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Monday, 13 June 2011

13 June 2011. Why Does Paul Ryan Want to Cut the Throats of Seniors?

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Here’s Paul Ryan (and the rest of the GOP)… hoping that you don’t find out how UNREPRESENTATIVE he and his well-heeled backers are… how many of YOU make a cool half-a-mill a year?  



Look at the above graph… Paul Ryan makes 215,000 USD (6 million Roubles 150,000 Euros 130,000 UK Pounds) a year… his wife is a well-paid lawyer, adding more money to their household pie (probably, their total household income is over half-a-mill (14 million Roubles 346,650 Euros 305,200 UK Pounds). The median income of a household in Wisconsin is about 55,000 USD (1.54 million Roubles 38,000 Euros 33,500 UK Pounds) per year… Mr Ryan is about ten times that figure, which means that he has the “capability” to finance his own retirement and health plans… things that’re far beyond 90 percent of us. Why does he want to cut our throats? He’s in favour of HMO death panels that routinely deny treatment and payment to ordinary folks… all to cut his taxes and those of his fatcat backers. I’m sick n’ tired of hearing rightwing scummers rant about “Obama this” and “Obama that”… bluntly put, it’s not true. Read the following, and you’ll know why I say that:


Does that make me a “socialist?” If so… I’m in good company… both Patriarch Kirill and Pope Benedict agree with the idea of economic justice, and both oppose unbridled capitalism (KMG called Free Market Capitalism “a fraud”). You can follow both His Holinesses, and follow a path of justice for all, or, you can follow Paul Ryan, and join him in worshipping the Almighty Dollar. It’s your choice, after all…



13 June 2011. A Russian POV… A Russian Website’s Coverage of a Puerto Rican Parade in NYC

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Her sash reads “Mini Maja Mundial Puerto Rico”… “Little Miss World Puerto Rico”. This was at a recent Puerto Rican parade in New York City (I can’t tell which borough it is… probably, Manhattan, but it could be downtown Brooklyn, too). THIS is what our kids should be doing… “being kids”… not labouring at an adult job for the profit of the oligarchs. ALL kids should have this opportunity… not just those lucky enough to be born in “developed” societies.

It’s our duty to make that happen…


13 June 2011. A Russian POV… 12 June was World Day Against Child Labour… the USA DIDN’T Participate

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Poster for World Day Against Child Labour


Disabled Afghan girl juggling in a show staged on World Day Against Child Labour on 12 June 2011


Did you hear about World Day Against Child Labour from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Paul Ryan, Bill O’Reilly, John Boehner, Anne Coulter, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Terrence Mattingly, Rod Dreher, Freddie M-G, or Dropout Scott Walker? Of course, not! There wasn’t any time for it… the ads for get-rich-quick schemes, work-at-home boondoggles, and crook “investment” scams had to air, instead! Child labour is the dirty little reality at the base of “globalisation” and “outsourcing”. The Republican Party smiles at this profitable nastiness and smiles a drooling grin of approval at the sight! I fear that the internationalist wing of the Democratic Party is just as bad. This is how the oligarch class finances its purchase of the Western political and media apparatus; it’s how the Neoliberal “conservative” Corporatists garner the means to circumvent the labour laws of the developed countries. They stuff their boodle bags, paying no heed to the blood and tears of millions of children who’ll be stunted for life, as a result. We’re creating a new class of bezprizorniki*… we’re sowing hatred… what’ll be our harvest? Here’s what’s crank… it won’t be the fatcats who’ll “pay the bill”… it’ll be some poor farmer’s son from Kansas or a luckless bubba from backwoods Alabama… they’ll die in some godforsaken foreign adventure to prop up the Globalist fantasies of our present political masters (and I’m NO peacenik, mind you). “Republican”… “Democrat”… I can see why most people are browned off the “system”. We can only vote “against”… not “for”… the best that can be done is to minimise the damage (until the Globalist structure falls of its own weight… that’s beyond any of us to put right, I fear).

We’ve fallen into the moral gutter (especially the loud Sectarians)… we’ve no right to lecture others on morality as long as the American oligarch class profits from child labour (and other exploitive practises) and uses the US forces to enforce its demonic vision of world hegemony. Look at the McMansions in your local gated community… that is, if you can see over its surrounding berm. They’re financed by child labour and the brutalisation of Third World workers. You know whom NOT to vote for next year…

*bezprizornki: Orphans who roamed the countryside after the Russian Civil War, many turned to crime, some were ruined for life.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 13 June 2011

Albany NY

13 June 2011. Little Support for GOP Plan to Hand Over Medicare to Private Insurance Buccaneers… Seniors Charged Extortionate Co-Pays by Insurance Company “Death Panels”… You KNOW What to Do!

