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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Look at What a Seminary Assigned as Required Reading for New Arrivals (Before They Arrive, No Less)…

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From several sources, I learned what three books that a seminary required incoming students to read and heed before their arrival (obviously, they’re of world-shattering importance, especially to the profs):

  • The Orthodox Church, Kallistos Ware
  • Scripture in Tradition, John Breck
  • For the Life of the World, Aleksandr Schmemann

No doubt, they’re going to throw a pop quiz at the poor zhlubs as soon as they arrive to see whether they read their assigned “Pravda”. Having been in university, myself, I know PRECISELY what the incoming class is going to do. The wisest ones are going to ask present students about the intellectual conceits of the profs giving the quiz (take a hint, guys, willya?)… armed with the proper intel, they’ll spit back exactly what the Solons wish to hear. The professors will preen themselves in glee… look at how RECEPTIVE these students are… look at how they appreciate TRUE KNOWLEDGE. Of course, all the students really want to do is to unpack and find out where the closest safe place to have a cold brewskie is… need I tell you that most of the incoming class is going to do what every generation of students has done? They’ll cram the required reading into the last week before coming on campus, and bullshit the pop quiz outrageously, for they know that it won’t be a biggie.

None of the “required” reading is a classic… note that none of it is by recognised home country authors. There’s no Aleksei Osipov… no St Justin Popović… no Alexander Kalomiros… just three of the dreariest and most boring Renovationist writers out there. However, don’t fear… the students will retain as much of this dreck as any previous generation of students has… they’ll learn enough to pass the test, tell the prof what he wants to hear, and promptly forget it once it’s over. Ah, the real world makes its appearance… it does make one beam, doesn’t it?

I have to smile… all that this is going to do is to inoculate the incoming class against Obnovlentsy nonsense. They’ll conclude that it’s boring BS, but they’ll give the prof what he wants… that’s what Pop said… that’s what their pastor said… that’s what their cousin Gus said. Everyone’s happy… the prof’s happy, because he thinks that he’s influenced the younger generation… the student’s happy, because he passed the course… Pop’s happy, because he didn’t waste his money… Fr Manny’s (a pseudonym, of course) happy, because it confirms that he didn’t recommend a fool to the seminary… no one’s screwed, except for the prof, and no one cares about those cloistered ivory tower sorts and their dippy fancies, anyway.

Hoist a glass and LAUGH heartily. The academics are being their clueless selves… when will they ever learn? Students will be students… thank God for that. Have a drink, and toast human nature… don’t forget WHO created it, after all. The Good Lord thinks that it’s GOOD… are you going to argue with that?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Albany NY

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