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Monday, 5 September 2011

5 September 2011. Why I FIGHT ON…

Some people have labelled me “rude”, “unpleasant”, “rumourmonger”, or worse. John Whiteford likes to dig into my personal past… why would any sane individual put up with such swinishness from such obvious ninnies and fools?

Firstly, Christ’s Church is WORTH fighting for. You just don’t walk away and let the bastards use it as a plaything and cash-cow. There’s been one too many bad-apple clergymen… such as Warnecke, Potapov, Iggy, Roman Krassovsky, Bobby, and Lebedeff (amongst others)… who’ve played at being “important and respectable”. What does one do? Do you sit passively by and let the ravening beasts tear at Christ’s Body? Do you turn a blind eye “for the sake of your soul” (as the more cowardly sort of priest advises)? If you turn and fight for what’s right, you find yourself standing alone… for, all too often, disreputable priests use the Mysteries as weapons. People give up or walk away in disgust. However, that’s not the worst of it… what most people can’t take is the trashing of their reputations in public by nasty clerics and their claques. Only rarely, as in the case of Kristi Koumentakos, does the lay party ever receive any sort of justice for what clerics do with seeming impunity.


I’m a BELIEVER. That is, I believe that Christ is God and that He came to earth to found a Church. He didn’t come to be a fluffy guru, but he didn’t come to be an unforgiving jackbooted Gestapo trooper either. My Church doesn’t have “pat” answers… it does have searching questions, though. My Church doesn’t have a long laundry list of “Thou Shalt Nots”… it does recommend many things that we should do, though. My Church doesn’t see itself as a small persecuted set of the “elect”… it does see itself as the “big tent” for all the sinners, though.

We’re in perilous times, now. The powers-that-be feel threatened… they feel that their “power” is slipping away. Actually, they never had much in the way of power, influence, or money, but they were “big fish in a little pond”. Today, they don’t have confidence in the future. That means that they’re going to lash out at all those whom they believe are causing their situation. Of course, they’re going to lash out at the wrong people most of the time. That’ll only hasten the end… but I can’t rejoice in it, as people are hurt wrongfully. Of course, they’ll lash out at people like me. I’ve grown used to name-calling, ad hominem attacks, and outright lies. You can’t do anything about what other people say. Probably, they’ll redouble their efforts as the ship slips lower in the water. I can’t do anything of it, nor can you. However, we can choose to disbelieve their propaganda, but shall we? It’s so MUCH easier to just go along… Father will love you for doing it… you don’t want to listen to such malcontents do you?

In the coming days, we’ll find out what people are truly made of… there’ll be some surprises, to be sure. Some whom we thought steadfast will knife us in the back. Others whom we distrusted would turn out to be allies. It won’t be either easy or pleasant. If we wish to retain a truly Orthodox Church, we’ll have to fight for it. Shall we? I can’t answer that… only you can…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 5 September 2011

Albany NY


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