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Monday, 4 July 2011

4 July 2011. What the American Forces in Foreign Parts are Dying For… It’s NOT “Democracy”

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Today, luckless American soldiers die on foreign fields to enrich the oligarch class, to fatten their “bottom line”. If you support the Republican Party, you support the killing of some of our best youth to swell the boodle bags of the careless, self-aggrandising, and arrogant affluent effluent. If you listen to the unhinged and ignorant rants of Glenn Beck, Anne Coulter, Rush Limboob, Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity, you smile when government functionaries needlessly grope Americans’ genitalia… you grin when HMO death panels sentence people to death. It’s all in the name of the “freedom” and “democracy”, dontcha know! Remember those who died in the defence of this country, today. Also, pray especially for those who died so that some lazy “investor” could receive a larger “return” on their “investment”. THEY weren’t guilty… NEVER forget that. Lay a flower on their graves and say, “Thank you”… for no greater love than this… and give your sincere condolences to their loved ones… they didn’t order the insanity. Most of all, thank a World War II vet today… they’re dwindling by the year… they saved us from the Long Night of Fascist Racism… NEVER forget that.



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