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Monday, 12 September 2011

12 September 2011. COMEDY From “Helga”… DON’T Get Angry… Smile… That’ll Rile ‘Em!

A picture shoots “Helga’s” ravings to smithereens… THIS is what Bishop Mel and His Nibs think of Fathausen (ponder well the fact that this image appeared on the MP official website… YOWZA!)… I’m informed that Mel hates El Gordo’s guts, and Mel wants to take down not only JP, but also his faygelerand konvertsy pals, as well…


I need to laugh at some of my critics… and so do you… they’re just gibbering Renovationist lightweights and organ-grinder monkeys. They’re real maroons… especially, the konvertsy chowderheads. The funniest are those who use made-up usernames, as they’re too cowardly, spineless, and pusillanimous to sign their own names to their posts. “Helga” is one such. Firstly, she’s a lover of the Blunder. That’s par for the course… most uninformed konvertsy are. She doesn’t know the difference between REAL powers in Church circles such as Archbishop Mark Golovkov, Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov, and Fr Vsevolod Chaplin… and phoney poseurs such as Fathausen, Lyonyo, and the Blunder (an Unholy Trinity, if there ever was such). The Blunder’s impeccable and mellifluous Oxbridge accent and his gee-shucks photogenic good looks fool her, as they fool all superficial and uninformed people. Does she mention the fact that KMG took two-thirds of the old DECR away from him? No… why should you expect to hear a righteous story from her sort? You don’t expect old heads on young shoulders, nor do you expect pearls of wisdom from fools. “Think about what it means”… she doesn’t realise that the Blunder’s aspirantura in Bolshaya Ordynka is crammed with more poofters per square metre than any other comparable MP institution… just look at his mincing pal in Paris, whom he ordained BEFORE the canonical age (the MP had to close that loophole before the Blunder did so for more of his golubiye buddies). Well… her contention about the Blunder goes down in flames. It also shows her lack of knowledge in the Russian sources.

It’s no big deal for Yustinian Ovchinnikiov to have served with JP… Ovchinnikov is an expert in Romanian affairs exiled to the USA for a royal tits-up in Tiraspol. That happened because he let things get out of control and he’s a poor judge of character, by all accounts. It looks like “history is repeating itself”… in human affairs, lightning CAN strike twice in the same place; NEVER underestimate human stubbornness, pigheadedness, and general failure to learn from mistakes… that’s more the rule than the exception. For instance, “Helga” is going to continue to issue her bootless and uninformed commentary… nothing I can say will change her mind. If she (and her ilk) refuses to listen to Christ and His Church, sinners such as you and I don’t even have a chance. As for Hilarion Kapral, several ROCOR clergy have told me the same exact thing… “He’s too nice by half… he’s doesn’t know how to say, ‘No’”.

I’ll dispose of her comparing me with Stokoe… Mark’s nothing but Lyonyo’s obedient sock-puppet who does nothing without Lyonyo’s direct orders. I’m independent… which means that I’m 180 degrees removed from him (I’m no Renovationist fanatic, either, but you don’t expect discernment from boobies, do you?). I don’t bloody care what idiots like “Helga” think of me… by the way, DO NOT argue with such sorts, for they’re looking to cause a stink so that their clerical allies will swoop in and save them. Have a cleansing laugh and IGNORE THEM. I thank my friend who passed this on to me… but “leave her be” in future, her own words and lack of honesty in using a “username” will convict her, I’ll not need to say a word, nor shall anyone else have to. They’re spoilt children looking for an audience by throwing tantrums. I say we’re adults… pass the Harvey’s, please, and do keep the toddlers in the nursery where they belong.

Finally, the biggest howler is the Acton Institute… that received NO attention in the grounded Orthodox press… for good reason. The Acton Institute is an extremist rightwing think-tank… it’s affiliated with no legit university, college, seminary, research institute, library, religious group, or foundation. It’s only been around since 1990, it pushes extreme nihilist Neoliberal laissez-faire policies. It attempts to “square the circle”… they try to take Satan’s nihilist ideology (the Free Market… His Holiness calls it a fraud) and they try to reconcile it with “Judeo-Christian morality” (when ever you hear this construct… cringe… there’s Christianity, there’s Judaism… both are legit… but “Judeo-Christian” is a crook chowder-headed American neologism). Here’s what I said about the Acton Institute in an earlier post:

