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Friday, 26 August 2011

26 August 2011. BREAKING NEWS. Reportedly, BP Demanded Fathausen’s Resignation… Interesting, If True…

Archbishop Dmitri Royster of Dallas (1923- ) (OCA)… he’s now under hospice care… pray for him…


I received the following from a source:

Before he left for Prague, BP had a conference call with the OCA Holy Synod… he demanded JP’s resignation for permitting Dickie to serve in Moscow. He said that it violated the OCA’s sexual misconduct policy. Apparently, JP’s in Dallas; Archbishop Dmitri is under hospice care now. Some say that JP’s not going to Prague and will stay in Dallas.

Well, well, well… this doesn’t surprise me. I’d give it a high level of probability… let alone possibility. This makes oca.org’s deliberate lying on Vladyki Dmitri’s condition doubly reprehensible; it shows them to be nothing but opportunistic lying bastards, to put it plainly. They had a DUTY to post, “We are sorry to report that Archbishop Dmitri Royster has been transferred to hospice care. Please, pray for him in these final days. God bless him”. This shows them to be unfeeling juvenile poseurs… as my Nicky said, “They’re nothing but atheists”. Amen to that!

Please, pray for Vladyki Dmitri as he passes on… that’s our duty as Orthodox Christians and decent human beings. I stand in silence at the mystery of death… I’ve no doubt that you agree.



26 August 2011. Is JP Going to Stay in Dallas? Why isn’t oca.org Issuing a Proper Post on the Deteriorating Health of Vladyki Dmitri? Stokoe Skittish about the Word “Apparatchik”…

“Apparatchiki at Syosset… there’s no such thing! I say so… whaddaya mean, I was an apparatchik? NO WAY… I was just a Church employee… ask Lyonyo…”


Read this:


It’s not clear from this poorly-written post (its grammar is wretched) whether Fathausen is staying in Dallas until Dmitri dies, is staying in Dallas only for a short time, or whether he intends to go to Czechia at all. There were changes made to the post after its initial publication, in that case, the oca.org staff should’ve appended an “editor’s update”, leaving the original information untouched (that’s how a “source of record” operates). That’s how I operate.

Another interesting wrinkle in this is that oca.org did NOT give the date of arrival of Peterson (the Frisco Kid) & Co in Czechia. In addition, oca.org gave no precise departure date. It gave a vague mention of “a week”… does that mean that BP and his partners in crime are going to be in Czechia for seven days? Dickie hasn’t popped up yet… but he may do so. Obviously, Vlad Berzansky (or his delegate) is confabbing with the Frisco Kid. As I said earlier, there’s no doubt that Dickie wasn’t in hospital or in a rest home… not for a month! It seems possible that Dickie was a blown Langley asset (conceivable, seeing that Lyonyo and Potapov are neck-deep with spooks). It’s clear that Dickie wasn’t an SVR or FSB asset… if such were so, he wouldn’t have had a “honey pot” sting against him (it’s rich that the Moscow street take is that a woman complained against Dickie… his homosexuality is of wide repute). In any case, it’s SOP to allow most blown oppo assets to go home after interrogation, this appears to be the case here (c’mon, Berzansky’s not only a lawyer, the smart word out there is that he’s as much involved with spooks as Potapov and Lyonyo are).

In any case, don’t forget the original posts on Dickie:



El Gordo suspended Dickie… the posts say so. It’s clear that Dickie has hired Berzansky as a “hired gun”. I’d steer clear of Berzansky, if I were you… let’s just say that morality rarely enters into his calculations. Shall Dickie show up in Prague? It’s anyone’s guess… it’s an even-money toss-up.

In a related vein, oca.org still refuses to issue a proper update on Archbishop Dmitri’s condition. Real Orthodox Christians would provide full information, as the ACROD people did with the last illness and death of Nicholas Smisko. Then again, the ACROD is full of down-to-earth po-nashemu guys, not the posturing konvertsy found all too often speaking in OCA official circles. As my Nicky said, “They’re nothing but a bunch of atheists”… I quite agree… you wouldn’t have seen such unfeeling hubristic haughtiness under Metropolitan Leonty or Archbishop Kyprian. Obviously, things are taking a turn for the worse, as JP’s refusing to leave Dallas. Pray for poor Vladyki Dmitri… whatever he’s done or not done, he’s near his end, and that deserves our respect and prayers. The fact that oca.org didn’t post anything on his condition since 19 August is reprehensible, disgusting, and without defence.

Lastly, Mark Stokoe’s getting awfully defensive in his old age. Let’s see what he said in his comboxes (with my commentary in italics):

  • The OCA hasn’t “had its ears pinned back by lawsuits”. Let’s see, there were the Sidebottom, Koumentakos, and Iliff cases. That’s not to mention all the nastiness that Mark cleaned up for Feodosy and l’Huillier (when Mark was a drone at the OCA Chancery). In both the Sidebottom and Koumentakos cases, the settlements started with the words, “We admit no guilt or wrongdoing” (one can easily guess that a fat payment was part of the deal)… and the Iliff case ended with a murky suicide.
  • You’re incorrect to assert that there’s “only a report of an allegation from Moscow”. That’s simply disinformation, as is the assertion that Syosset has “apparatchiks” (what, both of them?) or that the OCA “mishandled” anything. Mark’s a former Syosset apparatchik, he earned his living as a Syosset Chancery drone in the late 80s and early 90s, and he’s lusting to return to it, believe it or not! “Apparatchiki” is simply colloquial Russian for “bureaucrats” (it has derisive and humorous overtones)… Mark’s sensitive on this; one could best describe someone who was a former Chancery employee as an “Apparatchik”… undeniably, his present diatribe is nothing but “Apparatchikstvo”. Methinks that he’s over-reacting to legit criticism of the OCA apparat (which would include Lyonyo, Bobby, Valerie Ringa, Vanya Behr, the Frisco Kid, and JP… it wouldn’t include minor clerical staff).

I can see that American Orthodoxy is still slouching towards its lemming-like appointment with the abyss. Pass me the jug, and take a hit, yourself. It’s NEVER boring, is it?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 26 August 2011

Albany NY

26 August 2011. America’s Choice… Do We Help the Starving… or, Do We Stamp on the Geneva Convention?

Here’s a starving child in Mogadishu. The famine has been worse than it ought to have been, as the USA has been wasting its resources in jingoistic military adventures in Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, and Iraq. The American leadership class (both Republican and Democratic) DOESN’T want to aid the starving (unless they can make a profit doing it)…


Here, we see Afghan patriot fighters chained up and hooded by American occupation forces and paraded before the media. This is in violation of the Geneva convention accords. Today, US forces use brutal tactics reminiscent of those used by the Wehrmacht in occupied Russia during the Second World War. These men shouldn’t be chained, hooded, or used as media pawns. Guarded… yes. Under armed escort… yes. Chained and hooded… no! Stripped of their human dignity… no! They’re combatants, not criminals. No doubt, the US is going to ship these poor fellows to its gulag in Guantánamo for indefinite detention. Whenever you hear “Taliban” or “al Qaeda” in the American press, substitute the word “patriot”… they’re not terrorists; they’re fighting to drive nasty foreign occupiers from their country. Americans would do the exact same thing. The American leadership class DOES want to slam its heel into the faces of the world for the sake of enriching the oligarchs… reflect on that.


26 August 2011. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Hurricane Irene Hits Florida…

One of my fave Russian sites had this image of Hurricane Irene making landfall at Boynton Beach FL. It’s supposed to be STRONGER when it hits us up north…


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