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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

7 September 2011. Look at This Picture… It’s Why Any Southern State in the USA Rarely Issues Clemency in Death Penalty Cases

A Portrait of an Unidentified Man

Cornelis Buys II

Before 1546


Let’s start with the caption given to the above image:

What a suspicious glare confronts the viewer of this austere mid-16th century portrait. Is that a Bible he’s holding? Very likely. Perhaps, Erasmus was thinking of such people when he commented in a letter on the incivility and humourlessness of many of the Protestants he knew. He wrote, “I’ve seen them return from hearing a sermon as if inspired by an evil spirit. Their faces all showed a curious wrath and ferocity”.

James Forrest


If one doesn’t understand that the Southeastern USA is the last bastion of Radical Sectarianism in this country, one understands nothing. Firstly, Sectarian imagery, thought, and ethos soaks this section of the country. You misunderstand this phenomenon if you think it “Christian”… it’s over the line, it’s the same as Mormonism, Pentecostalism, Russellism (“Jehovah’s Witnesses”), and Millerites (“Seventh-Day Adventists”). Every Sect that has spun off from Christianity has its distinctive “heresy”, its particular “hobby horse”. In the case of the South-eastern Radical Sectarian, it’s a sick and perverted miscomprehension of the Old Testament. God’s a Nasty Old Man with a hard-on against the world, and He just can’t wait to deep-six sinners for the most minor offence. Of course, this isn’t Classical Christianity in the least. Unfortunately, in the USA, such people are so loud that when many Secularists think of Christianity, THIS is what they think of, even though these sorts aren’t Christian in the least, their beliefs are barely religious (let alone Christian).

The Sectarian has “faith” in the death penalty, and resorts to it at the least possible provocation. Remember, they aren’t Christians, so, the evangelical counsels of mercy and forgiveness don’t apply to them… you don’t expect the blind to see, after all. A case in point is a current case in Georgia about one Troy Davis. Mr Davis’ attorneys are asking for a new hearing, as some of the witnesses have recanted their testimony. There’s no physical evidence linking Mr Davis to the crime… now, only one witness hasn’t recanted, not counting one who was a suspect in the case. I’d say that the word of one person was too flimsy a foundation for putting someone to death. I agree that it’s grounds for imprisoning someone, but it doesn’t meet the standard for the death penalty, I’d say.

However, the Sectarian believes in “an eye for an eye” in the Old Testament way. In fact, they believe that they’re being “conservative” by doing so! Nothing could be farther from the truth. Let’s look at a truly conservative state… Tsarist Russia. During the reign of Tsar Aleksandr Pavlovich (ruled 1801-25), only 84 executions took place (that’s less than four a year!) throughout the entire empire… that’s not Hangman Rick Perry, is it? The same was true of Tsar Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (ruled 1881-94)… he was no shrinking violet, when the Habsburg Ambassador threatened to invade Russia, Tsar Aleksandr picked up a wrought-iron poker, bent it in his bare hands, and threw it at the ambassador’s feet, saying, “That’s what we’ll do to your army”. In short, he was no weak sister! He RARELY resorted to the death penalty (of course, he hung his father’s murderers in public as regicides… an exception that proved the rule). By the late 1890s, capital punishment for murder was almost unheard of, replaced by 10–15 years imprisonment, although the state still used it for treason.


Execution of Death Sentences in the USA


The number of executions in Russia averaged ten a year, in a state of nearly 125 million in 1897, for a rate of one execution per 12.5 million people. For comparison, the USA had 76 million people in 1900; it executed about 120 people, for a rate of one execution/630,000 people. That is, American Radical Sectarians resorted to the death penalty at a rate TWENTY times that of Orthodox Christian Tsarist Russia (I’d say that this fact makes it clear who was Christian and who wasn’t). Which one was the “Prison House of all the Nations?” Even when it was officially expanded in 1910, it still saw very little use (save for the period immediately after the 1905 Revolution, where the noose gained the name, “Stolypin’s necktie”). Tsar St Nikolai Aleksandrovich had a deep aversion to the death penalty and discouraged its use.