The Acton Institute is a neocon outfit founded and lead by Robert Sirico, a former homosexual activist who’s now a Roman Catholic priest. Before he was either of those, he was a Pentecostal evangelist and “healer!” Draw you own conclusions as to the company that JP chooses to keep and about his agenda. It’s clear that JP is trying with all his might to create a split along ideological lines. That’s why he signed the dubious Manhattan Declaration, that’s why he choose to schmooze with the Mormon “Prophet”, and that’s why he’s now sucking up to Sirico and his clan. For more proof, just read the “OCA Pravda” posting on JP and the “culture wars”, which is something of a battle cry for the neocon konvertsy who left their former confessions to pick up the fight again and close ranks behind JP, their self-appointed commander. I can’t be the only one to notice… all that you need are two eyes and half-a-brain! Of course, there’s a serious deficit of eyes and brains in the OCA these days… sometimes it’s hard to remember that there are honest-to-goodness fanatical cultists out there, but this certainly leaves no doubt! If nothing else, JP’s antics will hasten the end of the unthrifty OCA, and that’s no bad thing, is it? I knew that the end would be messy, but this is ridiculous… at least, ADS would have gone out with dignity (give the devil his due). Fathausen is a child messing about with a loaded Makarov with the safety off… the question is whether he’ll hurt others when he goes down… I fear that the answer to that is “YES”.

Do you know what’s ironic? These konvertsy scream about morality, and they unhesitatingly and without stint support known and closeted homos and pervs (not to mention their rabid defence of Radical Renovationism, as well). Their juvenile maunderings about “tradition” and “conservatism” are nothing but empty verbiage and vacuous posturing. Reardon agonised over Rowan Williams… who’s not a faygeler (enabling and cosseting gays is NOT the same as being one)… but he was and is silent concerning the antics and proclivities of such swishers as Feodosy Lazor, Nikolai Soraich, Benjamin Peterson, Pierre l’Huillier, and Isidore Brittain, amongst others (I fear that list given isn’t exhaustive). Reardon bloviated about an Anglican who’s not gay, but he’s silent about the Gay Blade cabal running the OCA (to tell the truth, I’d rather have an open and honest gay bishop such as V Gene Robinson over such posturing closeted filth). God DO save us from such.

It’s a FALLEN world… never forget that.


Let’s keep it focused… compare what I’ve done with what she’s done. Then, make up your own mind. One of the drawbacks to getting a “reputation” is that toothless critics snarl and roar. Let them! Have a drink and smile… that’ll rile ‘em good. As for what KMG thinks of El Gordo… just look at the image at the head of the post… a picture IS worth a thousand words. The world is being its usual self… trust me, the Millennium hasn’t arrived. The lion hasn’t lain down with the lamb, nor have the konvertsy grown any sense. Don’t hold your breath…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 12 September 2011

Albany NY


12 September 2011. Some More Truth About New GOP “Pravda”

THIS is the end result of New GOP/Tea Party policies…


Read these:




Note these:

It makes sense that the Postal Service has become the target of rich, overwhelmingly white, politicians. As Tony Fratto, the former Deputy Assistant and Deputy Press Secretary to former President George W Bush, so eloquently tweeted, “Over the past 10 yrs I might have visited a post office 10 times, total”. When you can hand off parcels to your assistant, who then ships it off at FedEx‘s higher rates, then, yeah, the post office might not be for you. But as Marcy Wheeler explains, there are still tons of people who need the USPS’s services… poorer people, people using a post office box, rural people who live outside delivery areas, eBay-type entrepreneurs, immigrants sending care packages to people from their country of origin, and nonprofits. “Its part of the class war and it’s against the poor and it’s a class war against working people”, says Zlatkin. Of the 34 post offices the USPS is considering closing in New York City, 17 are in the Bronx. The South Bronx district ranks as the poorest Congressional district in America. …

One of the most embarrassing episodes during [Perry’s] first two terms as governor involved a plan to let private firms run Medicaid, replacing state employees. The privatisation plan was an “innovation” that was supposed to save money. What it accomplished instead was to earn enormous sums for contractors like Deloitte Touche and Accenture (along with their Texas lobbyists), while costing taxpayers still more hundreds of millions of dollars… and all without achieving its most basic objectives. Four years after the plan was implemented in 2003, the Austin American-Statesman published a thorough report on its results, and what the newspaper found was a project “in shambles”. The state had been forced to cancel its contract with the Accenture group and continue to use state employees to perform necessary work on an outdated computer system, exactly the same as before Perry’s privatisation scheme began. How much had this great innovation cost the state? Approximately 500 million USD, not including the amount spent using the old system, at roughly 1 million USD a month. …

Tea party leaders and conservative critics are calling on the White House to denounce remarks made yesterday by International Brotherhood of Teamsters president James Hoffa. Hoffa’s detractors contend that his comments called for violence against tea party members. … Hoffa said, “Everybody here has got a vote. If we go back and we keep the eye on the prize. Let’s take these son-of-a-bitches out and give America back to America where we belong”. … on Tuesday, Hoffa defended his comments in an interview with Talking Points Memo, saying he has no regrets about his choice of words. Hoffa asked, “How is that different than Mitch McConnell saying he wants to take out Barack Obama?”


