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Thursday, 1 September 2011

1 September 2011. A NEW SITE and a Whole Lotta Reconstruction Goin’ On in the VFR World…

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There’s some new things going on in the VFR world. Firstly, I have a new site devoted exclusively to primo ICONOGRAPHIC images, it’s called Art in Faith. I”ve posted some from my other sites here, as well. It’s meant to be a resource for harried priests and others who need an ass-kicking image but don’t have the time to search all the web for it. “Iconography” is NOT “religious art“. The former is art used in worship per se… the latter is art with a religious subject. They’re not the same… but I shall be blunt. There are no icons here from “American” icon-painters… not a single one has “soul”… there’s technical skill, but there’s no “spirit”… it’s flat and lifeless. By the way, the worst icon-painter at present is Aidan Hart… his icons not only lack “soul”, they’re terribly “wrong”… you’ll find none of his stuff here.

Here’s the URL:


As for reconstruction, all of my older posts on all sites are going to be “tagged”… I shoulda done it earlier, sure, but I “knew better”… don’t we always harpoon ourselves when we think that? Voices from Russia, Too has always been fully tagged… Art and Faith, Too is being tagged now. I’ve also replaced some low-res images with better ones. For the time being, I’m going to focus on rebuilding, so, only the most pressing news is going up on VFR. In short, there’s gonna be a better VFR stable after I’ve done it all. It’s all to make it easier for you guys to use it. After all, you guys are what VFR is all about. If it wasn’t for ya… need I say more?


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 1 September 2011

Albany NY


1 September 2011. Mattingly FUCKS UP BIG TIME in Article on Dmitri

Read this howler:


The Sobor was in 1977… why, everybody knows that! Dmitri wasn’t advanced to the white hat, I hear, because the Centre had concerns about stories about his homosexuality (much like Peterson in ’08). More on that later… I’m not posting a “Dmitri” article until tomorrow. People have been sending me stuff; none of it’s good to Dmitri’s memory, none of it’s idle chit-chat. Terrence Mattingly is dumb-as-dirt and ignorant. He knows NOTHING about Orthodoxy or being Orthodox; his writing betrays it. There’s a cabal of brainless konvertsy protecting Fathausen… Dreher, Reardon, Freeman, Mattingly, Freddie M-G, Tate, the Coneheads, and the HOOMies in general. They’re trying to hijack Christ’s Church and make it into an “Evangelical Lite” pseudo-Orthodox conventicle. It’s time for us to FIGHT BACK…



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