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Monday, 11 July 2011

11 July 2011. If You Support the Republican Party… You Support the Taking Away of the Sole Support of Millions of Families for the Sake of the Further Enrichment of the Five Percenters

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Here’s the God of the Republican Party… any questions?


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At the start of 2012, the extended unemployment benefits approved by Congress in December 2010, which cover a maximum of 99 weeks per person, will expire. Though the benefits are hardly lavish… a little more than 300 USD (8,475 Roubles. 214 Euros. 188 UK Pounds) a week for most recipients… their total impact on the economy is huge, because so many Americans are currently taking advantage of them. Moody’s Analytics estimates that when the benefits expire, 37 billion USD (1.045 trillion Roubles. 26.4 billion Euros. 23.3 billion UK Pounds) will be taken out of the economy, the New York Times reports. That’s enough to exert a significant slowing effect… at a time when the recovery is already a long way from robust. …

Indeed, economists say that the withdrawal of jobless benefits will create a major ripple effect on growth as a whole. Consumer spending accounts for around 60 to 70 percent of US economic activity, economists say. But with so many Americans having lost wealth in the housing bust, spending has been tepid for a while, preventing the recovery from gaining any momentum. Now, the end of the extended benefits will likely soon put a further crimp in spending.

The Republican Party wants to slash unemployment benefits in order to fatten the boodle bags of their rich contributors. Last year, the five percenters gave themselves a 29 percent pay raise, whilst, at the same time, they shed US employees, and gave the survivors a measly 2 percent pay hike (after a 10 percent rise in productivity). That is, the fatcat backers of the Tea Party stole any gains made by the US economy. Now, they’re demanding FURTHER cuts, in what are the lowest taxation rates on the rich in the developed world.

Let’s keep this simple. The five percenters REFUSE to shoulder ANY of the pain of the Great Recession. They DEMAND that wage-earners pay for their folly of cutting high-end tax rates and waging two hellishly-expensive wars at the same time. There’s something wrong with that picture. Furthermore, have you noticed how many strident Tea Party supporters are on government cheques of one sort or another? Don’t they realise that supporting the GOP only cuts their own throats? Don’t forget… Ronald Reagan was an actor… he had the knack of being “sincere” in his delivery. We wuz fooled… we shouldn’t be fooled again. The Tea Party wants to sentence millions of Americans to penury for the sake of their rich backers. That ain’t right… and I think that I’m not alone in thinking so. Vote in 2012… if nothing else, vote “against” the Republican Party. Otherwise, we face a long night, to slightly paraphrase Viscount Grey, “The lights are going out all over America; we’ll not see them lit again in our lifetime”. I think that we can keep the lights on… what about you?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 11 July 2011

Albany NY


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