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Friday, 30 September 2011

Video. 30 September 2011. Much Ado About Nothing Department… Blunder Kisses the Pope’s Bum… Is That NEWS?



There’s much brouhaha over this video in some circles. Rest easy… this is typical for the Blunder and his gang of merry men in Bolshaya Ordynka. This is NOT new. The Blunder’s been doing this for YEARS. Simply put, for the longest time, the Blunder’s been kissing up to Benny, and, to give the RCs credit, I don’t think that they trust him (c’mon, are you going to take “interested parties” such as Zenit and Asia News at face value?). Benny doesn’t believe in the sincerity of the Blunder any more than I do, and that’s not much (indeed, as a successful infighter in the Curial shark tank, he probably trusts this greasy charlatan LESS than I do). The presence of Igor Vyzhanov proves that this is nothing a crook publicity shoot and photo op. Vyzhanov was in New York recently for a spell, he was supposedly the “Representative of the VRNS” to the UN. Vyzhanov is a slippery and unctuous politician in a riassa who makes Lyonyo look like a piker. Consider the sources… this is from a papist news agency, and PortalCredo.ru is a joke of a website (it’s blatantly pro-American, pro-Western, Neoliberal, and zapadnikin short,  rubbishy twaddle)… it gives a forum to Denisenko, Rusantsov, Gleb Yakunin, and other such flotsam. In short… HO-HUM!

I’ll believe that’s there’s been a breakthrough in Orthodox/Catholic relations if someone like Mark Golvkov were to announce it. As for the Blunder, he’s in bed with the Legion of Christ fruitcakes through Zenit… need I say more? It takes more than gee-shucks good looks and a mellifluous voice to make a REAL churchman (it DOES give you the measure of the konvertsy who swoon over him, though).

To sum up, it was “less than underwhelming”… that does put the cherry on the sundae, doesn’t it?



BREAKING NEWS. 30 September 2011. OCA Names New Chancellor… OCA Official Website Laggardly, As Per Usual

A friend sent me this regarding the choice of the new OCA Chancellor:

They picked a nominee yesterday, but didn’t release their name.

The apparat, the SVS-niki, and the Metropolitan Council are up to their usual secretive hijinks and shenanigans. For all their vacuous and bootless talk of “openness” and “transparency”, Lyonyo, Tosi, and the MC are pissing on you, yet again (and Mark and Ginny grin huge smiles of approval at it all). They think that you’re a bunch of putzes.

If there was a nomination, there should’ve been a post on oca.org this morning. That’s what REAL journalists do… they REPORT the news in a timely fashion, as I do. That tells you volumes about Mark Stokoe and Ginny Nieuwsama, doesn’t it? They usually don’t touch many stories until it appears here, first. Draw your own conclusions, kids…


Jesús Colina Diez, Founder and Director of Zenit Catholic News Agency Resigned

Jesús Colina Diez (1970- ), the founder and director of Zenit Catholic news agency


Jesús Colina Diez, the founder and director of Zenit Catholic news agency resigned. Sr Colina, who founded Zenit 14 years ago, said that the Legion of Christ asked him to leave after a series of disagreements, as the order controls the well-known Catholic media outlet, CWN reported. He said that “a gradual loss of mutual trust” began when he realised that the Legion of Christ concealed evidence of scandalous behaviour by the order… including the late priest Marcial Maciel Degollado, who, as it turned out later, not only had a family on the side, but also ravished seminarians of the Order. Currently, under a decree of Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger, a series of emergency measures are attempting to reform the Order after the airing of the scandal of its members. Sr Colina said that the Legion of Christ is going to try to micromanage Zenit.

30 September 2011



Editor’s Note:

I wrote the following to a friend on this:

Zenit is the main cheerleader for the Blunder in the Vatican. LIKE CALLS UNTO LIKE! Sr Colina is resigning because he can’t stand a bunch of poofters mucking up his work. That’s how the closeted golubiye always shoot themselves… they’re bitchy and nasty in an effeminate way (not feminine, which is something entirely else, sir), leading to “bitch queen fights”, and all normal men and women flee their presence, for their sanity.

