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Saturday, 30 July 2011

30 July 2011. Fathausen Goes Barmy… Looks Like the Orthodox Version of the “Scarlet Letter” to Me… Methinks that JP’s a Hypocritical Dimmesdale…

What’s next? Scarlet letters for all of us who don’t merit the Elect Pietistic Konvertsy Seal of Approval? God do spare me! We’re Orthodox! We’re not Wild-eyed Sectarian nutters…


A friend sent me the following:

The folks at OCA Truth published excerpts from an alleged letter JP wrote to his diocesan clergy. He wants to exclude parishioners from the Sacraments who refuse to acknowledge, etc sins against authentic Christian marriage, including… homosexual activity. Well… what about bishops, priests, deacons, and monastics? Besides, how will he verify whether parishioners are in “compliance?” Is he going to have his clergy do house calls to inspect everyone’s sleeping arrangements? Fathausen is really going off the deep end, now… I think it’s time for the Centre to send someone in to do the heavy lifting to clean up this mess!


Well, kids, the only thing that I can say is, “Gad, sir, this ain’t Orthodox!” There’s none of the Love of Christ in this… it’s redolent of Puritan New England and the Salem Witch Hunt. The konvertsy are going to go out and search for all the Hester Prynnes in the Church. They’re PERFECT, dontcha know! Of course, I’m a hardened old sinner who only says, “More weight!”

It ain’t over until it’s over, but this IS too much of a muchness…



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