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Saturday, 30 July 2011

30 July 2011. A Point to Ponder… Who’s the REAL Foe?

Here’s how Christians and Muslims truly get on… don’t listen to Fox News or to John Whiteford…


This is from an article in the Spectator that I found interesting:

It’s a shame that [they] didn’t spend more time explaining the threat that secularism poses to the Christian world. Nobody raised the idea that aggressive Islamism is a response to aggressive secularism. Our “decadent” secular societies appal Muslims across the world, and they’re prepared to resist violently what they see as our “imperialist” liberal culture. Christians often catch the sharp end of their anti-secular rage. This isn’t in any way to excuse Muslims who commit violent acts. However, the problem starts with a domineering liberal secular culture that leaves religious people (Christian, Muslim, Sikh, whichever) alienated and angry.

If there’s “Christianophobia”, the threat comes from aggressive secularists, not from Muslims, as the Italian court case Lautsi vs Italy illustrated abundantly. Furthermore, most secular people aren’t our enemies. Who’re our enemies? The godless rich who worship at Mammon’s altar (including those who make a loud profession of their “Christian” beliefs)… “I believe in money; I don’t believe in God”. Interestingly enough, they’re the enemies of most secular folk, too. We shouldn’t be attacking those who’re just as aggrieved by the present situation as we are. Beware those who whip up anti-Muslim hatred… do check out their agenda. Many (such as Hilarion Alfeyev) are more closely tied to the oligarchs (and their grasping and soulless greed) than is comfortable for a Christian…


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