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Sunday, 3 July 2011

3 July 2011. No Comment Necessary… ‘Nuff Said… Fathausen Spoke at a Uniate Symposium Recently… THIS is what He Smiles at and What He Approves Of… as do ALL the Konvertsy… Reflect on That

A friend sent me the following:

Since 1994, the Orthodox Church in Poland glorified many other martyrs of the papal yoke; especially from interwar Poland, where a fascist régime, hand-in-glove with Roman Catholic authorities and with their solemn blessing, wracked havoc on the Orthodox populace {the father of the rabid neocon Zbigniew Brzeziński was an official of that junta, and approved of the persecution of Orthodox… as, no doubt, his son did as well (covertly, of course)… caveat lector: editor}. The late Archbishop Afanasy Kolosz of the ROCOR Diocese of Buenos Aires documented many of these crimes. In addition, Russian émigrés in Yugoslavia documented these atrocities in the book O Gonenije v Polshsce/The Polish Holocaust. This book is available within the New York State SUNY library system.

This has continued. The late 42 year old Ks. Piotr Popławsky of Zabłudow (near Białystok, Poland) was tortured and slain in the mid 1980s. Originally, the Communists were blamed; but it’s now known fanatical Latins, despising him for his zeal for Orthodoxy and opposition to the soul-destructive Unia, tortured and lynched him. The process of his Glorification is presently underway. Through the prayers of all the 20th Century Martyrs of Carpatho-Russia, “Russian Poland”, the much-suffering Western Ukraine, and Orthodox Serbia may God preserve His Church from papal heresy and foul Unia!

Take a look at this vid… THIS is truth…

Fathausen and all the konvertsy approve of the above… the Uniates are our friends, dontcha know! I know better… and so do you. Fathausen delenda est… he pisses on the Holy Church and those who died for Her (as do all the First Family sycophants, both OCA and ROCOR). Let God see and judge!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 3 July 2011

Albany NY

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