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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Look at What a Seminary Assigned as Required Reading for New Arrivals (Before They Arrive, No Less)…

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From several sources, I learned what three books that a seminary required incoming students to read and heed before their arrival (obviously, they’re of world-shattering importance, especially to the profs):

  • The Orthodox Church, Kallistos Ware
  • Scripture in Tradition, John Breck
  • For the Life of the World, Aleksandr Schmemann

No doubt, they’re going to throw a pop quiz at the poor zhlubs as soon as they arrive to see whether they read their assigned “Pravda”. Having been in university, myself, I know PRECISELY what the incoming class is going to do. The wisest ones are going to ask present students about the intellectual conceits of the profs giving the quiz (take a hint, guys, willya?)… armed with the proper intel, they’ll spit back exactly what the Solons wish to hear. The professors will preen themselves in glee… look at how RECEPTIVE these students are… look at how they appreciate TRUE KNOWLEDGE. Of course, all the students really want to do is to unpack and find out where the closest safe place to have a cold brewskie is… need I tell you that most of the incoming class is going to do what every generation of students has done? They’ll cram the required reading into the last week before coming on campus, and bullshit the pop quiz outrageously, for they know that it won’t be a biggie.

None of the “required” reading is a classic… note that none of it is by recognised home country authors. There’s no Aleksei Osipov… no St Justin Popović… no Alexander Kalomiros… just three of the dreariest and most boring Renovationist writers out there. However, don’t fear… the students will retain as much of this dreck as any previous generation of students has… they’ll learn enough to pass the test, tell the prof what he wants to hear, and promptly forget it once it’s over. Ah, the real world makes its appearance… it does make one beam, doesn’t it?

I have to smile… all that this is going to do is to inoculate the incoming class against Obnovlentsy nonsense. They’ll conclude that it’s boring BS, but they’ll give the prof what he wants… that’s what Pop said… that’s what their pastor said… that’s what their cousin Gus said. Everyone’s happy… the prof’s happy, because he thinks that he’s influenced the younger generation… the student’s happy, because he passed the course… Pop’s happy, because he didn’t waste his money… Fr Manny’s (a pseudonym, of course) happy, because it confirms that he didn’t recommend a fool to the seminary… no one’s screwed, except for the prof, and no one cares about those cloistered ivory tower sorts and their dippy fancies, anyway.

Hoist a glass and LAUGH heartily. The academics are being their clueless selves… when will they ever learn? Students will be students… thank God for that. Have a drink, and toast human nature… don’t forget WHO created it, after all. The Good Lord thinks that it’s GOOD… are you going to argue with that?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Albany NY

A View from Moscow by Valentin Zorin… The First Step

An image of the Taliban bombing of the Intercontinental Hotel in the heart of Kabul (Kabul Province) AFGHANISTAN


US President Barack Obama announced his decision to begin withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan. After ten years, the major military operation pompously named “Enduring Freedom” by US President George W Bush concluded. At that time, Washington labelled Osama bin Laden and the Taliban movement “enemies of freedom”, and it placed them on the list of outlawed terrorist organisations. However, on the eve of President Obama’s speech in Washington, yet another piece of sensational news surfaced. US Defence Secretary Robert Gates officially confirmed that US diplomats are negotiating with Taliban representatives. At the same time, he said, they’re meeting with the Taliban without the participation of the Afghan government of Hamid Karzai. This offended Karzai, who then said something that he hadn’t dared to speak before. Mr Gates quoted him as saying, “We’re not going to thank the USA, for they’re here following their own agenda, which they wish to achieve by using our country”.

Most political commentators think that President Obama’s decision to run for a second term led to his announcement of the beginning of an early withdrawal from Afghanistan of US forces. Of course, he won’t be re-elected if he doesn’t end the war. If Obama wants to win the election in November 2012, he has to end the war, as 75 percent pf Americans disapprove of it, according to recent polls. Yet, this isn’t the most important thing. The apparent failure of “Enduring Freedom”, after ten years of trying, is only part of the total failure of American foreign policy strategy, which aimed to impose a pro-American political order in the “Third World”. The revolutionary wave that shook the Middle East and North Africa overthrew régimes nurtured and supported by Washington, those that were its core support in the region. In Egypt, Hosni Mubarak ruled for decades, but he lost power and the new order put him on trial. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali escaped his angry countrymen left by secretly fleeing Tunisia for foreign parts, absconding with part of the country’s gold reserves. Yemen, which controls the export path for Middle Eastern oil, is in political chaos, which Washington can’t contain. Massive popular unrest in Bahrain threatens Pentagon plans to create a large and strategically important airbase. Iraq continues to rumble, and suicide bombers continue to kill American soldiers. Pakistan is of particular concern to Washington, because relations with it are becoming less and less an actual partnership. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described the situation there as, “its government is out-of-control, and it’s dangerous”. She said that there’s a danger that rebels could overthrow the current government, and that the Taliban wants to seize the keys to the Pakistani nuclear arsenal. It wasn’t so long ago that the “democratisers” in Washington wouldn’t have dreamt that such things would occur in Pakistan, even in their worst nightmares.