Firstly, note how thin-skinned the Tea Party sorts are! They scream for Barack Obama’s head, and when someone pays them back in their own coin… boo-hoo! What a pack of mewling and cruel toddlers. I smell something… I think that we need to change some full nappies. I know that people say this or that about me… so be it. That’s the cost of doing business. That’s how certain parties have maintained their grip on power in the Church. You have to steel yourself and ignore it. As a priest friend of mine wrote to me, “The most evil people I’ve ever met were all bishops or priests”. Of course, that only applies to a minority of clerics, but they they’re enough to make life miserable, if you let them do so. You keep right on to the end of the road…

Secondly, Rick Perry has achieved his “economic miracle” by stomping on the more helpless and poorer Texans. As you can see in the story about “privatisation” of welfare, his plans are nothing but expensive boondoggles that benefit only his rich contributors. Kaufft nicht bei Perry!

Thirdly, one of the main actors in the GOP attempt to slice the throats of postal employees is US Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA). Orthodox Christians should know that Mr Issa is one of the more corrupt and ruthless backers of Philip Saliba… it’s why no Russian will ever consent to go under the omofor of the AOCANA. The konvertsy who’ll go that route after the collapse of the OCA will find out that they made an egregious and dunderheaded error… after it’s too late. One wonders what the Coneheads would do if they had to deal with the tag-team of Saliba and Khouri (with Issa as an interfering Grand Wizard of Orthodoxy)? They’d find their bed “too hard”… with no way of getting of their fix, either… do ask the people in Ben Lomond.

As per usual, this news not only resonates for us in the secular sphere, it does so in the religious realm, as well. Do watch your wallet in both cases…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 12 September 2011

Albany NY 

12 September 2011. Gleanings from My Mailbag…

Editor’s Foreword:

Anything in normal type is me, italics indicate a correspondent, and boldface is any commentary from me on it all.



THANKS for the lovely ideas… and I’m smarter than the average knuckle-draggin’ rightwinger. I NEVER name anyone and I ALWAYS remove all personal references and “tell-tales”… I protect people… unlike the Whitefords of this world who do nothing but hurt people. What you said was RIGHT… but I also have the DUTY to protect you (or anyone else). I know what these bastards do… in the name of “love” and “Christ”, no less…


The most evil people I’ve ever met were all bishops or priests. My conclusion… Trust the laity!

The above ISN’T anti-clerical… it came from a cleric! Meaty reflection, no?


If Protestants eschew the whole concept of “holiness”, then, they’d seem to be saying either that the idea of becoming holy is nonsense, or that everyone has an equal shot at it. The first stipulation opposes scriptural and patristic dogma; the second thesis contradicts experience. There are clearly individuals who… although they call themselves the “first amongst sinners”… are farther along on the spiritual road than most of us. Why can’t Protestants see it? They seem to say, “I’d never join any club that wouldn’t accept everyone, no matter whether they paid the dues, abided by the rules, or anything, as long as they said, ‘I want to join’”. Therefore, there can’t be saints because it might make the rest of us feel bad… as though we might possibly miss out on our “cheap grace” sinecure.


We don’t need heroes… we just need ordinary sorts who are willing to risk it all for the sake of our kids. That’s how the VOV was won… that was how got to the moon… that’s how we’ll clean up the mess in the Church. NO HEROES… just you n’ me… nothing special. We CAN reach the new shore… but only if we rein in our fears, which are more monstrous in the anticipation than in the reality.

I have my family and God… and a few stalwart friends who have their heads screwed on straight. The only I have to fear, really, is that my children and grandchildren would think me “meek and pusillanimous” (to use Patrick Henry’s warning). To be “gentle as a dove” doesn’t mean that you’re as soft as a marshmallow.


The “financial scandal” [in the OCA] is only the more visible part of the problem. Underneath that veneer, a scandalous homosexuality is rampant amongst the bishops and “black” clergy, but the REAL scandal involves archpriests and other “white” clergy who’re living double lives and engaging in all sorts of homosexual activities. 

