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Thursday, 14 July 2011

14 July 2011. Some Good Thoughts… and My Reflections Upon Them

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Who’ll stand and fight the fire? We’ve let it go for too long, I fear…


My father said if you believe in the fatherhood of God, you must necessarily believe in the brotherhood of man, it follows necessarily, and even though I left the church and wasn’t religious, that truth remained with me.

Bob Hawke

Prime Minister of Australia 1983-91


A whiff of manure… shit, if you like… is simply part of life. If you’re reading this editorial now and no strong odour memories come flooding back, go out and find a dairy barn this weekend, stick your head in, and take a long, deep whiff. It’ll do you good.

Christopher Kimball


Brethren, we’ve woken up too late… too late, we see our wretchedness, when our house is already burning from top to bottom, when water won’t extinguish it, only our own tears and blood will douse it.

A Word to the People

Signers included Valentin Rasputin and Gennady Zyuganov


Some excoriate me for reporting “bad news”, for not being “positive”, for not adulating clergy, and for, generally, not being “respectful” to authority figures (especially, authority figures that they’ve jumped up into what they’re not). I simply point up the following:

If you do not attend to reality, reality will tend to you (and in VERY short order).

If there’s dishonesty in the Church, we must report it. If a hierarch lies, especially, when he lies repeatedly, we must report it. If there was one story in the past, and another one now, we must report it.

If you love the truth, you must do this.

If there’s a distinct ordure of shit in the air, I’m not going to say that it’s scented with roses, as the cultish HOOMies do. Most especially, DON’T be quiet if a priest tries to pressure you, a family member, friend, or fellow parishioner. I’ve gotten reports that Seraphim Gan is putting the squeeze on people that he suspects are funnelling me intel. HANDS OFF, MISTER. In any case, you’re going after the wrong people… the ones that you’re harassing aren’t in contact with me.

That’s what so sad about the First Families and their grip on the Church’s power structure (such as it is). Personally, I don’t believe in “conspiracy theories”. There’s no conspiracy afoot, anywhere, anyplace, by anyone. That being said, the First Families do strike out whenever they feel threatened, even if they’re not. There’s no rhyme or reason behind it all because it’s all hutsky-klutsky and disorganised in a particularly Slavic sort of way (just as Greek friends tell me that there’s casual corruption in the GOAA that’s been around for ages… it’s part of the culture). For instance, even though Vladyki Laurus was in frail health, no CNA was assigned to watch him. Could this have prevented his death at the time when it occurred? No one knows, particularly, not me. What we do know is that he was left alone for over twelve hours, and that no one checked on him until Sunday liturgy was over. Negligence? Probably… but I know for a fact that it wasn’t planned or foul play… we’re simply too disorganised to pull it off.

I find that l’condition humaine explains everything without the need for conspiracies. That there are those who are willing to do anything to protect their offices and to protect what they perceive as their interests requires no belief in dark backroom dealings. At present, the OCA and the ROCOR First Families see a common foe (they certainly don’t agree on a positive programme). I’ll be blunt… there’s no churchman with the guts to go against the First Families… ergo, the Church drifts, rudderless, whilst ignorant children stage cockamamie farces such as a “Church Growth Boot Camp” (I kid you not… an adult actually termed it such). We’re all waiting for the OCA Sobor… I can’t say what I know. I’ll say this… there are those in high places who think that they’re scot-free. They’re not. There’s gonna be blood on the floor. I don’t know whether the partizani will succeed… I do know that they’re going to give it their best shot. People have had enough of Fathausen’s boasts about his nonexistent record in Russia, of the covering up of Peterson’s alcoholism, and of the fact that James Silver and “Love BT” are allowed to spout off on the Indiana List with lie after lie… note well that Silver NEVER references the bone-deep feud between his pal Bobby and Lyonyo (that’s why he throws stones at Stokoe… Mark is part of Lyonyo’s faction)… that’s a taboo subject, I think.

It’s best to close with this quote; it particularly applies to the OCA and the ROCOR (it’s too late to save either body, as they’re presently constituted):

We see our wretchedness, when our house is already burning from top to bottom, when water won’t extinguish it, only our own tears and blood will douse it.

I fear that’s the truth…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 14 July 2011

Albany NY


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