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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Parishioners Claim the OCA Representation in Moscow could Lose 10 Million Roubles in State Subsidies Due to the Removal of the Rector

Note that the iconostas at the OCA Representation is a modern and crank Renovationist affair… God willing, KMG will put it right…


Editor’s Foreword:

Be forewarned… this is TREACLY. Interfax isn’t to blame, it’s only reporting what it was sent. It seems that the OCA Representation in Moscow was a cultish little conventicle… much like the HOOMies at home. It’s good that Dickie’s gone… now, KMG can clear out this bizarre pustule… after he does that, he should go after the Blunder’s little nest of golubiye in Bolshaya Ordynka.



Parishioners at St Catherine-in-the-Fields in Moscow, (the Representational Parish of the OCA) expressed their dismay at the removal of Archimandrite Zacchaeus Wood, its rector. “For many years, we’ve known Fr Zacchaeus through personal interaction, so, we can say, with full confidence, that he’s a superb rector and pastor. He heard our confessions with patient love, he baptised our children, he buried our loved ones… he was an adornment to this parish”, according to a copy of a letter that his parishioners sent to Metropolitan Jonas Paffhausen of all America and Canada (sic) that Interfax-Religion received on Wednesday. It went on to say, “Services at the parish are served without haste, accompanied by a beautiful choir, and love, support, and understanding reigns amongst the parishioners, and many of the families attending here have become friends. The parish has become a dynamic and cohesive Orthodox community, which receives each new parishioner and guest with love. All the time, Fr Zacchaeus taught us”, the letter said.

The letter claimed that, within a short time, Fr Zacchaeus earned “much prestige amongst the MP’s archpastors and pastors and amongst those of other Local Churches, government officials, and ordinary believers”. The letter claimed that the church building now urgently needs urgent repair and restoration, and that Fr Zacchaeus, “because of his reputation and personal qualities , started it off right, and he’d almost completed negotiations with government authorities on the allocation of the financial assistance necessary to complete the restoration work. The decision to remove our rector jeopardises our receipt of state subsidies amounting to 10 million roubles (360,000 USD. 250,000 Euros. 219,000 UK Pounds), which we need to restore the crumbling façade of our church building”. Parishioners said that the decision to recall their rector was “extremely ill-considered and hasty, it could have a very upsetting effect on the future life of the parish”. They called on Metropolitan Jonas to understand this and change his mind concerning their rector.

As reported previously, Metropolitan Jonas Paffhausen placed Archimandrite Zacchaeus on leave, and recalled him to the USA. Paffhausen forbade Archimandrite Zacchaeus from conducting services or any other priestly office. According to the official website of the Orthodox Church in America, there was no stated reason for the sanctions imposed.

3 August 2011



Editor’s Afterword:

This letter does lead one to believe that NO ONE knows what’s going on. However, there’s one possibility that had slipped my mind. That is, KMG wanted Dickie out. Dickie was trying to run a Renovationist parish at the Centre, and His Nibs would have none of it. That does seem possible… hell, it has the ring of probability. However… there’s no information, and as the Centre appears as clueless as the rest of us, could my thought be a “too plausible” explanation? That is, ”It sounds right, therefore, it must be right”. That one has tripped up all of us, at least once (to the great glee and amusement of our opponents). There’s no evidence… there’s no further official word on oca.org… and my unofficial sources have no clue as to Dickie’s whereabouts. Your guess is as good as mine is… this is why you can’t accept JP’s fulminations about homosexuality at face value. If he refuses to tell you the truth here (which is self-evident even to the Brother Junipers amongst us)… what does that say about the other document?


Editor’s Update:

A correspondent sent me this:

Wood called the OCA today and claimed he was in hospital.

That’s all that we have… we don’t know where, nor does anyone know what he’s supposedly hospalitalised for. Paffhausen refuses to talk at all to give his side of the story… he refuses to speak on why he took his action. If this had happened in the ’60s, trust me, JP would’ve been toast… and in short order (neither Leonty Turkevich or Anatassy Gribanovsky would’ve tolerated such secrecy and hubris). Ponder this… the Episkie konvertsy are hyperclericalists who support JP in his contumacious silence. They believe that the Church needs to be “purified”… with them as the “purifiers” and “inquisitors”, natch. Dostoyevsky‘s Grand Inquisitor lives… in a convert parish near you. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you…