That says a lot about the upper reaches of the OCA, doesn’t it? It was rotten to the core from the start; you can’t straighten out a crook history, can you? What happened, happened. Truly, I deal well with open homosexuals… they’re what they are; they’re not oddballs or predators (they’re tarred with the same brush as their closeted cousins, which is quite unfair). Reflect well on this… you know the stories concerning Nikolai Soraich, Dmitri Royster, Pierre l’Huillier, Herman Swaiko, Feodosy Lazor, Seraphim Storheim, and Benjamin Peterson (and that’s just the bishops). You also know how Jonas Paffhausen, David Brum, and Gerasim Eliel kept up a long and intimate relationship with the deposed sodomite Gleb Podmoshensky (in fact, Podmoshensky was JP’s “guru”), even though the ROCOR Holy Synod rightfully deposed him for nasty doings with kids (officially, it was for serving whilst under suspension, but Lebedeff admitted that was only a pretext to avoid the more explosive sexual issue). The talk at the Centre is that the Blunder’s aspirantura in Bolshaya Ordynka* is just as full of greasy, mincing, power-hungry eunuch-gay blades as the Legion of Christ is. The Legion of Christ is evasive, secretive, full of sexual intrigue and abuse, and had a leader with perverted tastes. That’s why I don’t trust Zenit now… and that’s why I’m going to trust it even less in future. Yes… Zenit likes the Blunder, and the Blunder likes Zenit (and the Blunder loves the OCA apparat, and the OCA apparat loves the Blunder). Zenit and the Blunder go back to the times when Maciel was still the undisputed Führer of the Legion. Draw your own conclusions.

Shit is shit, no matter where you find it… don’t forget… LIKE CALLS UNTO LIKE.




*”Bolshaya Ordynka” is also a metonym for the MP Department of External Church Relations (why doesn’t the English-language Wikipedia article mention the fact that KMG took two-thirds of the DECR away from the Blunder and gave it to Mark Golovkov and Vsevolod Chaplin?), for the sole parish that’s under the Blunder’s actual jurisdiction is on that street. That’s all that he’s got, kids… he’s only a high-powered Patriarchal Vicar (the first head of the MP DECR not to be a ruling bishop, significant, no?). Bolshaya Ordynka, St Sergius in Paris, and SVS are linked at the hip… the Blunder’s the last defender of those pestholes and Führerbunkers of Renovationism. That’s significant, too, isn’t it? MISTRUST anything that comes from the Blunder and his set (especially his indifferentism towards Calvinistic Sectarian slimers… whom we do NOT resemble in the least).

By the way, I also use “Führerbunker” in a metonymic sense, that is, I wish to convey the wishful thinking and weltanshauung of the Bunker, not a literal “hole in the ground”. That is, you can see the cognitive dissonance caused by a rejection of the objective reality in front of one, which is typical of the “Bunker Mentality”, in both the denizens of the Führerbunker and the Renovationists.


30 September 2011. What Jews Have Given the Rodina… Lev Mikhailovich Dovator: Hero of the Battle for Moscow

General Dovator

Yevsei Moiseyenko



Soviet military commander, Guards Major General, Hero of the Soviet Union

Born: 20 February 1903 (village of Khotino, Lepel district. Vitebsk Guberniya)

Died: 21 December 1941 (near village of Palashkino, Ruza Raion. Moscow Oblast)

Lev Mikhailovich was born 20 February 1903 in the village of Khotino into a Jewish working-class family (his birthplace is now in Beshenkovichy Raion, Vitebsk Oblast). In 1922, he was elected secretary of the Komsomol committee of Khotino village. He joined the RKKA (Workers and Peasants Red Army) as a volunteer in September 1924 (some sources say that it was in 1923). In 1925, he graduated from military-chemical courses in Moscow. In 1926, he attended the Borisoglebsk-Leningrad Cavalry Commander’s School of the RKKA. In 1928, he joined the KPSS (b). In 1929, he graduated the Cavalry Commander’s School. In October 1929, he became a platoon commander in the 27th Cavalry Regiment 5th Cavalry Division. From October 1933, he was a Politruk in the 1st Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division. From May 1935 to May 1936, he was Commissar of the independent reconnaissance battalion of 93rd infantry division. In 1939, he attended the M V Frunze Military Academy.


