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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

2 August 2011. Fathausen’s Anti-Homosexual Diatribe Finally Posted on oca.org… Moriak Jumps on Anti-Homosexual Bandwagon

Of course, Slowpoke Matusiak has an excuse why he didn’t post JP”s missive earlier… he had to go, hat-in-hand, to all the First Family pooh-bahs to get their “blessing” before he posted it. Isn’t it about time that such foolishness ended? I agree with Fr Nikolai in Moscow… it’s time for the OCA Holy Synod to act, smack down Fathausen, muzzle the First Families, and silence JP’s strident konvertsy rabble… otherwise, we’ll have no Church in future, full stop!


Finally, oca.org posted El Gordo’s little hate missive against homosexuals. Note well, it took them FIVE DAYS to do so. In discussing this with other Orthodox, it’s clear that such stridency is uncalled for and not in step with what the Church actually believes. In any case, the common consensus that I’ve heard is that JP’s a closeted poofter (along with his close pals Brum and Eliel)… and that his vehemence is a cheesy attempt to divert attention from his own glaring tastes in sexuality… don’t forget, his guru was the child abuser Podmoshensky, Fathausen stayed loyal to GP even after GP was (rightfully) defrocked for nasty doings. JP served openly with Izzy Brittain and he protects Benjamin Peterson… their notorious homosexuality didn’t bother him one little bit!

Here’s Moriak’s “me-too” anti-homosexual letter:


Note that Moriak said this:

It is unnatural and unacceptable to God!

The Church doesn’t use such Sectarian-style vehemence. Rather, His Holiness stated, very clearly, but very compassionately, “We respect all human choices, including those in human sexuality. We reserve the reserve the right to label this or that action sinful”. His Holiness is being responsible and “Honest to God”… El Gordo and Moriak are being hateful; indeed, their “revulsion” is redolent of Sectarian heresy (it smells of a vendetta against Mark Stokoe; it warns of a witch hunt against all those not affluent effluent “purists”). His Holiness shows compassion and shows his support of the “big tent”… the OCA radicals show a desire to limit the flock to a “pure elect”, a desire that’s Calvinist to the bone, it’s not Orthodox in the least. I also note that Michael Dahulich took a similar non-Orthodox hardline stance… is that why the ACROD let Dahulich and Moriak go? Throughout American Orthodoxy, the ACROD has a reputation for its sane and Christian “live and let live” approach… did it reject Dahulich and Moriak (and let them go to the OCA) for non-Orthodox fanaticism?

As a friend of mine wrote about JP, “I might be able to take it seriously and be less offended by it if it weren’t so disingenuous and hypocritical. You can’t possibly expect anyone to take it seriously when all Orthodoxy, including the OCA (and its hierarchy), is crawling with homosexuals. Of course, who’s homosexual or not isn’t any of my business, except for the fact that he, and the clergy of the Church, are in positions of power and authority, they’re teaching homosexuality’s a sin, when, in fact, they’re hiding their own sins, and hiding the church’s sins, all while doing great spiritual harm to the people. Truthfully, I’d much rather have a church full of openly-gay clergy, who’re also decent and moral human beings, than the group running the show now. Does he not see what an embarrassment the Church has become? Does he not see the harm? How can he put a letter like that out when he’s involved in keeping secrets himself? If his intent is to keep the chalice from unrepentant homosexuals, then, he must NOT permit unrepentant gay clergy to offer the chalice. I wish so badly that I could see a letter speaking out against clergy misconduct from him, the clergy, and the hierarchy of the Church that displayed a fraction of energy that his letter on homosexuality possessed. I’d give them a final bit of advice… ‘I’d really lay off the gay stuff now… it’s becoming obvious what the actual intent is’”.

I agree wholeheartedly with the above… I believe that most of you do so as well. If we don’t defend the “defenceless”, we’ll be next. Pastor Niemöller was right:

First, they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then, they came for the trades unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trades unionist.

Then, they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then, they came for me…
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

I’ll stand and I’ll speak up for the “sinners”… it’s what Christ would’ve done. Don’t forget, “Then, they came for me… and there was no one left to speak out for me”. It’s our Christian duty to oppose vicious hypocrites such as Fathausen… and any who stand for his hateful pronouncements. It’s time for the Holy Synod to defrock this bastard… use the pretext that he served with Izzy Brittain, guys… to openly attack homosexuals as he does (and I’m NO homosexual, mind you), yet, to serve with homosexuals who please him is a vile hypocrisy and deceit not fit for Christ’s Church. The Church has shown pastoral oikonomia towards lay homosexuals for centuries. Let’s not be led astray by Episkies who left their former confession because they lost a power struggle for control of the TEC… JP’s a former Episkie, isn’t he? Hmm…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Albany NY

2 August 2011. RIA-Novosti Infographics. The Top 20 Debtor Countries

Which country throws bombs around like confetti and then “pays” for it with “plastic” so that the rich can have hefty tax cuts? It’s NOT Russia! Hmm… who’s the “rouge nation?” I’d say it was the one that drops bombs for no good reason all over the world and kicks two million families out on the street at home so that the swinish oligarchs can party on undisturbed. I wonder what country that one is? I don’t think that you have to guess hard, do ya? You know its “face”… how d’ya spell “P-A-L-I-N?” Or, how ’bout “M-U-R-D-O-C-H?” Toss your pinch of incense on the Altar of the Almighty Dollar and do a reverence before the icon of Ayn Rand… Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachmann, and Glenn Beck do! It’s the AMERICAN thing to do!


