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Monday, 21 February 2011

Great Lent 2011 is Sneakin’ Up on Us… Maslenitsa Starts Next Monday

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This is the week to chow down on one of these… Maslenitsa’s next week (it starts Monday 28 February)!


It’s almost that time again… yep… it’s just about Great Lent (it starts on Monday 7 March)! Hey… look at the GOOD part! It means that Easter is about six weeks away, and that Spring is about to sprung again! There are those who memorise long lists of this-or-that forbidden food, or, who want you to go about with long constipated faces the entire Lent. Both of those attitudes are WRONG and destroy the whole meaning of the Lent. It’s better to eat meat in Lent and love your neighbour, than it is to keep all the “rules” and have a self-centred narcissistic self-righteousness. You see the latter amongst konvertsy… don’t throttle ’em on the spot… it’s not right at all; it’s no good to argue with such sorts. They won’t change their minds, it’ll just frustrate you to no end… light a candle for ’em, and let their words go in one ear and out the other. Yes… it ain’t easy… but it CAN be done.

The Lent is when we voyage to the New Shore… when we take the road to Easter (24 April, this year), which is the defining event of our Faith… it’s the Centre of the whole Christian Message. Trust me, every able-bodied Orthodox Christian is gonna be in Church on the Easter… even if they don’t go the rest of the year. Everyone will shout out, “He is Risen, Indeed!” That’s what it’s all about… Christ is for all of us… not just those who make a hobby of “Church”. Think on that… that’s what the Chrysostom homily is all about. “Even those who come at the Eleventh Hour”… Our Lord Christ means it, and that’s that.

This sinner finds that promise reassuring…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 21 February 2011

Albany NY

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