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Monday, 1 August 2011

Archimandrite Zacchaeus Wood, the Representative of the OCA in Moscow, Removed From Office and Banned from Serving

Metropolitan Jonas Paffhausen placed Archimandrite Zacchaeus Wood, the rector of the Church of St Catherine in the Fields in Moscow, and the representative of the Orthodox Church in America to the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, on leave, and recalled him to the USA. Paffhausen forbade Archimandrite Zacchaeus from conducting services or any other priestly office. According to the official website of the Orthodox Church in America, there was no stated reason for the sanctions imposed. Fr Ivan Kechkin will serve as pastor of the Church of St Catherine in the Fields. Archpriest Leonid Kishkovsky, the head of the OCA DECR (sic), will take over as representative of the Orthodox Church in America in Moscow.

Archimandrite Zacchaeus Wood was born in 1971. He studied in 1989-91 at St Vladimir Seminary in Yonkers NY. In 1993, he became a monk. In December 1994, he was ordained a deacon. From 1993 to 2000, he was the Secretary of the Chicago diocesan administration. Then, he was ordained an Archdeacon. In February 2001, ordained to the priesthood. In 2001, with the blessing of Metropolitan Theodosius Lazor of all America and Canada (sic), he went to study at the St Tikhon Orthodox Humanities University (PSTGU), where he earned a master’s degree in theology in 2002. In 2003, he graduated from the Kiev Theological Academy with a degree of Candidate of Theology. In 2001, he was elevated to the rank of Igumen. In 2002, he was elevated to the rank of Archimandrite. On 30 March 2002, he became the provisional rector of Church of St Catherine in the Fields in Moscow, the representational church of the OCA in Moscow. On 30 July 2002, with the blessing of the newly-appointed Metropolitan Herman and all America and Canada sic), and in agreement with Patriarch Aleksei Rediger of Moscow and all the Russias, Archimandrite Zacchaeus became the official rector of the church, and the official representative of the Orthodox Church in America to the Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias on 22 October 2002.

1 August 2011



Editor’s Note:

One does NOT earn a legitimate kandidatura in one year! There’s something fishy in this… no doubt, it was given him because Feodosy and Herman insisted on it. Hmm… Feodosy’s gay… Hermie’s gay… and the word has it that Dickie’s gay, too. It would explain why they insisted that he be given this “recognition”. However, do be careful of JP’s caterwaulings about homosexuality… there’s much more to the trio of Paffhausen, Brum, and Eliel than meets the eye… I’d advise Hilarion Alekseyevich to keep his distance. I wouldn’t like to see him sprayed with the backsplash from this. He doesn’t deserve it…



1 August 2011. The Smurfs are Really Commies! The Washington Times Says So! Hmm… It’s Fathausen’s Favourite Paper…

According to the Washington Times, Papa Smurf is the Paramount Leader of the Smurfs, a Red community in a forest near you… see that RED HAT and the RED PANTALOONS… that’s proof for ya… Glenn Beck said so!


Read this. If one reads it carefully, one can see that this is a tongue-in-cheek spoof (at least, I hope that’s what it is)… but it’s a poorly-executed and crude one. It’s so dreadfully done that some blithering Tea Party idiot (such as Paffhausen or Webster) is going to write an “open letter” or “encyclical” condemning the Marxism of the Smurfs. As for me, I think that the Smurfs are harmless… maybe, not cool or special… but harmless. Next thing you know, they’ll be against Jack and the Beanstalk because Jack nicked the gold from the good capitalist giant. Oh, yes, Moonie nutter cultists own this paper, and Potapov’s had a longstanding relationship with ‘em for years (their lunatic “religion” NEVER bothered him)… it’s where he got the drooling hack writer for the piece about JP in the Post. This sort of dreck forms the konvertsy mind… but don’t turn your back on ‘em… you might be sorry.


1 August 2011. Informed Rumour Has It that JP’s Gonna Use Alexander Webster Against Stokoe…

I got the following in my e-mail from a concerned informant:

Rumour has it that the one who’s going to lead the assault on Stokoe is:

V Rev Alexander F C Webster, Ch COL USA

20931 Glenburn Terrace

Ashburn VA 20147 USA

Home: 703-858-4347
Work: 703-297-7744
Email: chaplain.webster@gmail.com

You didn’t hear it from me… 🙂


Mark, watch out for this schmidiot… he’s a “just war” fanatic… a Global War on Terror nutter… and he wears CAMOUFLAGE vestments (I kid you not… I wish that I were). For them not in the know, Ashburn’s in Loudon County, which is part of the larger metro area of the District, it’s over near Dulles. No doubt, this Webster character’s part of the Potapov-Swezey Axis. Watch your back, Mark… I’m not in your autocephalist fish pond, but I don’t cotton to folks being sandbagged and blindsided. Cosh him BEFORE he coshes you. “Do unto others… but do it FIRST”.

