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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Republicans Harm Recovery with Ill-Considered Cuts… They Refuse to Tax the Rich… WHY?

Demonstrators in Little Rock AR supporting the trades unionists in Wisconsin


Read these, click here and here. Let’s keep this short and focused. Dropout Scott Walker is a liar… full stop. There’s a budget crisis in Wisconsin because he and his GOP cronies gave away the state surplus to their rich backers. Firstly, the state must cancel all of the giveaways to the rich enacted by Dropout Scott and REMF Fitzgerald at the beginning of the year. Then, and only then, Dropout Scott can say that there’s a crisis. He refuses to rescind these foolish gifts to the rich… therefore, he’s a liar and, what’s worse, a thief of the money of the working people of Wisconsin. As for the “budget cuts”… they’re SLOWING the recovery (if there ever was such a creature). The Republican Party refuses to tax the rich. It’s an emergency! Ergo, we should return to New Deal taxation levels for the oligarchs. If they refuse to cooperate, treat ‘em the same way that VVP treated Khodorkovsky. Bust ‘em and put ‘em in prison orange… that would learn ‘em good!

Dropout Scott Walker is one of the stupidest politicians I have seen in my life. If the GOP is to carry the Upper Midwest in 2012, it needs the support of at least some of the white working class. This shoots that all to hell… it’s even more crackbrained than the GOP government shutdown in the 90s. It hands the area to Obama, for socially conservative working people will hold their nose and vote for him, to preserve their livelihoods, even if they oppose his social views. The GOP will pay dearly for supporting such juvenile airheads as Dropout Scott and Reinhard Priebus. The last election showed that the economy, not social issues, was the concern of virtually all voters (it didn’t matter what party that they voted for, by the way). However, let the Republicans continue… as Val Zorin of VOR put it, reality will kick in, regardless of who’s in power. You can’t have a recovery by laying off people.

Do we want a repeat of the 30s? That’s what we’ll get if the GOP has its way. God do save us from that.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 27 February 2011

Albany NY


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