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Monday, 22 August 2011

22 August 2011. OCA ‘Fesses Up to Reality… Admits that Fathausen is on His Way to Prague… Issues Curiously Incomplete News Release


Firstly, here’s the OCA propaganda handout:


There was no news of this on the MP official website, nor was there any news of this on the two websites of the Local Church of Czechia and Slovakia. There’s an interesting omission in the above blurb… it doesn’t tell us when El Gordo and his Grand Fenwickian retinue left New York, nor their scheduled arrival date in Czechia. Svetlana Vais, in her recent Portal-Credo.ru bloviation on the oca.org staff is chock fulla beans. The oca.org staff is a set of posturing incompetents who can’t write good copy (they weren’t concise enough and used an excess of “padding”). They also failed to tell you that Bart cut Fathausen out of the fifth anniversary celebrations of Metropolitan Kryštof Pulec, Bart was insistent on that point, and Kryštof  complied.

In any case, this trip isn’t about the stated purpose. I’ll wager that El Gordo’s going to Europe to talk with Vlad Berzansky Jr about l’Affaire Wood. I checked the pravmir.ru site; the original posting on Dickie’s “return” is still there, with no further news reported. In addition, there was nothing on patriarchia.ru on the matter. What information I’m receiving is gelling; it appears to say, at first glance, that Dickie may have kompromat of some sort upon him and the Centre has SERIOUS issues with him. It’s been a couple of days shy of four weeks since Fathausen’s 28 July 2011 fatwa suspending Dickie, and there’s been no OFFICIAL word of any illness on Dickie’s part, save for some self-serving shlock being circulated by Nina Dimas and other interested Syosset/SVS parties. Is JP going to bring Dickie home? The trip appears rather extended for a Church that lives from hand-to-mouth at the best of times, and times are hard now (that’s not to mention, of course, Fathausen’s juvenile “Let them eat brioche” attitude).

Don’t be surprised to see Dickie pop into the picture. I could be wrong, of course… but it seems likely… it seems probable. Remember, JP didn’t tell anyone about this supposed “invitation” until after the shit had hit the fan with Dickie (and his lawyer Berzansky). How much are you willing to bet on my speculation? The odds are more than even, I’d say…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 22 August 2011

Albany NY 


22 August 2011. Here’s Some “Raw” Intel for You to Mull Over…

I got this from one of my correspondents. It isn’t **FACT**, it isn’t **NEWS**… it’s what “out there”… it’s what’s circulating at the Centre. I do NOT vouch for its verity… it’s just a FYI, kids. Here it is:

News from Moscow: leave of absence expired? This is truly amazing, allegedly, Dickie was carrying on a “relationship” with an American woman living in Russia. Supposedly the woman filed some sort of complaint with the MP who then informed the OCA via a letter. How could the OCA Holy Synod allow this to happen? So much for transparency!

This is what people are saying… as per usual, “You pays your money, and you takes your choice”. As for me, I don’t have enough evidence to say yea or nay. It’s the latest whisper in the loggia.


Patriarch Kirill Described the Current State of Affairs as “Mass Psychosis”

Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias (1946- )


Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias holds believes that the Church must take steps to rescue the souls of contemporary people from demonic possession. “With serious intent, the Church turns to contemporary mankind and speaks to it of the fact of possession. We must face a mass psychosis that enfolds millions and millions of people”, the Patriarch said after he served liturgy at the Novospassky Monastery in Moscow, which celebrated the 20th anniversary of its reopening. In his view, in order to save the world, we must fast and pray, as the Lord commanded. “We need to fast and pray for those who aren’t praying and fasting… for our families, friends, acquaintances, and workmates, for the authorities and for the powers-that-be in society. We must understand that our prayers aren’t just prayers for ourselves and our loved ones, they’re prayers for the entire world”, His Holiness emphasised. He cited the words of St John Chrysostom, “Don’t hesitate to fast; fasting frightens the devil”.

“When you fast, you’re led by God; because you’re trying to live God’s law, you’ll try to curb your passions and repent of your sins. When you engage in prayer, you’re in constant communion with God, God’s in control, the devils won’t have any leverage over you”, Patriarch Kirill said. He went on to say that, today, many people have given their souls over to the devil, falling under the influence of thoughts and behaviours “that obsess modern mankind today, without even mentioning their complete enslavement to the rule of the sensual passions. These people think that they’re heroes, that they’re strong… because they have power, because they have money and influence, they can satisfy any of their desires and whims. They feel themselves free of all bonds, including those from God. They don’t realise that their ‘power’ is just slavery, that they’re pathetic puppets of the devil. Only when they realise that everything’s failed, when their life’s broken, when they find out that there are no friends, no lovers, or no family with them… that there’s nothing left to them but their passions… only then could some of them, unfortunately, not all of them, come to comprehend what’s happened to them”.

22 August 2011



22 August 2011. Some of My Favourite Things… The Russian National Ballet “Kostroma”






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