Mark, there be dragons out there… and some of ’em SMILE before they bite… NEVER forget that.


1 August 2011. No News of Dickie’s Removal on Patriarchia.ru… OCA Website Didn’t Post Fathausen’s Diatribe on Homosexuality… Both ROCOR and OCA Main Websites Didn’t Carry News of Fort Ross Festivities

It’s getting murkier, kids. There’s no news of Dickie’s removal on patriarchia.ru as of 14.30 EDT (22.30 MSK 19.30 UTC 11.30 PDT) Monday 1 August, one would expect, at least, “Archimandrite Zacchaeus Wood was removed by the OCA Holy Synod as its Permanent Representative in Moscow, replacing him temporarily with Archpriest Leonid Kishkovsky”. The only Russian source to mention Dickie’s removal is the oddball squiffy Portal-Credo.ru (they support Rusantsov and Kochetkov!). That’s to say, Vladimir Romanovich can’t get the straight story (so, I don’t feel bad… neither should you), therefore, he’s sitting on the story until he gets the real deal. Bluntly speaking, this means that he tried confirming this with the OCA; they didn’t reply, or, he got conflicting accounts (or, a bit of both, Slowpoke Matusiak being what he is).

The main OCA website doesn’t have Fathausen’s diatribe up… neither, interestingly enough, does Stokoe. It’s clear that there’s bitter opposition to JP’s latest missive in the Holy Synod. This MAY be another salvo in the behind-the-scenes war between JP and the konvertsy on one side, and Mel Pleska and the Holy Synod on the other. Mark has proven himself a craven coward… a gutless, spineless, timorous, and pusillanimous seeker after his old job at the Chancery. He needs to post JP’s shitty little missive and rip it to pieces mercilessly. After all, JP wants to tack Stokoe’s hide to the wall… wake up, Mark! Give it to ‘em… no holds barred… they’re not being “nice” to you. JP’s so stupid that he doesn’t realise that Bobby’s going to go after HIM after he takes care of BP, Reeves, and Fr Thomas Andrew (he blew the whistle on Nikolai) up in Alaska.

By the way… JP attended services at the ROCOR cathedral in SF on 13 June, he also attended a dinner of the St Ignatius Brotherhood, but neither the OCA nor the ROCOR official websites mentioned either event. There was a mention at the ROCOR Western US Diocese website:


This is proof positive that Fathausen holds you in the most utter contempt; he refuses to tell you his business, for he believes himself to be the absolute dictatorial ruler of the Church. His pal Brum said so! Don’t forget, JP received Brum at his “monastery” in ’97; Brum received ordination on the very day he was received (that oikonomia is usually reserved for Uniates). After all, he, JP, and Eliel are all three grand caballeros who attended BTU together (an RC institution). This also means that Perekrestov, the ROCOR webmaster, is in on the crook deal, or, it just may be that he’s lazy like Slowpoke Matusiak (probably, a face-saving hutsky-klutsky combination of the two).

Perekrestov made another omission… on Saturday, 30 July, there was a shindig at Fort Ross in California. It was a Russian cultural affair. Yet, Benjamin Peterson was NOT invited… after all, he’s a “Russian Orthodox” bishop, and Yustinian Ovchinnikov has hosted OCA/ROCOR/MP lovefeasts before. Patriarchia.ru DID post an item on it on 1 August, as did the ROCOR diocese involved. Confirmation of this is at:



Note well that the main ROCOR site did NOT post on this event… nor was the OCA invited, in contradiction to the pattern of events lately. Frankly, it was more of a cultural event, so, Peterson’s absence is even more mystifying. The RF Consul General was present, so, if Dickie had been bounced from the Centre for having been a CIA asset (I said, ”IF”, kids), it made perfect sense that no OCA bishop was present. The RF government would still be pissed at them for l’Affaire Wood and Peterson would be persona non grata.

As I said in an earlier post, things’ve gotten quite confusing… every new door opened leads to more questions rather than to any answers. The Centre doesn’t know what’s going on… and they have more resources than all of American Orthodoxy put together. Nevertheless, the main thing is that JP lies about his doings, and he expects us to believe him! Note well, the konvertsy DO believe what he says. Of course, they listen to the anti-Christian gelt-worshipping rants of Rush Limboob, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin… they’re not exactly Einsteins. Furthermore, they’re disproportionately Five Percenters… that is, they wish to replace Christ with Mammon… it’s why they were tossed out of the TEC. Friends in the TEC told me that theology had nothing to do with these paladins’ departure… it had everything to do with their espousal of godless rightwing politics and their attempt to shove them down the throats of the TEC at large. Of course, they support Fathausen, for JP’s a rabid rightwinger… as is his puppeteer, Potapov.

We’re fighting for the soul of our Church. Shall it continue to be Christ’s Church, where all are welcome, or, shall it become a conventicle of the self-satisfied exurban affluent effluent? The choice is ours…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 1 August 2011

Albany NY

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