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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

10 August 2011. Moriak Lives in a Glass House… He’d Best be Careful…

Moriak shouldn’t have done this… he’s messing with Lyonyo and Berzansky… were where his brains and good-sense? Well… as the old Russian saying has it, “You cooked it that way, you’ve got to eat it that way”… he better not complain about the taste of the dish, either… it was all of his own making, after all… he’d best remember the old saw about glass houses and stone throwing…


Read this:


This is what I’ve received from several concerned sources… “The rumour is that the new Bishop of the Midwest who slammed Stokoe is bringing his live-in ‘roommate’ to Chicago to give him a job and set up a cosy nest”. Hmm… I’m not going to threaten a thing, no siree… I’ll just mention that Moriak just knifed one of Lyonyo’s party (Mark) in the back to please El Gordo and Bobby. He’d best watch his back… neither Lyonyo nor Vlad Berzansky are forgiving sorts (hoo boy, especially the latter… Berzansky would have him for lunch, scarf him down tout suite, burp, and ask for the main entrée). If the above information is correct (note that I said “if”… I’m reporting a story that’s out there, not a proven fact), Mr Moriak had best have alternative plans for the future… Lyonyo wouldn’t think twice of publicising anything squiffy on him. If Moriak does have a “live-in roomie” he’d be well-advised to drop him, or Lyonyo, Berzansky, and Berzonsky père will cut him at least one “new one”. Lyonyo and Berzansky have “interesting connections”, and Moriak just goaded them for no good reason (is he as chowderheaded as JP is?).

You can’t get me for reporting what’s out there. Since Mr Moriak just made a huge stink about homosexuality, I’d advise him to talk to the people who know Bobby from the old East Village days… he’d learn a thing or two about Bobby’s “tastes”. Let’s see… JP served at St Tikhon’s last year with two well-known gay hierarchs, Feodosy Lazor and Herman Swaiko… where was Mr Moriak’s moralistic umbrage? JP served with Benjamin Peterson and Izzy Brittain… where was Mr Moriak’s pietistic outrage? I don’t know whether Matthias Moriak’s a homosexual or not… the events of the coming days will prove the soundness or the vacuity of the rumours… Lyonyo and Berzansky will see to that. Moriak has sown the wind… he’ll reap the whirlwind. Payback’s a mutha, Matt, don’t say that I didn’t warn ya… you stepped on Lyonyo’s and Berzansky’s toes hard. You’re in for the fight of your life… and don’t call me names for telling ya the God’s-honest truth. Berzansky’s vicious and you just pissed on a member of his party… you’re going to need a hell of a lot of luck to get through this without being the main “guest” at an auto-da-fé run by Lyonyo & Co (they’d be right pious about it, too, as they put the torch to the fagots)… I’m not wishing it on you; I’m telling you what’s gonna happen if you don’t reverse yourself.

It’s certainly not boring, kids, but this? We’re paying for all the crankness of the past two generations down to the uttermost farthing. “The fathers sin, and the children’s teeth are set on edge”. God do help us…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Albany NY


10 August 2011. Thirteen Days and Counting… WO IST DICKIE? The Silence is Deafening…

Here’s JP, the Dallas Coneheads, Grotty Roddy, Darling Marilyn, and all of JP’s konvertsy pals… don’t you think that it’s time to stop the poo-flinging? If we don’t, Mark will only be the FIRST victim… “ask not at whom they fling the poo… they’re tossin’ it at YOU”… 


It’s been 13 days since l’Affaire Wood broke… since then, there’s been NO word of Dickie’s whereabouts, or, what formal charges he faces. Trust me, what I’ve heard from multiple sources has confused the issue so much that the only conclusion that I can come to is that no one knows a damn thing… except maybe Vlad Berzansky, Jr, Dickie’s advocate (and I’m not totally sure that he knows anything, either). I’d say that the Centre’s become VERY frustrated… things are so discombobulated that they don’t know who to turn to… the OCA’s leadership is fragmented; there’s no definite person to give authoritative answers to their questions. There’s JP in the District, Tosi in Syosset, Behr at SVS, Mel Pleska in Pittsburgh, the OCA Truth squad in Dallas (“the Coneheads”, for those of you in the know), and the two loose-cannon ACROD newbies Dahulich and Moriak, not to mention a Holy Synod in terminal disarray. The Centre does NOT care for disunity in general, nor for any kind of disarray, be it administrative or doctrinal… yet, they’re as much in the dark as any of us are, despite their resources. I’d say, “All of His Holiness’ horses and all of His Holiness’ men couldn’t put Syosset back together again”… does this mean that the Centre has given up on the OCA? You pays your money, you takes your choice… no one’s spoken publicly…, no one’s spoken off the cuff to anyone on the Muscovite “street” either.

Now, on top of it all, JP’s loosed his attack dogs on Mark Stokoe. That’s dumber than dirt. There are now three scandals in the air at once… Wood in Moscow… Storheim in Canada… and Stokoe in Ohio. Previously, JP was unable to touch Mark as Archbishop Job covered him with his omofor. That is, Vladyki Job did the right thing… he extended pastoral oikonomia to him, just as Syosset had done earlier. EVERYONE knows that Mark is a protégé of Lyonyo… why would JP slam his you-know-what in the door? Lyonyo is the most senior apparatchik at Syosset; he’s got the longest tenure of them all, to the best of my knowledge. Lyonyo goes back to the days of Metropolitan Ireney Bekish in the ’70s and he has ties to American government circles up the yin-yang (he IS a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, after all), hence, he’s the single most powerful individual at Syosset and in the OCA. Mostly, sources tell me, he works alone, primarily from his home in Sea Cliff on the Island… he’s in his late 60s now, but he’s never attempted to groom a successor; moreover, he’s never made “power-sharing” arrangements with anyone (temporary alliances aren’t “power-sharing”). If JP doesn’t back off, it’s clear to me that Lyonyo will launch a direct and focused attack on El Gordo… you don’t have to have any “insider” knowledge to know this. If this happens, Fathausen’s toast… RSK won’t be part of it this time (not after l’Affaire Wood, which has Bobby’s fingerprints all over it). Lyonyo will act more or less alone (and swiftly), as JP’s move against Mark makes it clear that he’s next. Will Lyonyo enlist SVS in his cause? Will he call on ROCOR support through Gan? Your guess is as good as mine is. Fathausen’s a giggling maniacal child throwing matches at a spreading pool of petrol… that’s why the Holy Synod should best remove him before the upcoming Sobor. The OCA Holy Synod could use the pretext that he served with a suspended clergyman, Izzy Brittain. That would turn the trick well enough.

As for my view, these two Cold War relics… the ROCOR and the OCA… belong on the scrap heap of Church History. I’d say to His Holiness, “Sir, be mindful of your American children… act before we die!” That’s NOT hyperbole, sadly enough…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Albany NY

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