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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

29 June 2011. JP’s Latest Attempt to “Plant” Monasticism in the District…

I heard this through the grapevine:

If anyone has a concern about the decrease in the monastic presence in DC… don’t worry! On Monday evening, JP tonsured his deacon, Gregory Stevens as a riassaphore, and gave him as a new name, his own former name… James. JP’s barmy for doing this… Stevens is also known as “Veronica Lake” because of his pretty hair… for JP to give him his secular name… that’s very odd… it’s almost queer.

This isn’t very bright… what with the rumours of homosexuality that’ve dogged him since his relationship with Gleb Podmoshensky became common knowledge, JP should’ve lain low. However, note well that all the moralistic konvertsy defend JP ferociously and vehemently. They defend his associates tooth-and-nail, too. They don’t care that Nikolai Soraich is a gay… they don’t care that BP’s gay, and a drunkard, to boot… they don’t care that Isidore Brittain’s gay. They don’t care that he served publicly with Feodosy Lazor and Herman Swaiko, two notorious gays. They don’t care that Pierre l’Huillier had “interesting” tastes. In fact, they grin idiotic smiles at the rolling fagorama that the upper reaches of the OCA has become. I include posturing “moralists” such as Patrick Reardon in that number… they mewl about Rowan Williams… whilst they defend Seraphim Storheim and positively beam at Raymond Velencia. Why Hilarion Kapral allowed himself to become allied to such amoral filth is beyond me. It leads to questions about morality in the current ROCOR; doesn’t he understand that? The most important upshot of it all is that the Clerical First Families have cast their lot in with Fathausen; they’ve made it clear that Hilarion Alekseyevich is nothing but their cat’s paw. If this doesn’t tell you of the rot infesting the higher levels of both the OCA and the ROCOR, nothing will. As for me, I believe that it’ll end with the konvertsy leaving us… we’re not “pure enough” for them.

Oh, by the way, before we go… at 21.30 EDT Wednesday 29 June 2011, oca.org and Stokoe still have posted NOTHING on the ROCOR “receiving” the group of rebellious nuns that JP was harbouring in DC (after all, they had NO canonical release from their bishop in Greece). I did notice that oca.org did give space earlier to vacuous nonsense concerning a “Church Growth Boot Camp” and an “Urban Summit” (hey, I didn’t make those up, it’s what the fools actually called them)… they’re posting toothless fluff, so, what’re they hiding from us?

It’s getting darker by the day, and events are getting murkier. God do help us…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Albany NY

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