Mr Davis faces the death penalty because he has the misfortune of living in a segment of the country permeated with truly radical, monstrous, and inhumane political, religious, and economic notions. Pope Benedict Ratzinger has called for a new hearing… former FBI Direct William Sessions has called for a new hearing. He should have it. Of course, it’d be best if we could hold the hearing in a reasonable state like Wisconsin, Michigan, or New York, but that’s not going to happen. In that case, the feds should step in, and push the Sectarian Georgia authorities to the side. Mr Davis deserves a fair hearing before reasonable people, not before a kangaroo court of drooling rightwing “religious” nutcakes.

Shall it happen? Only if the feds step in… shall they? We’ll see…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Albany NY

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Russian Jet Carrying Ice Hockey Team KhK Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Crashes, 36 Dead, Including Coach Brad McCrimmon and Star Slovak Centre Forward Pavol Demitra

Logo of KhK Lokomotiv Yaroslavl


KhK Lokomotiv Yaroslavl star centre forward Pavol Demitra (1974-2011), a fan fave from Slovakia. In Demitra’s 16-season NHL career, he scored 304 goals and made 464 assists, and won the Lady Byng Trophy for sportsmanship in 2000. He also played for Czechoslovakia and Slovakia in international competition.


KhK Lokomotiv Yaroslavl coach Brad McCrimmon (1959-2011)… McCrimmon was an “enforcer” in the NHL… a tough hard-skating defenceman whose attitude fitted right in with the hard-checking “gas-house” “into the boards” style favoured in Russian hockey. He was one of the best “fighters”, right up there with Dave Schultz, Clark Gillies, and Dave Semenko


On Wednesday, a Russian jet carrying a top ice hockey team crashed while taking off in western Russia, killing at least 36 people and leaving one critically injured, officials said. The Ministry of Emergency Situations (MChS) said the Yak-42 crashed immediately after leaving an airport near the city of Yaroslavl, on the Volga River about 150 miles (240 kilometres) north-east of Moscow. It said one person survived the crash with grave injuries. The weather was sunny and clear at the time. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin immediately sent Transport Minister Igor Levitin to the crash site, 10 miles (15 kilometres) east of Yaroslavl. The MChS said the plane was carrying hockey players from KhK Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, which was heading to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, where it was to play Thursday against KhK Dinamo Minsk in the opening game of the season of the Kontinental Hockey League. The KHL is an international league with teams from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, and Slovakia. KhK Lokomotiv Yaroslavl is a leading force in Russian hockey and came third in the KHL last year. Canadian Brad McCrimmon coached the side, and it includes several international stars in its ranks, such as Stefan Patryk Liv of Sweden, and Josef Vašíček and Jan Marek from Czechia. It wasn’t immediately clear which players were on board the crashed Yak-42. KhK Lokomotiv Yaroslavl was a three-time Russian League champion in 1997, 2002, and 2003. Last season, it took a third-place bronze medal.

The short- and medium-range Yak-42 has been in service since 1980; dozens are still in service with Russian and other airlines. President Dmitri Medvedev announced plans to take aging planes built in the Soviet era out of service starting next year. In June, another Russian passenger jet crashed in the north-western city of Petrozavodsk, killing 47 people. Authorities attributed the crash of the Tu-134 to pilot error.

7 September 2011

Lynn Berry

Associated Press

As quoted in Yahoo News


Editor’s Note:

I’m a “Loko fan”… red n’ green all the way! This is a TRAGEDY… I bow before the families and offer my sincere condolences…

Вечная память! Eternal Memory!

