, although the words used were outwardly even and measured, the attitudes were those of an Animal House food-fight).

I’d love to sit down with one of the more experienced Asia News people, over a jug of Chianti and a congenial dinner, there’s no doubt that we’d have a pleasant time… but that doesn’t mean that His Nibs is going to be meeting B16 any time soon (or any time later). You have to watch some of these kids all the time… they’ll say (and write) the screwiest things, don’t they?

For the last time… there’s no meeting of the Pope of Rome with the Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias planned, not now, not later, not anytime, OK? Sheesh…


17 February 2011. Who Woulda Thunk It… Look at the Bobblehead at the Extreme Right…

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These are three bobblehead dolls presented at the American International Toy Fair in NYC… their heads wobble in a humorous way when you touch them. Let’s see, there’s Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and, on the extreme right (natch)… guess who? I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw this, as this doll captured the utter vacuity and vapidity of this politician… she’s something to fear? I think NOT… remember, Alaska is one of the states with the largest return from the Feds as compared to its outlay in taxes, and huge oil royalties made meeting the state budget a breeze. One wonders how Ms Golly-Gee would’ve handled a “California Situation”… I would have PAID to have seen that… it would’ve been the best farce since the Keystone Kops and Ma and Pa Kettle (with Marjorie Main definitely beating out the Sports News Reader in the brains department by a mile).

Observe who links to her site (and to Rush Limboob)… they’re putting a target on their dzopa saying, “I am a complete idiot, disregard everything that I say”. As I always say, kids… caveat lector. Do remember that it’s a fallen world out there…


GOP Spending Cuts Will Cut Employment… Corporate Oligarchs Refuse to Hire the Unemployed

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Vigilance… Our Weapon!

V Ivanov


We CAN defeat the oligarchs and their GOP running dog lackeys… but we have to stand together… and expose the snitches and ratfinks amongst us… our future depends on it. Remember, those who make excuses for the GOP aren’t averse to being stoolies and talebearers… NEVER forget that.


Read these:



Note this:

Alexander J Field, an economics professor at Santa Clara University, said he had “very little sympathy for the sentiments” in the letter Boehner forwarded. Spending cuts should be pursued when economies are strong, not weak, he said, and the House Republicans’ agenda would probably increase unemployment.

Senate Democrats said Wednesday the House GOP plan would eliminate nearly 700 million USD (20.492 billion Roubles 514 million Euros 433 million UK Pounds) in Title I grants to schools with disadvantaged students, and about “10,000 teachers and aides could lose their jobs”. Congressional offices circulated White House budget office estimates saying the Republican bill would cut Head Start by more than 1 billion USD (29.275 billion Roubles 734 million Euros 618 million UK Pounds), leading to the layoffs of about 55,000 teachers and staff.

Did you notice that John Boehner doesn’t want the richest five percent to share in any austerity? The GOP wants to spare them because, dontcha know, they’re the only “productive” people in the country. Ordinary Americans are to lose their jobs, with no hope of another, so that the affluent effluent in their McMansions in exurbia can live it up, without diminution or care.

I find this obscene… and those who advocate such policies mean-spirited, wretched, and pitiless. They call themselves “pragmatic”… I call them malevolent and disgusting. Can you believe that there are those who call themselves “Christians” who call for such? Can you believe that so-called “clergy” issue apologias for such greed and hubris? I can see why many people conclude that religion is a fraud, that clergy are self-serving liars, and that it’s all a massive shell game promising “pie in the sky when you die”. The main cause of atheism is “Christians”… especially “Christian clergy”. I’m sorry to say that some of ‘em are Orthodox Christians. We have some housecleaning to do.

Keep in mind their credo… stamp without mercy on the faces of the helpless… pour the lion’s share of the wealth of the American state and people into the pockets of the richest 5 percent… THEY DESERVE IT.

I find this objectively evil… I think that I’m not alone.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 17 February 2011

Albany NY

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