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Thursday, 14 July 2011

14 July 2011. No Comment Necessary… Barack Obama Tells New Republican Scummers to “Go to Hell”… It’s About Time!

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The New Republicans stand for the interests of the Five Percenters, nothing else matters to them. They demand that the rest of us pay so that the Five Percenters can party on, mindlessly. We exist only as fodder for the oligarchs’ greed, in their eyes. Any questions?


What we’re seeing here confirms what the American people think is the worst about Washington… that everyone is more interested in posturing and political positioning and protecting their base than solving real problems. Eric, I could get well above the numbers the GOP is talking about with revenue increases. I’m not afraid to veto this and I’ll take that message and defend it to the American people. If we default, it’ll be a tax increase on every American. My responsibility is to the American people. I’ve reached the point where I say, “Enough”. I’ve sat here long enough and no other President… Ronald Reagan wouldn’t sit here like this. I’ve reached my limit. We’ve reached the point where something’s got to give. You’ve either got to compromise on your dollar for dollar insistence or you compromise on the big deal, which means raising taxes. Eric, don’t call my bluff. I’ll go to the American people on this. This may bring my presidency down, but I’ll not yield on this.


With this, Barack Obama guaranteed his re-election next November… he told the oligarchs’ lickspittle running-dog-lackeys to go to hell. It’s about time! Don’t forget, Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan are fervent believers in the Gospel according to Ayn Rand (she, along with Woodrow Wilson, won the contest for the most wicked people of the New Dark Age of the 20th Century… Wilson foolishly opened up the Pandora’s Box through his lunatic misguided idealism, and Rand was the most frank Apostle of Unbridled Lust and Greed).



A View from Moscow by Valentin Zorin… Pre-Election Standoff


There’s very little time left until it hits what the American media calls “X Day”. If the US Congress doesn’t approve an increase in the authorised statutory debt ceiling of the federal government by 2 August, the USA will be in danger of defaulting on its obligations. The bureaucracy could grind to a halt; social security and benefit payments could cease. Nothing of the kind has ever occurred before in the history of the USA. At present, the gigantic government debt exceeds 14 trillion USD (394 trillion Roubles. 9.9 trillion Euros. 8.7 trillion UK Pounds), the result of mismanagement in Washington. It’s mostly due to the actions of the previous Republican administration headed by George W Bush. However, the current leaders of the Republican Party blocked an opportunity to avoid default by refusing to accept the proposal of President Obama to increase the authorised level of public debt. This risky manoeuvre is part of the still-developing 2012 presidential campaign. Default, if it actually happens, would seriously impair Barack Obama’s chances for re-election, and the GOP is betting on that.

In fact, now, economic equilibrium and the national welfare are hostage to political squabbles amongst the Washington élite. Overwhelmed by a desire to topple President Obama and return to power, his political rivals use all means and they don’t scruple at anything, they resort to low dirty tricks. Look at the media campaign that tried to prove that a black president wasn’t born in the USA, therefore, his presence in the White House was illegitimate… this was unambiguously premeditated. The leaders of the Republican Party, who claim to be such staunch adherents of democracy, explicitly rely on racist attitudes amongst large parts of the American electorate. Former US President Jimmy Carter said, with shocked dismay, “Our country is facing an alarming and growing risk of racism; there’s open or thinly-disguised Negrophobia”. To see appeals to such sentiments, something that’s become all too common in the current election campaign, discredits those whose lust for power drives them to trample on time-honoured standards.

The Republican Party leadership, after long hesitation, apparently, has hinted who it wants to oppose Barack Obama in November 2012. One of the leading lights of the GOP, Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, isn’t making his first attempt to take the Oval Office. In the eyes of Republican campaign strategists, his signing on to their far-right agenda far outweighs his disadvantage of having previous multiple failures in local and national elections. In announcing his intention to run for president, Romney didn’t say anything about his platform. In any case, the Republican Party still hasn’t formulated a coherent programme. The willingness of GOP to place the country in danger of default indicates that its political ideology lacks any constructive ideas, and, above all, it can’t overcome the serious difficulties in the economy.

