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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk Ended His Working Visit to the USA

The Wonder is on his way home… there were no images whatsoever released on this little journey… that’s quite out of the ordinary…


On 15-16 March 2011, with the blessing of Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias, Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev, the chairman of the MP Department for External Church Relations, made ​​a brief working visit to the United States. During his visit, Vladyki Hilarion discussed the current situation in the OCA with a number of bishops and clergymen of that Local Church (sic). With the blessing of His Holiness the Patriarch, Metropolitan Hilarion also met with the Archbishop Jonas Paffhausen of Washington, Metropolitan of all America and Canada (sic). At St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary (Yonkers NY), he met with the Dean of the Theological School, Archpriest John Behr, and its Chancellor, Archpriest Chad Hatfield. On the evening of 16 March, Metropolitan Hilarion left for Moscow. Archbishop Yustinian Ovchinnikov of Naro-Fominsk, Administrator of the Patriarchal Parishes in the USA, Archpriest Igor Vyzhanov, the representative of the VRNS at the UN, a cleric of St Nicholas Cathedral (New York NY), and an underling of the RF Consul General of the Russian Federation in New York escorted him to the airport. Archpriest Nikolai Balashov, Deputy Chairman of the MP Department for External Church Relations, Hierodeacon Ivan Kopeikin, the assistant head of the MP DECR, and L M Sevastyanov, Executive Director of the St Gregory the Theologian Foundation accompanied Metropolitan Hilarion on this trip.

17 March 2011

DECR Communications Service


Official MP Website


Editor’s Note:

Firstly, I do NOT know what the Blunder said in Syosset, at SVS, or to El Gordo (it’s not made clear where he met him… probably, in the District). NO ONE DOES. Let me reiterate that… NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HE SAID. Certainly, there’s NOTHING posted on patriarchia.ru, oca.org, or on Stokoe’s site. There’s NOTHING to go upon, and no responsible journalist guesses from a vacuum.

There are hints, though. For instance, oca.org posted the English translation of the DECR on the events in Syosset verbatim, word-for-word. Besides that, no one from the OCA or ROCOR met him at the airport or saw him off at his departure. This is highly unusual. Visits from one REAL Local Church to another have a set protocol and format. For instance, Lyonyo Kishkovsky, the Blunder’s opposite number at the OCA should have met him at the airport, and seen him off. There should have been images of the greeting and send-off on oca.org… there were no images whatsoever of this trip posted on oca.org or patriarchia.ru. Apparently, the Blunder forced the OCA to post his version of events, as he didn’t trust them.

I can conclude that the OCA is NOT an “Autocephalous Local Church”… don’t believe the above post; it came from the Blunder’s dezinformatsiya mill. NO Local Church, even the smallest, would tolerate such treatment. If the Blunder had tried this stunt at the Phanar, Zizioulas would’ve kicked his arse out the door, and, then, he’d tell the whole world… the Phanar may be small… it may be weak… but no one is going to rub their nose in it, no, siree. The Blunder came barging in, summoned the OCA Holy Synod, its leading clerics, the Pooh-Bahs at SVS, and El Gordo, too. Then, he forced them to publicise his version of the proceedings, the details of which were murkier than the Black Hole of Calcutta. We don’t even know where he met with Fathausen… the information given isn’t clear. Don’t forget… the original Russian source document describing the Syosset conversation said, “The discussion was blunt (откровенными) and frank (прошли)”. The Blunder toned that down in the English translation to “honest”, which has a different meaning in diplomatese… and the Wonder knows that, as he has a good command of Oxbridge English (which is why he buffaloes the drooling konvertsy).

Here’s an interesting omission… the Blunder didn’t make a side trip to Johnstown PA to pay his respects to Metropolitan Nicholas. Mainly, I believe that’s because he’s receiving crank intel from Tricky Dickey Wood, the OCA, SVS, and the ROCOR First Families. Nicholas Smisko was, perhaps, the MOST RESPECTED Orthodox hierarch in the USA. NO ONE had anything bad to say of him, even those who disagreed with him. Why didn’t the Wonder go to Johnstown? He got crook info from his American contacts… his Renovationist buddies didn’t inform him of how important a personage Nicholas Smisko was in American Orthodoxy. If he had received the righteous word, trust me, the Wonder would’ve been in Johnstown, with the Russian media in tow. This oversight is directly the fault of OCA/ROCOR dezinformatsiya on the general Church situation… some of ‘em are self-absorbed navel-gazers (I’m thinking of Wood and Gan, in particular), and it shows.

Again, don’t forget… there’s been nothing but silence from oca.org, Mark Stokoe, “Love BT”, “OCA Truth”, or anyone else. Ergo… don’t jump to conclusions. We’re in the Last Act, but it’s not the Finale, yet. These scummers still have the capacity to rend and tear for the moment… do take a care. The final stages of the dissolution of an organisation are always chaotic, confused, and contradictory. We’re seeing such here… if someone such as myself, with my experience and knowledge, can’t discern the signs, the rest of you should be cautious in the extreme. Especially, watch your parish funds… besides nasty apparatchiki such as Burdikoff and Lebedeff, too many priests are “weak reeds”… keep the parish funds double safe… or, to put it bluntly, you may find that they’re gone.

God DO help us… if you thought that it was BAD before… do think again.



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