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Friday, 10 June 2011

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous… Malicious Malware on the One Hand; Accidental Power Outages on the Other

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As for the malware incident that I just endured, a friend of mine (a female geek… there are such things) informed me that it’s all too common a situation… “In most cases, you can’t blame a known individual… the links come in e-mails with no traceable connection to any given person. In this case, the fact that the troll used Nick’s name means that that they know that you and he have a relationship. Be careful and click no links that you’re not COMPLETELY sure of”. I think that’s good advice for all of us. I’m not going to worry myself sick over it… that’s not healthy; it’s barmy in the extreme. You note the occurrence; you take the proper precautions. It’s sad to see one’s more cantankerous observations concerning human nature confirmed, but that’s the way of it in our crook world. Pass me the jug; take a good hit, yourself…

Yesterday, we had a freak accident at our building. The power suddenly went out at 20.00 EDT (there was a line of thunderstorms and hail that passed through town)… that bloody well “improved” my disposition (especially as everyone else on the block had power)… whom did I take it out on? On Nicky, of course! I’ve never placed myself up as a nickel-plated saint… I don’t quote the Fathers and Canons in a crackbrained attempt to prove that I’m above the common ruck. I’m one of the ordinary sinful-ginful sods… last night proved it. Finally, I calmed down, and I realised that the first thing that I had to do was to call the outage line for the power utility… I did so (that puts it “on record”; it gets one on line for repair work). It took some 20-odd hours to get the power back, so, we took a nice motor out into the country, and we spent some time in the café at Barnes & Noble, a bookstore chain in the USA… like Chapters in Canada. I was reading an RATHER funny (and wise) book called Shit My Father Says… that’s what I needed… a good cleansing laugh to get my mind off my non-existent problems (hey… I’ve got my health… I’ve got a loving partner… we’re just scraping by, but we’re not destitute… we’re not doing as well as most are, but we’re doing better than many are). Of course, being out in God’s creation amongst the trees and greenery helped us a good deal, too.

NEVER assume that the world’s out to get you. Satan loves to get you thinking like that. The world doesn’t give a shit about you… you’re not that important (neither am I, for that matter). I regret having handed over one of my e-mail addresses to Iggy Burdikoff, but that was an unavoidable risk. After six-odd years, I realise that he lied to me, that he spread private information about me that I only gave to him on the stipulation that he keep it confidential. You can’t do much about crook priests… except to pass the word. If a priest abuses your confidence, if he maltreats you in any way, if he lies to you… expose him. Priests have NO special privileges… traditionally, in the Orthodox world, in New Rome and Old Russia, married priests were only a higher form of peasant, ranking with estate starostas and skilled craftsmen (it’s why so many priests’ sons became army officers and civil servants… it was the only way out of the low status of the clerical estate). “A priest is a priest only when he is vested”… never forget that. You don’t have to take abuse of any sort from priests… and that’s that.

It’s been a turbulent week, kids… malware in my e-mail, a power outage at the building, and I’ve had some slight health problems (a slight ear infection that’s been put right)… but that’s the way it is… it’s Friday… and everything turned out alright in the end.

Be good, all…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 10 June 2011

Albany NY         


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