Stamp honouring Lev Mikhailovich…



In the early months of World War II, Colonel L M Dovator was with the headquarters of the Western Front. In July 1941, he won the Order of the Red Banner for bravery in the defensive battles at the Solovyov Crossing of the Dnepr. In August 1941, under the Western Front, he led an independent group of cavalry, formed of several Cossack regiments under the 50th and 53rd Cavalry Divisions. Under Dovator’s command, this large mounted formation raided the enemy’s rear, striking lines of communication. They broke through the German defences on a narrow front, and the appearance of strong units of Soviet cavalry 100 kilometres (62 miles) behind enemy lines caused panic among the fascists. For two weeks, Dovator’s men slogged through a difficult path, going through roadless forests and trackless swamps near Smolensk. During this time, Dovator’s men killed over 2,500 enemy soldiers, they destroyed 9 tanks, more than 200 motor vehicles, and a large amount of military stores. Much of the captured matériel went to partisan bands operating behind the fascist lines. The German High Command placed a large monetary reward of 50,000 Reichmarks (11,900 Gold US Dollars {equivalent to about 300,000 USD (9.59 million Roubles. 220,000 Euros. 192,000 UK Pounds) in today’s baloney dollars: editor}) on Dovator’s head, they created special units to track and capture him, but Dovator and his Cossacks proved elusive. The Cossacks accepted him as one of their own; they considered him an outstanding leader. It didn’t hurt that he was a fine rider and a master with the sabre.


Cover of book “General Dovator”



Memorial to Lev Mikhailovich in his home village of Khotino in Byelorussia… he’s still honoured today… as this image proves.


On 20 November 1941, these units became the cadre of the newly-formed 3rd Cavalry Corps. Due to their outstanding performance, on 27 November 1941, the unit became the 2nd Guards Cavalry Corps. Tirelessly, General Dovator moved throughout all of his units, keeping up the morale of his cavalrymen, who fought bravely on the outskirts of Moscow. In conjunction with the 8th Guards Division (Panfilovskaya), 1st Guards Tank Brigade (under General Mikhail Katukov), and other troops of the 16th Army  defended the approaches to Moscow in the Volokolamsk sector. On 11 December 1941, Dovator’s 2nd Guards Cavalry Corps was transferred to Kubinka Raion. The unit advanced as far as 150 kilometres (93 miles) into the rear of the retreating German troops in pursuit, and, on 19 December, they came to the Ruza River. On 17 December 1941, Dovator became Deputy Commander of the 16th Army and commander of its Operations Group, command of the 2nd Guards Cavalry Corps passed to General Issa Pliyev.


Grave of General Dovator at the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow (General Dovator’s grave is on the left, the grave of Major General Ivan Panfilov is on the right)… the grave in the centre is of Lieutenant Viktor Talalikhin, an early air ace.



On 21 December 1941, Major General Dovator was mortally wounded by machine-gun fire, he was in the front lines scouting for an attack by the 2nd Guards Cavalry Corps against the Wehrmacht positions near the village of Palashkino, Ruza Raion of Moscow Oblast. He was crawling towards a forward position to get a better look. Upon hearing of his death, Marshal Georgi Zhukov is said to have lamented that it was a grievous loss. General Dovator was buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy Cemetery. On 23 December 1941, a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR posthumously awarded Guards Major General Lev Mikhailovich Dovator the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for his courage and heroism in battle against the Nazi invaders.





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