These events on the banks of the Potomac bury what are, in effect, imperialist plans. In fact, by forcing a decision to begin a gradual withdrawal from Afghanistan, the US military forced everyone to recognise the insolvency and impracticability of such a scheme. However, it’s only a first step; it’s only the beginning.

29 June 2011

Valentin Zorin

Voice of Russia World Service



29 June 2011. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… Afghan Girl Begs on the Road… Her Exhausted Mum Lies ON the Road… Thank You, Oligarchs!

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A Russian website posted this image of a veiled Afghan woman lying exhausted on the road, as her daughter begs for food on the outskirts of Kabul (Kabul Province) AFGHANISTAN. On Monday, the World Food Programme announced that it would cut food aid to more than three million Afghans (about 10.6 percent of the estimated 28.4 million population) in nearly half of the 34 provinces of the country, due to a lack of sponsors. Of course, the rich DESERVE tax cuts, then, they can be more philanthropic… or, that’s what Rush Limboob and Lil’ Mizz Sarah tell us, anyway. THIS puts the lie to THAT…


29 June 2011. “Orthodoxy Today” Posted Pro-Zionist News Release Concerning al-Qaeda and Coptic Clergyman

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Informants tell me that Orthodoxy Today receives some of its funding from pro-Zionist sources, in consequence, it doesn’t always present objective views on Middle Eastern events in particular, or, of several other topics in general.



Read this:


Firstly, one must realise that al-Qaeda was a creature of the American CIA. The CIA funded, armed, and gave cover and refuge to bin Laden and his pack of al-Qaeda bully boys during the ‘80s. Zbigniew Brzeziński had the brainstorm of supporting these thugs… he didn’t give a damn that they were murderous religious extremists… all that mattered to him was that they were anti-Russian (don’t forget, Brzeziński’s father was the Ambassador to Canada for the fascist Colonel’s Junta in 1939). Johannes Jacobses is a typical Know-Nothing konvert… he’s bereft of any real knowledge of the history of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Mitteleuropa (everything that he’s posted on the topic is goodthinker rubbish), he only knows what the more extreme Renovationist faction at SVS feeds him (that is, he’s more to be pitied than to be hated, as a consequence).

In short, one should take the above article with a huge block of salt. The teabaggers and neocons use al-Qaeda as a bogeyman. They use it to scare people into allowing the TSA into groping our collective privates… they use it to steal billions to wage hellishly-expensive wars in foreign parts that only benefit the oligarch class (certainly, it doesn’t benefit the families whose kids come home in boxes… I weep for them; I embrace them in their grief (just as I hate the Fred Phelps scummers who disrupt soldiers’ funerals… if anyone DESERVED a merciless Cossack horsewhipping, it’s them)). Note well that they advocate hellishly-expensive wars and scream for tax cuts for the rich at the same time. I KNOW that I’m not the only one who sees the illiterate illogic and self-serving duplicity in that.

Orthodoxy Today isn’t what it appears to be… it’s another konvertsy internet will o’ the wisp. I’ll post on that shortly (later today, in fact… I have to check third-party sources for hard figures). Al-Qaeda isn’t under every rock… do ask yourself, “Cui bono?” It certainly benefits the extremist rightwing of the Republican Party, that’s for sure!

There’s no doubt that there’s a need for Coptic clergy in the Middle East to be vigilant, I’ll not question that… it’s a fact. However, don’t drag in the phantasm of al-Qaeda… it’s a creature of the US special services, after all. It served the oligarchs directly in the ‘80s by its war against Soviet forces in Afghanistan… it still serves the oligarchs today, by being a convenient spectre to invoke when people question the hellishly-expensive wars to uphold the crackbrained notion of American Oligarchic Hegemonism.

In short, GIGO…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Albany NY

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