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Monday, 14 March 2011

Funeral Arrangements for Metropolitan Nicholas Finalised… Link to ACORD Website Provided

A Warrior at Prayer

Sergei Yefoshkin



Below, I give the link for the webpage containing the information for the funeral arrangements for Metropolitan Nicholas Smisko. This is better than posting details here… for if they’re changes, the ACROD people are competent (unlike some I could mention), and they’d adjust the webpage. These people are a class act… they’re straight… they’re honest… and they post the news as soon as they receive it. As a friend of mine said earlier concerning the ACROD:

You’ll note how the ACROD had a special header, a press release, and a memorial website ready to go. Note that, unlike the OCA poseurs at Syosset, the ACROD has no chancery infrastructure to speak of… even their seminary professors are unpaid for their teaching! If the Carpatho-Russians can do this with far fewer resources, what’s Matusiak’s excuse?

In this time of mourning, the ACROD people showed what they’re made of… don’t be fooled by their plain exteriors… they’re not flashy showboaters like ADS was. They believe in a job well done, presented in a timely way, without pretension… God bless such folks.

Link for funeral information:




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