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This is the world of Dropout Scott Walker and the rest of the GOP… Grandma and Grandpa can die… the HMO execs need to holiday in Palm Springs! By the way… many of the Democrats aren’t any better… look at Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton… I rest my case. 


Read these:



Only 25 percent of those polled support Paul Ryan’s proposed empowerment of HMO/insurance company death panels. Note this:

Facing a life-and-death struggle with kidney cancer, Rita Moore took her prescription for a new kind of chemotherapy pill to her local drugstore. She was stunned when the pharmacist told her the cost for a month’s supply would be 2,400 USD (67,240 Roubles 1,670 Euros 1,470 UK Pounds), well beyond her income. Medicare drug plans that cover seniors like Moore are allowed to charge steep co-payments for the latest cancer medications, whose cost can run to tens of thousands of dollars a year. About 1 in 6 beneficiaries aren’t filling their prescriptions, according to recent research that has put numbers on a worrisome trend.

“Death panels” are NOT part of the putative “Obamacare” attacked by the rightwing of the GOP. Rather, they exist TODAY… in the insurance companies that finance the Tea Party and the Republicans. These wallowing pigs are silent about this. In short, the Republicans are willing to kill Grandma for the sake of the profits of their insurance company contributors. This isn’t theory… it’s happening right now. If you vote for the contemporary Republican Party, you vote for death panels made up of unelected insurance company functionaries… you vote for the enrichment of HMO executives and “investors” at the expense of seniors’ lives… you vote for the worship of the Almighty Dollar instead of Almighty God (The Bottom Line is God and Ayn Rand is His Profit (Prophet)).

Have you noticed the smarmy religious rhetoric issued by the rightwing? You can especially see this in remarks coming form Sectarian scummers such as Sarah Palin, Dropout Scott Walker, and Tim Pawlenty. Franklin Graham beams at all of their “conservative” outpourings, by the way. Oh, yes… Orthodox Christians would be interested in knowing that Jonas Paffhausen, Terrence Mattingly, Freddie M-G, John Whiteford, Rod Dreher, and Victor Potapov all support the contemporary Republican Party and its Agenda of Death and No Taxes (on the rich… the rest of us have to pay for their fecklessness and greed). Don’t let their “Pro-Life” smokescreen fool you… the GOP supports NONE of the pro-family state initiatives that the MP outlined in a recent “white paper” on the Church’s REAL Pro-Life position. For details on it, see:


Look at what the Church proposes… note well that the GOP opposes all of it vehemently:

  • Create housing projects for large families, taking into account proximity to educational infrastructure
  • Establish mechanisms to encourage employers to provide special allowances to their staff, including assistance to families with children in their benefits package
  • Provide cash or other substantial material content in the presentation of State awards to the mothers and fathers of families with many children
  • Make provision in federal law for the right of families with many children to take summer holidays as a family, and erect the financial mechanisms to ensure this right
  • Develop a special health insurance program for large families

This is what I wrote in commentary on the earlier post:

His Holiness links opposition to abortion with aid to families and children… that’s why the GOP ISN’T pro-life in the slightest way. They REFUSE to enact sensible family legislation… it would mean that their rich paymasters would have to pay more taxes… boo hoo!

His Holiness is clear. The state should pay benefits to mothers… the state should help large families with housing costs… the state should aid large families in taking their holidays together… the state should pay for shelters for troubled pregnant women… and that’s not all. In short, the Republican Party stands against this list… ergo, they stand against His Holiness and the Church. If they stand against the Church, they stand against Christ. Think very deeply on that before you support any portion of the GOP programme. If you have any doubts, read over this list of proposals.

You can have His Holiness or you can have Rush Limbaugh… is that a no-brainer or what? I know where I stand… what about you?

As the objective situation hasn’t changed since then, neither have my opinions on it. As the GOP does NOT support the necessary government intervention for a Seamless Pro-Life Programme, they’re gibbering liars of the highest order… they’re NOT Pro-Life in the least, they’re only anti-abortion extremists, with the sole aim of outlawing abortion legally; they refuse to support funding for family aid. You can have hellishly-expensive foreign wars, with a consequent enrichment of the oligarch class (and their willing political, media, and corporate lackeys), or, you can have funding for sensible family and health services. Choose well… for your choice will not only affect your life here on earth, it’ll affect your eternal destiny. Our Lord Christ said it best… No man can serve two masters, for he will love the one, and hate the other. Ye cannot serve both God and Mammon

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 13 June 2011

Albany NY

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