3 August 2011. “It is Unnatural and Unacceptable to God!” … Let’s See… That Applies to Bullying, Avarice, Vainglory, Secrecy, Duplicity, Meanness, and Sycophancy… ALL of which are WORSE than Homosexuality Is…

“I REFUSE to tell you why I furloughed Dickie Wood! I am the Great Infallible Lord High Pooh-Bah of the Church… my word goes and everybody else can just accept that! David Brum wrote that in  the Brum Doctrine, which is the infallible teaching of the Church… so, there!” That’s what JP means, kids… it’s been six days, and we still don’t know where Dickie is…


One wonders why Fathausen, Dahulich, and Moriak made such a fuss over the “sanctity of marriage” when it’s no question within the bounds of the Church. Moriak’s outburst of “It is unnatural and unacceptable to God!”, simply put, isn’t the Church’s position on the matter (is he attacking the late Vladyki Job’s pastoral oikonomia towards Mark Stokoe? If so, he should be honest about it and not show such false high umbrage). The Church believes that homosexual activity’s sinful… but it also believes that the Free Market’s fraudulent, that employers must pay just and living wages to their staff, and that the state’s ability to tax the affluent at proper levels isn’t only legitimate, it’s a necessity… and I note that the Three White Knights don’t make that clear as well. The Church teaches us, “The love of money is the root of all evil”… it doesn’t teach us, “Homosexuality is the root of all evil”. If one looks at Fathausen’s background, he’s a former real-estate salesman… someone who profited through questionable middleman activities. In fact, any one of his crank real estate deals was a far greater abomination in the eyes of God than any “homosexual couple” is.

His Holiness doesn’t have a problem keeping his priorities straight… he rarely speaks on homosexuality… he often speaks on ethical principles as they apply to our everyday lives in the modern economy. He’s openly attacked the aberrant machinations of stock market gamblers, the corrupt manipulations of commodities speculators, and the ill-effects of the economic bubble caused by crook securities trading… yet, Fathausen, Moriak, and Dahulich are silent on this (and it’s FAR worse than any “evil” caused by homosexuality). I don’t know about the last two, but El Gordo’s a predatory and rabid rightwinger who supports the extremist faction of the Republican Party. His Holiness correctly pointed up that the main victim of today’s sinfully-organised economy is the ordinary working man… on the other hand, Fathausen supports the Tea Party’s assault on the weakest amongst us; he has the goddamn gall to insinuate that the “war” of GOP fringe elements against the unemployed is moral and just… and that we, as “Church”, must support such demonic delusion (so that the affluent effluent, the “productive”, can enjoy their ill-gotten gains in peace).

I’ll tell you what I find “unacceptable to God”… El Gordo’s lying about his relationship with the defrocked sodomite Gleb Podmoshensky… JP’s refusal to give a reason as to why he recalled Dickie Wood… Eric Tosi’s bleat, “The records simply don’t exist”, in a case where 125 Gs of Church money went missing… Ray Velencia and Joe Fester escaping justice with JP’s connivance… and JP’s favouring of the morally-questionable HOOMie cultists. That stinks to High Heaven… it’s a foetid stench of iniquity in the nostrils of the Almighty… and their present pietistic snarling about “homosexuality” only compounds that noisome pigswill, by no means does it mitigate it in the slightest manner. Stay focused and keep your mind right! The diatribes of JP, Moriak, and Dahulich are nothing but the opening salvoes of an assault on Mark Stokoe (aside to Mark: “Fight back! Don’t let ’em blindside ya… hit ’em back, and hit ’em HARDER”)… don’t forget… JP refuses to tell you why he furloughed Dickie Wood… the arrogant Grand Fenwickian prick didn’t even tell the Centre why he did it. He lies to His Holiness with as much gusto as he lies to you. Think on that… he refused to tell the leader of world-wide Russian Orthodoxy… his superior (in more ways than mere hierarchical order)… why he took his high-handed and absolutist action. Why, Dickie’s whereabouts are STILL unknown, nearly a week after his furlough! Fathausen either refuses to tell you, or, he doesn’t know, either… and the situation is so murky that none of us can tell which end is up.

You DO have a choice… you can accept his charade of smarmy religiosity, which means that you must accept the coup d’état of the nappy-wearing konvertsy against the Church’s immemorial Orthopraxis, or, you can fight the snot-nosed bastards with everything that you’ve got. I choose the latter course… what about you?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Albany NY   

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