Pray for their souls…


MP Wants a Peaceful Resolution of the Dispute over the Keys to St Nick’s in Nice

Moscow Patriarchate circles desire a peaceful resolution to the dispute over the keys to St Nicholas Cathedral in Nice, and that it won’t harm the image of the Orthodox Church. Recently, there were delays in the transfer of the keys to St Nicholas Cathedral to the MP priest who arrived in Nice to take over the administration of the cathedral after its transfer to Russian ownership. As we reported earlier on 19 May, a French court confirmed the right of the Russian state to the ownership of St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Nice. The Orthodox Cult Association of Nice (ACOR), which was the hostile party in the litigation against Russia, was the losing party. The Russian state, in turn, decided to transfer the church property to the MP, whilst the ACOR is subordinate to the EP Exarchate of Russian Parishes in Western Europe. In Western Europe, there are two parallel Russian Church bodies… one answers to the EP through the Exarchate of Russian Parishes, and another is responsible to the MP via the Diocese of Korsun.

Despite the court order, Archbishop Gabriel de Vylder, the head of the EP Exarchate of Russian Parishes in Western Europe, at his last meeting on Wednesday with Bishop Nestor Sirotenko of Korsun made it clear that the MP had to deal directly with the ACOR in regards to the transfer of the keys, as it’s the party directly involved in the question. In a statement made last week, the Diocese of Korsun emphasised that the Orthodox Cult Association of Nice (ACOR), which was the hostile party in the litigation with Russia, “can in no way be identified with St Nicholas Cathedral parish and the community of Orthodox believers in the region”.

The MP DECR saw the delay in the transfer of the keys as a reluctance to admit the legitimacy of their right to the property. “For its part, the Diocese of Korsun has done everything to ensure that this process took place as smoothly as was possible”, Archpriest Igor Yakimchuk, Secretary of the MP DECR for Inter-Orthodox Relations, told our Interfax-Religion correspondent. At the same time, he wasn’t inclined to dramatise the situation. “One way or another, I think that both sides will come to some kind of compromise. At least, that’s what we want”, he said. He went on to say, it was regrettable, “such squabbles over technical disputes aren’t good for the image of the Orthodox Church. The main thing is that we do as little damage to the reputation of Orthodoxy in France as possible, because non-Orthodox may be scandalised when they see Orthodox churches arguing”.

5 September 2011



Editor’s Note:

The low shysterly, pettifogging, and tricky dissimulation employed by the Paris Gang should be a wake-up for all grounded Russian Orthodox in the USA. Even if the upcoming Sobor deposes Fathausen à la Nikon Mironov, Philaret Denisenko, Valentin Rusantsov, and Diomid Dzuban (two of these set up opposition candy stores, two didn’t), that doesn’t mean that he’ll go in peace. No one should assume that JP’s an obedient man, for his whole life is an illustration of the exact opposite! The chances of a “Rump OCA” (shades of Alex Riggle’s The Onion Dome) are very high.

The konvertsy have an ethos and ideology quite different from that of grounded Russian Orthodox here in America. Deep within all ethnic Orthodox is the knowledge that the po-nashemu immigrants felt the lash of the bosses (applied unmercifully and without pity) on their backs when they came to this country… we know that the Republican country club set isn’t our friend. We remember one too many coal mine cave-in and one too many foundry accident… and the broken men and dead bodies pulled out of them. We haven’t changed deep down… nor has the country club set… look at the Tea Party!

That’s why we must watch Fathausen, Tate, Dreher, Mattingly, the Coneheads, and all the rest of the konvertsy carefully. They’ll pull the same tricks that the Paris Gang does… they adulate that bunch of Renovationist bozos uncritically. They’re all ADS fanatics… and the Paris people will offer them association (which they’ll need if the grounded elements in the OCA toss them out).

Lovely picture, no? Pass me the jug… I KNOW that the world’s crank, but this?


7 September 2011. If All Wealth Comes From the Labour of Working People…

If all wealth comes from the labour of working people, then, why are the fruits of that labour stolen by drones such as Rush Limbaugh, the Koch brothers, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, and all the other Five Percenters? They do NO labour… yet, they label themselves the only “productive” people in society… I do daresay that there’s something basically WRONG with someone who agrees with that statement. Don’t forget… Our Lord Christ CHOSE to be incarnate in a worker’s home… not the mansion of an oligarch… ye cannot serve both God and Mammon. He said that, not me…


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