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Sunday, 4 September 2011

4 September 2011. Where was oca.org in Reporting Dmitri’s Funeral? There is NOTHING on oca.org THREE DAYS AFTER THE BURIAL!

Here’s the best analogy to oca.org that I could find… a rotten orange. THAT’S what they’re offering you for dinner… think on that one…


As of 20.00 EDT Sunday 4 September 2011, after the announcements made on 29 August, there’s been no reporting whatsoever on the funeral of Dmitri Royster in Dallas. NOTHING… NADA… NICHTS… NIHILUM… RIEN… ΤΙΠΟΤΑ… НИЧЕВО. It doesn’t matter how you slice it, thick or thin, its baloney all the way through! Let’s see… in the four hierarchical funerals that I’ve covered, the Centre and the ACROD people had their posts up tout suite… the Serbs had their stuff up in a flash… the ROCOR guys were pokier, but they were up in two days. Its three days and counting, and Slowpoke Matusiak’s still MIA. This means that oca.org is dysfunctional and sclerotic… the only conclusion that a reasonable person can draw is that its staff are bone-idle lazy dogsbody layabouts who only move when a strong electrical current is applied to their soft parts. I wonder what kinda shit Svetlana Vais was smokin’ when she praised these guys… it must be good stuff; I want some too!

THIS is what Jonas Paffhausen stands for. He’s a secretive, slinking, and lying SOB… there are no two ways about it. The fact that he’s a bishop only compounds it all. Clergymen scream about “respect”… I’ll go toe-to-toe to them and say, “You’ll get respect if you earn it… and if you don’t, you won’t”. When a bishop acts disreputably, he not only disgraces himself, he brings scandal on Christ and His Holy Church. When a priest acts reprehensibly, he discredits Christ’s Holy Church. If you or I screw up, we shame ourselves… but we don’t hold public office, it’s not as serious as when an “official” goes off the rails (this is one of those “unfair” situations… the world’s full of them). That’s why there’s a lot of needless atheism out there. Clergy lie, cheat, and steal; then, they demand “respect” from the laity and refuse to tell the truth. What are outsiders to think? Hell, what are WE supposed to think?

A good way to start rebuilding (for the building’s collapsed, the only question is how are we going to rebuild) is to get the news out pronto. We’ve heard NOTHING about Dmitri’s funeral from oca.org… BP was back on Wednesday and we’ve heard NOTHING about his trip… we’ve heard NOTHING further about the Dickie Wood saga. This appears to form a pattern, it appears to be habitual… but they DID tell us about the damage to the Chancery property promptly (no doubt, they’ll cry that they need beaucoup bucks to repair it). I’ll not be coy about my opinion… it’s time to abolish the OCA, the ROCOR, and the MP/USA… it’s time for a unified Russian Orthodox Church in the USA, a unified Russian Orthodox Church in Canada, and its time for the Church in Alaska to go back to the Mother Church (that’ll safeguard it against Lower-48 konvertsy carpetbaggers). It won’t be perfect, but we’ll have the chance to rebuild… and that’s going to be long and difficult (remember, it’s easier to destroy than to build).

My sources tell me that NO MP, ROCOR, or EP priest/bishop served at Dmitri’s funeral. There are mixed reports on whether any of them attended the funeral; I’m sure that there were such. This isn’t kosher… it’s not right. It makes a statement about the standing of the OCA in the Church… and that statement appears to be more negative as time goes on.

One last thing before I go… several sources have mentioned to me (via different media, interestingly enough) that the Dallas cathedral is set in the midst of a neighbourhood in Dallas that’s a Lone Star Greenwich Village… that’s to say, it’s set in the middle of the gay neighbourhood. Birds of a feather… I wonder what Dreher and Mattingly are thinking now…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 4 September 2011

Albany NY

Editor’s Afterthought:

Oh, yes, Mark Stokoe’s taken a powder, too; he’s nowhere to be found. He’s reported nothing… he’s approved no new comments. That means that Lyonyo’s flummoxed to the max… don’t forget, Mark is nothing but Lyonyo’s sock-puppet. Mark’s been Lyonyo’s obedient little weasel since the ’80s (the more that I learn about the situation, the less that I like this guy, to speak honestly). It’s why Love BT shafts him every chance that he gets… BT’s part of Bobby’s faction (and has been, for years).


Perspirin’ minds wanna know…

Oh, yeah… Cookie the Bookie’s taking bets on how quickly oca.org will have something up on Dmitri now that it’s been mentioned here… he says that the odds are GOOD…



4 September 2011. Dickie’s Website is DOWN…

Check it out:


As of 00.52 EDT 4 September 2011, a message on the site reads:

Сайт временно закрыт по техническим причинам.

The site is temporarily closed for technical reasons.

I wonder what it means… your guess is as good as mine is…


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