Primarily, Obama’s team focuses on economic problems. According to Hillary Clinton, “The country’s economy will be the main and most critical issue in the forthcoming election”. The current US administration plans to reduce the budget deficit, along with measures for a gradual reduction of public debt are, of course, steps in the right direction. Unfortunately, drawing the country into another war, this time in Libya, and the unwillingness to eliminate the “black hole” of the missile defence programme budget, is unlikely to contribute to implementation of these plans. To strengthen his position, Barack Obama may update his team. According to reputable sources, he intends to offer the post of Vice President in his second term to a rising star in the Democratic Party, Andrew Cuomo, the popular Governor of New York State. The current Vice President, Joseph Biden, would replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State… only time will tell whether this reshuffle at the top will do any good. The American election campaign is gathering momentum, more and more, it’s falling into place.

13 July 2011

Valentin Zorin

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

It’s interesting to read something from a foreign perspective. Mr Zorin ignores such ludicrous nonentities as Newt, Lil’ Mizz Sarah, and Michelle Bachmann. In addition, he mentions Andrew Cuomo, a figure not appearing in most American commentaries at this point. He also points up something that most American pundits refuse to touch… the racism inherent in many quarters of the GOP, especially in the southeast. Yes, sir, the old Dixiecrats… they abandoned the Democrats after the Civil Rights Act… they’re one of the main reasons the GOP’s been pulled to the extreme right. No one in the American media is “allowed” to report this phenomenon, but it exists, and it’s a tool used by the Republicans to discredit social justice. The implicit message of many Republicans is, “Do you want to pay for those lazy niggers on welfare?”

Do note this:

Overwhelmed by a desire to topple President Obama and return to power, his political rivals use all means and they don’t scruple at anything, they resort to low dirty tricks. Look at the media campaign that tried to prove that a black president wasn’t born in the USA, therefore, his presence in the White House was illegitimate… this was unambiguously premeditated.

The Republican Party doesn’t repudiate such liars and scummers such as Andrew Breitbart… indeed, it defends him and his methods. It makes one wonder when a Franklin Graham defended “birthers”… when it was obvious even to the brain-damaged that there were no grounds whatsoever for their claims. If there were ANY grounds to contest the fact that Barack Obama were a native-born citizen, the GOP would’ve brought it to the attention of the Roberts Court (a set of reliable GOP lickspittles, see Citizens United) and unseated him. That’s clear.

The Republican Party doesn’t care if it hurts the country or if it hurts you or me, as long as Barack Obama’s defeated in November 2012. Don’t forget, many of those Republicans screaming for a balanced budget today had no problem with GWB simultaneously cutting taxes on the wealthy to the lowest levels in the developed world and waging two hellishly-expensive foreign wars. They’ve no problem with extending warfare to Libya and Yemen. There’s billions available for that? I ask… “Who’s going to pay for it all, if the rich refuse to shoulder their honest share?”

We shall… the rich wish to cut our pay and benefits, increase our taxes, slash the social safety net to the point of ineffectiveness, and decrease their already light tax burden even further. We DO have a choice in 2012… there’s not much difference between the parties in many ways, but there’s still a difference, and that difference is crucial. As George Bush once said, “This is an impressive crowd… the haves and the have-mores. Some people call you the élites; I call you my base”. If you’re a wage-earner and you vote for the GOP, you’re a damned fool. I, for one, refuse to slit my own throat (I’ve seen how my Nicky’s been treated… it’s hardened my heart and soul against lying Republican propaganda)… I think that I’m not alone.

By the way, Val Zorin’s the BOMB… he’s been covering the American beat since the 60s (he started with the old Gosteleradio), and his commentary reflects his experience and wisdom. He’s got the guts and stones to point to the racism that motivates so many of the New Republicans (in complete and contumacious defiance of the previous ethos of the Old GOP)… don’t forget, Abraham Lincoln FREED the slaves… he didn’t kick ’em in the head!



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