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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Plaster Falling from the Ceiling Forces Closure of St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Nice

Look at this picture… the EP bunch squatting in St Nick’s in Nice persecuted the Confessor of Christ Lydia Plas (1933-2010), who was a cathedral parishioner… Gabriel de Vylder barred her from the Mysteries unilaterally and without a hearing. Reflect on this… SVS supported (and supports to this day) this iniquitous action. Why? It’s what Schmemann taught them… that’s why! It’s what they do themselves! Pray for the repose of her soul… she stood for what was right, and she paid the cost. She’s a Heroine of the Faith. Also pray for the repose of the soul of Eric Iliff (1981-2007), another victim of the Renovationists, and pray for comfort for his parents, John and Monica. What’s happening at St Nick’s is a direct result of a group of grasping, gelt-grabbing, and power-hungry Renovationists… they persecute believers, but let their churches go to rack and ruin… Deus videat et iudicare!


Cathedral parishioners complained about the failure of the current occupants to follow court orders concerning the building…

A piece of plaster with a diameter of 1.5 to 2 metres fell on the south side of the nave of St Nicholas Cathedral in Nice. “The church is closed. Workmen have begun surveying the walls and other parts of the building”, a cathedral parishioner told Interfax-Religion on Wednesday. A piece of plaster fell near the memorial table; through a lucky coincidence, some tourists had just left the affected area in the cathedral only minutes before the incident. “Everything was covered with pieces of plaster and dust, as if it were a bombing, not to mention the fact that the fallen plaster came off one of the beautiful frescoes. [St Nicholas Cathedral] is an architectural gem, and many consider it the most beautiful Russian church building outside Russia. Since there’s a danger of further collapse, we’ve closed off the perimeter of the building with warning tape”, our informant told us. According to him, less significant plaster failures on the walls and the roof of the cathedral regularly happened in the past, but such a massive and dangerous collapse has never happened before. “For many years, it’s been clear that the so-called ‘Orthodox Association of Nice’, although it occupied the cathedral, wasn’t in a position to properly care for this beautiful church. What did they spend the huge amounts of money from the admissions paid by visitors on, I wonder? Did it all go to pay for the protracted litigation with the Russian Federation?” a parishioner said to us.

Our source informed us that French courts have twice declared that the Russian Federation is the legal owner of the church building and its site, but “the Association explicitly and insultingly ignores the rulings, its leaders are outlaws; two of the EP priests here openly stated that they aren’t going to obey the court’s decisions”. In May 2011, the Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence (France) recognised that the Russian Federation was the owner of St Nicholas Cathedral in Nice. Commenting on this decision, Viktor Khrekov, the Press Secretary for the RF Embassy in France told us that the decision was an important one for the country. “[St Nicholas] Cathedral is a part of Russia abroad; it’s connected with its history. The fact that it’ll return into the hands of the Motherland has a significant symbolic meaning”, he said. According to Khrekov, there’s one more court where the current occupants (the EP community) can appeal. He emphasised that “we’ll continue to work for the return of Russian property, and, when we receive a final decision, we’ll settle the formalities of administration, we’ll take stock of the situation at the cathedral, and take appropriate actions, in the interests of the believers who worship there”. Commenting on the current reluctance of the current occupants to hand over the church to its rightful Russian owners, Khrekov noted that for them, the cathedral is a “cash cow”. “They sell tickets for admission, according to various estimates, they earn up to one million Euros (40.56 million Roubles 1.45 million USD 900,000 UK Pounds) a year”, he said, explaining that the church did hold services, but they use it primarily as “a moneymaking tourist attraction”.

29 June 2011



Editor’s Note:

Let’s keep this simple… the Association in Nice is squatting in St Nicholas Cathedral. It’s using the proceeds from the tourist business to finance the buccaneers of the Parisian Russian EP Renovationists. They don’t use the funds to keep the building in good repair; they use them to finance the dying and moribund Parisian Russian émigré establishment. Reflect on this… Aleksandr Schmemann was from this group… Pierre l’Huillier was associated with this group… Vanya Behr came from this group… that means that SVS is infested root-and-branch with the Parisian Heresy (ADS and l’Huillier brought over the godless ramblings of Bulgakov, Florensky, and Vvedensky… and Behr continues their dissemination, today). They support the EP pirates in the cathedral, they rebelliously spit in the MP’s and Russia’s face… and they laugh manically! Don’t forget how SVS supported Gabriel de Vylder uncritically when Gabriel persecuted poor Mme Plas, barring her from the Eucharist for no good reason (SVS applauded… it’s common practise in the OCA, I fear… ADS brought this evil amongst us)… His Holiness Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev noticed her passing, and sent on his personal condolences to her grieving family and friends.

Pray for the victory of the light over the darkness, and that Russia regains the full usage of this property (they’ll maintain it properly and not siphon off the funds as the modernists do)… it’ll hasten the end of the Parisian Russian cabal… good riddance to bad rubbish; there’s nothing else to say.


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