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Sunday, 19 June 2011

19 June 2011. Anthony Weiner and Jonas Paffhausen… Both are Liars… One has Resigned… The Other One Refuses To… It’s Time to Give JP the Heave-Ho!

Paffhausen is like George W Bush… a pathological liar. Bush’s lies led to the current Great Recession and American economic meltdown… Paffhausen’s lies have scuttled what was left of the OCA. Oh, both JP and G W Bush share the same extremist rightwing beliefs… I thought that you’d like to know that, too…


All of us have heard of the latest juicy political sex scandal. Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) resigned because of a brouhaha over spicy images he posted on Twitter. Virtually all reportage, from all quarters, state that what sank Weiner wasn’t the action (which was mostly juvenile and asinine, rather than criminal); it was his lies about that posting that did him in. In other words, it wasn’t criminal that he posted an image of his underwear-clad crotch (it WAS tasteless, dumb-as-dirt, and cheesy)… it was reprehensible that he lied about it. I found it amusing that one of the loudest voices raised against him was from Newt Gingrinch… a man who’s discarded two wives, yet, he’s a paragon of “Family Values”, dontcha know… all the Sectarians slobber over him. Of course… Rush Limboob, that famous pill-popper and four-time married moralist was just as loud in his condemnations.

Jonas Paffhausen is a similar, though much more pathological, case. JP REFUSES to come clean on his relationship with Gleb Podmoshensky (GP)… and he expects us to hold him in esteem and confidence for such refusal. Of course, today, what one sees is a radical lack of confidence in JP personally, the OCA/SVS apparat in general, and the OCA itself at base. When Herman Swaiko resigned, the OCA faithful expected that the Sobor would elect Job Osacky as First Hierarch… he had cred because he had the stones to buck Herman and the SVS/Syosset apparat. Instead, the Sobor elected this juvenile charlatan… and the Holy Synod didn’t have the kishkes to block this immature and childish action.

Once broken, you can’t repair or restore confidence. For instance, when concerns surfaced about his relationship with GP, JP should have said, “Yes, I had a close relationship with him for many years. I went to Russia under his auspices; I supported him in his rebellion against the Church. I regret having done so in the past”. JP didn’t do so… he has lied, evaded, and obfuscated the question whenever it’s arose. It’s not “fair”, but one only has a small “window of opportunity” to come clean on such matters. JP has lied about this for almost three years… accordingly, people conclude that he’s a poseur, cheat, and deadbeat. He no longer has a chance to issue an apology for his behaviour… the time is long past for that. Had Weiner stayed on in Congress, he would’ve had the same lack of trust and support. Astonishingly, JP’s actions in other situations have shown us that he believes that he should have no consequences for any of his actions… and that goes for his supporters, too.

JP had the “window” to do this in 2009… it’s closed, now. All that’s happened is that confidence in the OCA apparat and the OCA itself has fallen below the levels found in Herman’s last days, and that was low enough, thank you very much. Once JP’s gone, we’ll have to repair the “confidence gap”… and that’ll take many years. You don’t wave a wand and say, “It’s all over”… only addled California New Age poseurs (such as the HOOMie cultists and the konvertsy) and psychobabble merchants such as Gregory Jensen and George Washburn believe that. It takes mere seconds to break down trust… and the OCA has followed a crook path since the death of Metropolitan Leonty Turkevich in 1965. That is, this isn’t a momentary glitch; it’s a crank run that’s lasted for two generations.

We’re paying in full for Schmemann’s Folly… we’re paying for his intransigence on the calendar issue, we’re paying for his insistence on “reform”, we’re paying for his nastiness towards those who crossed him. If ADS had lost the court case over Our Lady of Kazan, it may have spurred the OCA Holy Synod to rein him in (ponder well that one of ADS’ most extreme collaborators in that sorry affair was Lyonyo Kishkovsky). Sadly enough, he won that imbroglio, and he ran amuck until the Mayfield affair. There’s an interesting wrinkle, SVS now claims that ADS went to Pennsylvania and “educated” the court during the Mayfield dispute. There’s one problem with this bald-faced lie… ADS died before the case concluded, and the OCA lost in the courts (that is, the Mayfield po-nashemu guys “educated the court”, NOT ADS). Yet, this is what the HOOMies and konvertsy believe. They DON’T want to hear the truth of the matter.

In short, both Weiner and Fathausen lied egregiously. Weiner has resigned… JP’s giving the “bird” to the OCA Holy Synod, and to all of us, too. It’s time to remove this lying and crackbrained adolescent nutter… in fact, it’s long overdue. Then, it’ll take at least a generation to recover from all of this. The konvertsy will leave… the HOOMies will go off to form their own “pure” conventicle… and the remnant will unite with the other Russian Orthodox in the USA and Canada… to rebuild and restore a shattered edifice. That’ll be a task of years, not moments…

To believe otherwise is foolish… and, I’ll confide, I believe that you’re NOT bleating sheep…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 19 June 2011

Albany NY


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