2 August 2011



The OCA Representative to the MP Recalled and Forbidden from Serving

Interior of the OCA Representation in Moscow


Archimandrite Zacchaeus Wood, rector of St Catherine Church in Moscow (representation parish of the OCA), was sent on leave, and recalled to the USA. The First Hierarch of the OCA forbade Fr Zacchaeus “from exercising any liturgical or sacramental ministry”, according to the official OCA website. Fr Ivan Kechkin will provide pastoral care for St Catherine parish. Archpriest Leonid Kishkovsky, the head of the OCA DECR (sic), will take over as OCA representative in Moscow. The post didn’t state the reasons for the decision. For his part, a cleric attached to St Catherine parish told our Interfax-Religion correspondent that Fr Zacchaeus is currently under examination in a Moscow clinic. “Earlier, he had his gall bladder removed, and his condition worsened”, our source said. He found it difficult to tell us the reason for Fr Zacchaeus’ recall, suggesting, “It may be associated with the internal upheavals in the Orthodox Church in America”.

2 August 2011



Editor’s Note:

The waters are getting murkier, kids. Things are so confused at present that I believe that NO ONE knows the full truth… NOT EVEN HIS HOLINESS. Yet, this is the first indication from the Centre that it acknowledges that there’s internal disunity in the OCA. No doubt, the “source” didn’t talk without clearing it with Balashov, at the least (and, more probably, with Charlie, too). The only DEFINITE information that anyone has is that Dickie wasn’t on his scheduled flight from Moscow… that’s all.

We’ll all have to wait and see…


Archpriest Leonid Kishkovsky will be Acting OCA Representative in Moscow during His Predecessor’s Leave

Fr Nikolai Balashov (1958- ), the deputy head of the MP Department for External Church Relations


The appointment of Fr Leonid Kishkovsky, the head of the OCA DECR (sic), to the post of Representative of the OCA in Moscow is only temporary. “We were officially informed that Archimandrite Zacchaeus Wood, the head of the OCA representation to the Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias, is on indefinite leave”, Archpriest Nikolai Balashov, the deputy head of the MP Department for External Church Relations told Interfax-Religion on Tuesday. The official website of the OCA previously reported that Fr Zacchaeus was on leave and that he was recalled to the USA, giving no reason was given for this action. Fr Nikolai also noted that, although he hasn’t received official confirmation of it, Fr Leonid Kishkovsky would act as in Fr Zacchaeus’ place whilst Zacchaeus is on leave. “We understand that this decision doesn’t imply that Fr Leonid shall permanently take over the post in Moscow”, he said, going on to say that Fr Leonid had been acting representative for the OCA in Moscow once before. On the question of whether we can expect that Fr Zacchaeus would return to his former post, Fr Nikolai said, “The Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America bears the sole responsibility for that decision”.

2 August 2011



Editor’s Note:

Firstly, there’s been no further information on Dickie’s whereabouts and no further postings on the OCA main website concerning either him or the actions concerning him (Stokoe’s been silent, too, by the way). Dickie’s in “parts unknown”… no reports or rumours have reached my ears. NONE. The guy’s fallen off the face of the earth. He was NOT on the flight that he was supposed to be on from Moscow. If so… the OCA Holy Synod has an obligation and duty to defrock Dickie immediately for disobedience. The OCA is mum… it’s releasing NO reason whatsoever for this turn of events, which is highly unusual. Do recall how JP screamed about “transparency”… where is it now?

Secondly, the RF won’t allow Lyonyo to live in Moscow temporarily, let alone be permanent rep. Lyonyo doesn’t want that anyway, he’s a large fish in a small pond, here (hefty, hefty, hefty)… at the Centre, he’d be a minnow in a shark tank (wimpy, wimpy, wimpy). Lyonyo is a CFR member with American intel ties (and an ally of Potapov, who’s deeper in the spook pit than he is)… yeah, sure, the RF’s gonna allow him untrammelled access to the Centre… in a pig’s arse.

Thirdly, Fr Nikolai made it clear that he knows no more than the rest of us, and that the upper echelon of the OCA is keeping him ignorant of the real situation. That’s dangerous for JP’s cabal. Note well what he said, “The Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America bears the sole responsibility for that decision”. That is, he shot down Fathausen’s pretensions, he ripped up the “Brum Doctrine”, and he put the onus on the OCA Holy Synod, where it belongs. I think that the Centre is telling the OCA, “Put this right, get rid of this bastard, and do it tout suite”. It expects to hear, “Yes, sir; yes, sir; three bags full… how much, and of what colour?” Somehow, I think that the Centre’s not going to get what it wants (within the time-frame that they want it done by)… do expect FIREWORKS…


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