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Friday, 24 June 2011

24 June 2011. “I Chose Jail”… The REALITY of the Rightwing’s Opposition to “Socialistic” Health Care

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NO treatment for you! The HMO executives have to go to Palm Springs for “an important business conference”… at the beach. You expect us to pay for you, deadbeat? If you were any good, you’d make as much as we do. NO SOUP FOR YOU! Take two aspirin and go away… DIE… and decrease the surplus population…


Read this:


Note this:

This has been going on since I worked in California Corrections back in the early 1980’s. The only place an American in USA can be guaranteed appropriate medical care (at the top of the list/front of the line) is in prison. Now, that picture paints more than a thousand words.

THIS is what Rush Limboob, Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, Dropout Scott Walker, and all the rest of the rightwing losers want for America. They want NO healthcare except for those who’ll pay the extortionate rates demanded by the insurance companies. You DO have a choice… you can vote for the contemporary Republican Party, and vote for a nasty, brutish, and cruel Hobbesian world… or, you can vote against them, and get an imperfect, flawed, and mixed-up world. My preference is for the latter… what about you?

DO you make in a year what Rush Limboob makes in a DAY being a shill for the oligarchs (150 Gs)? He makes enough to pay for his own retirement and healthcare without straining his discretionary spending in the slightest. Is the same true of you?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 24 June 2011

Albany NY      

Editor’s Postscript:

Russian Orthodox Christians should note that Paffhausen and Potapov (the new comedy team inside the Beltway in the District) are rabid rightwingers who vehemently oppose ANY form of government-provided safety net for ordinary people… in complete opposition to what His Holiness teaches and practises. If I had to choose between His Nibs and P & P, there’s no contest… make mine Kirill Mikhailovich, straight up, no ice, and no mixer, please. He’s the REAL THING…



SPC Criticised Pope of Rome

Benedict XVI Ratzinger (1927- ), the Pope of Rome


An SPC statement said that the Pope of Rome, Benedict XVI Ratzinger, made “two controversial statements” during his visit to Zagreb in May. They concerned south-eastern Europe and Catholic Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac of Zagreb (who served during the years of World War II), according to a statement posted on the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) website on Thursday, the Beta news agency reported. The pope made his first controversial statement whilst he was on his way to Croatia, in an informal talk with journalists. The SPC document noted, “Namely, recollecting some previous bishops of Zagreb, he stated, ‘The late Cardinal Franjo Šeper, the late Cardinal Franjo Kuharić, and Cardinal Josip Bozanić always said that Croatia isn’t in the Balkans, but in Central Europe, so it’d be logical, just, and necessary for Croatia to enter the European Union, where it has always belonged, in a historic and cultural sense’”. The SPC said, “It hoped that the Pope didn’t have the intention of placing south-eastern Europe, also known as the Balkans, somewhere outside of Europe”. The second controversial statement concerned Alojzije Stepinac, a convicted collaborator of the Ustaše fascist régime. “Although many Roman Catholic believers, primarily in Croatia, hoped for the canonisation, i.e. recognition as a saint of the Roman Catholic Church, of Alojzije Stepinac, who was Archbishop of Zagreb during the Second World War, an additional controversy, and, in our case, a painful dilemma, was caused by the pope’s statement, also made on his way to Zagreb, that Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac ‘opposed the Ustaše regime’, and that he had ‘defended true mankind against this régime by defending Serbs, Jews, and the Roma’”, the SPC statement said.

24 June 2011



Editor’s Note:

There’s been much bloviating in Renovationist circles about a recent Uniate/Orthodox lovefeast in DC… well… I hate to burst their bubble, but the old tensions are still there, no matter what some arrogant former Episkie konvertsy think. This is a clear illustration of such. There’s much more to the Church than mere “religion”… reflect on the fact that those who haven’t acclimatised themselves to the full ambit of the Church are pretending to speak for Her. It looks as though Irinej is moving in the direction of Amfilohije Radović, especially after a German EU functionary made insulting insinuations about Serbs. Are Benedict’s statements just another example of oafish Teutonic hamfistedness? They’ve certainly tossed petrol onto smouldering embers. Let’s hope that they don’t ignite…


24 June 2011. Some GOOD Advice From a “Geekly” Friend… READ AND HEED, PEOPLE.

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Yoda… the Patron Spirit of All Geekdom… “To me, you must bow down… has spoken, the Great Computer God!”


A friend of mine who’s a gen-u-wine certified, 100 percent, 24-carat solid gold geek sent me some good advice. Here it is:

It’s important to save all those e-mails fraudulently sent. Several years ago, somebody started using the names and fake e-mail addresses of various scholars trolling around to get support for stupid ideas.  His biggest mistake was impersonating a professor, sending e-mails saying outrageous things.  The prof found out, and sued, and the troll lost, getting six months in jail and 5 years probation.  Prior to the trial, there was an effort made to collect more evidence of fraudulent misuse of various person’s identities, and those who saved the messages they received from him were able to help. So, it’s important to save all fraudulent e-mails.  They’re actually in some states prosecutable, as they are, in reality, cases of identity theft.

That being said, the possibility exists that Nicky’s computer is infected with a virus.  If the message that you received is generic and just has a link in it to some garbage site, it might be the case that he’s got a particular kind of virus that’s copied addresses from his address book and sent those messages out not just to you, but to everyone else in his address book.  Over the years in sysadmin, I’ve seen this numerous times.  A good thing for him to do would be to load up an antivirus program (if he hasn’t already) and do a complete scan of the computer in order to clean up everything.  Here are links to some good ones:



These days, it’s really necessary to have good antivirus protection.  I’m not saying that that’s what’s going on with the odd non-Nicky e-mail, but it’s certainly a possibility.

In this case, it WASN’T a virus… but this is good “read n’ heed” info. I’m NOT a geek… no, not in the least. I use these bloody things… I DON’T know the first thing about them. This sounds like “a genuine no-shitter” to me… and you ALWAYS pass that sort of stuff out to all who’ll listen.

To my friend:


To the rest of ya:

Listen up and saddle up, y’ hear?


24 June 2011. A Friendly Bit of Advice About Cyber-Trolls…

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Remember, “nice” is NOT a synonym for “good”… you forget that at your peril…


Just now, I received an e-mail in my inbox purporting to be from my Nicky. The only glitch was that Nicky wasn’t online at the time that the message was supposedly sent… tricky, ain’t it? Therefore, be careful of messages seemingly from family members or friends. DO BE CAREFUL. Now, I’m sorry that I ever belonged to the Orthodox Forum (I KNOW that it isn’t Bill Samsonoff… but there are “weak reeds” in that group). If you belong to any online group, do be aware that those who wish to get their hands on your e-mail address can do so. There are unscrupulous people out there… some of them wear riassas… NEVER forget that.

Be vigilant… but don’t “delete” any message that trolls send you. Save them in a “misc” file… it’s proof that the jerks tried to pull a fast one. Crank world, ain’t it? Pass me the jug, and take a healthy swaller, yourself. I knew that this was a fallen world, but do I need confirmation of it this bloody often? Sheesh…


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