Priests in both the OCA and ROCOR can “vet” this… I left out all names… both verifiers and “involved parties”… the first to protect my sources, the second to shield myself from legal action. No one can deny the “Lone Ranger” or the Neon Chicken or Hillary Madison or Peterson’s DUI or Ray Velencia’s publication of private e-mails… as for the rest, I’m only saying out loud what’s being “whispered in the loggia”. Remember Eric Iliff… and pray for John and Monica.


Russians seem to cope with the extremes of their environment by retaining a balance of morosity and craziness the year ’round. Do you agree?

Russians are EXTREMISTS. As Lazarus Long put it, “Moderation is for monks, take big bites”… that’s the Russian way. Also, we’re communalists, in a way that Americans can’t understand. Americans are credit-hogs and individualists… Russians tend to be more reticent and group-oriented… after all, no individual can survive a Russian winter. Thus, Russians drink amazin’ quantities of vodka (oddly enough, they’re beat in that category by Estonians and Finns) but they also make sure to carry the overindulged home to sleep it off.

Morose? No… rather, I’d say “grim” due to harsh experience. Life hasn’t been “good” to Russians. Americans believe in “positive mental attitude” because they’ve never dealt with real war or real privation. In a national sense, they’re spoilt children who’ve always gotten their own way. Look at the present America… look at the Tea Party… they’re unreal. That is, they refuse to accept reality and want to replace it with their notional fancies. They won’t succeed, for reality does assert itself, but whenever you attempt to wrestle reality (as the early Soviet communists did), it results in suffering and misery all around.

Quite a mouthful, no? Should we share this with X to get their two cents worth? I don’t agree with them overly much, but I respect them (I think that you understand what I mean). After all, people who only have “agreeable” people as associates are shallow and vain, don’t you think?


“Catholic” (or, “Immigrant”) areas have more connections to their European roots and this makes them less xenophobic. For example, a Russian-American will be MUCH more amenable to Muslim neighbours than Southern Baptist Whites are. Then, there’s the class issue… Orthodox, Catholics, Mexicans, and Coloured Folk are all traditionally Social Democratic and opposed the Republican Country Club Set. In the past, the Country Club Set oppressed all of them, so, they all fought that, shoulder to shoulder. There are Russian Orthodox churches in the hard-scrabble coal-mining areas of PA that had their iconostas “turned” (you know… the woodworking thing) by Negro craftsmen who loved both God and their fellow union members enough to donate time, labour, and supplies to their “foreign” houses of worship. This was when the Country Club Set was trying to force the labourers into their (supposedly) “superior”, “more American,” Episcopalian and Methodist faiths.

The areas that went GOP in the late ‘60s (mainly, we’re talking of the south-eastern quadrant of the USA) were devoid of immigrants, by and large; the richer whites encouraged poor whites to feel superior to the Negroes, Indians, and Mexicans. Thus, to this day, poor whites in Georgia vote against their own economic interests to feel better about themselves vis-à-vis their Negro social equals. They feel better about themselves, that is, they’re superior to “the coloureds” if they vote with the Country Club Set, even though this keeps them down. Immigrants leant this trick in Europe, and the USA, they learnt that by overlooking (or even celebrating) ethnic differences, they could build labour solidarity; that unity engendered the real economic SUCCESS the USA had between 1946 and 1981.

The GOP supports wealth, whilst Social Democrats (which the Democrats are “supposed” to be) support Labour, the sole producer of wealth. Therefore, that’s why more “Catholic” (i.e. Immigrant) areas tend to vote Democratic, and it’s why the more isolated Nativist Anglos tend to vote for the GOP.


Editor’s Afterword:

My correspondents write much more than this to me… I don’t know how to thank them enough, for they inspire me. I can only say, as Oliver Twist did, “MORE!” Yes… friends ARE one of God’s more wonderful blessings…


12 September 2011. Here’s What His Holiness Did Yesterday Instead of Going to Lyonyo’s Affair… He Blessed a Prosfora Atelier in Shchyolkovo

KMG had a busy day yesterday… he served liturgy at the Danilovsky Monastery in Moscow, then, he went (accompanied by his unsinkable satrap, Yuvenaly Poyarkov) to Shchyolkovo in Moscow Oblast (15 kilometres (9 miles) north-east of Moscow, easily-accessible by yeliktichka) to bless a prosfora atelier and to meet with VOV vets. Lyonyo and the American ambassador didn’t even get to suck hind tit…


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