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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Patriarch Kirill Praised Role of the Soviet People in the Great Victory… Urged Ukrainians to Rally Around the Ideal of Holy Rus… Shared His Thoughts on True Love

Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias urged all VOV vets to say it loud that they saved the world from fascism. On Thursday, in Lugansk, the Patriarch addressed veterans after laying flowers at the Memorial of Glory and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. He said, “This incomparable feat (Подвиг) is the underpinning of our nation. We must shout it out to the world that we not only saved our country, we saved the whole world. When indifference, disbelief, and, sometimes, even attempts to desecrate the memory of our heroes confront us, when lies cover over the truth about the war, when heroism allegedly led to irredeemably bad results for the people… all of this requires a response”.

His Holiness also said that some people say to veterans, “’You’re liars’. Fortunately, no one raises a hand to veterans, although, in some places, some belittle the heroes of the war. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to shut up. You must tell the truth about the war, about the great feats (подвиге) of our people. Don’t give up the fight; go forward in the attack just as you did in the Great Patriotic War, speak the word of truth, teach our young people, because your witness is truly the word of truth before God and before mankind”.


The Russian Market: Satan Reigns There

Vasili Ostrovsky



Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias said that you couldn’t have prosperity in the Ukraine until it returns to the spiritual roots of Kievan Rus. “If the Ukraine wishes to be great, it has to unite around the fundamental values ​​that sustained all of Holy Rus, which includes the Ukraine, from Vladimir’s baptism right up to today”, the Patriarch said after serving liturgy on Thursday in Theatre Square in Lugansk. He pointed up the importance of “overcoming the schism in the Church so that the Ukrainian Orthodox people could gather around one chalice”. His Holiness noted that he prays for the prosperity of Ukraine, its authorities, as well as for the First Hierarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church/MP, Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan, who was unable to be in Lugansk due to ill-health.

Patriarch Kirill said that developed and industrialised areas, along with healthy rural districts, “that allow people to see that work is rewarding, doubtlessly, will become regions of prosperity and material well-being”. In this respect, His Holiness indicated that Lugansk Oblast was an example for other areas in the post-Soviet space. He emphasised, “To create real wealth requires real work, which is something that we are all very well understand; now, we suffer economic and financial crises because we’ve forgotten simple truths, such as, “He who won’t work, then, don’t let them eat” {this is a slam at lazy rentiers and grasping oligarchs, not a criticism of “social welfare”: editor} he stressed. For his part, the governor of Lugansk Oblast, who attended the services, said that the patriarch’s words were “a guide to the path that we should walk together, hand in hand, so that we might progress, in order to do good for ourselves and our posterity”.


Mother of God “of Tenderness”

Unknown Artist




Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias expressed concern at how widespread divorces was, and shared his views on how we should reduce its occurrence. “There’s a large percentage of divorces in our country, but people who marry for a second time aren’t inoculated against the same kind of troubles they had in their first go-round”, the Patriarch said on Thursday, speaking to ten newlywed couples at the monument in honour of the 2,000th anniversary of the Nativity of Christ in Lugansk. In his view, when the husband and wife have “mutual care for one another, that’s love. If you’ll embody such care throughout your life, you won’t divorce, you’ll be happy”. He emphasised, “If you’re not capable of sacrifice, you’re not capable of love, no matter how many marriages you undertake, even ten of them”.

His Holiness urged the newlyweds to remember that when temptations assail them, “including carnal temptations, it really has nothing to do with human happiness; it’s nothing but sudden impulses leading to fleeting pleasures. Base your family relationships on eternal values; be sure to keep faith in your hearts. when you run into tough moments in your personal life, pray for yourself and your spouse, that the Lord shall send His mercy upon you, that He might be with you, to celebrate your joys, to share your sorrows”. Then, he then blessed each couple and presented them with icons of the Saviour and the Mother of God, along with prayer books and a Gospel. Earlier in the day, Patriarch Kirill consecrated the cornerstone of a church dedicated to the Mother of God “of Tenderness” on the property of the Children’s Clinical Hospital.

15 September 2011





Editor’s Note:

Note well how His Holiness praises the Great Victory and the VOV vets. He uses a VERY strong Russian word, podvig, not geroizm. I really can’t translate for you the overwhelming impact that this word has for a Russian-speaker, especially in verbal discourse. It’s one of the most powerful words in the Russian language, there’s no equivalent in English for such self-sacrificial courage in battle or in prayer. There IS a Greek equivalent, though… that tells you that the Eurasian peoples have a mental universe different from that of the heterodox West. Yes… Greeks are Eurasian, too… don’t forget, Constantinopolis Nea Romana, the most powerful city in the Roman world (Roman Law came from there, not Old Rome), sat on the actual boundary between Europe and Asia… the Greek community in Asia Minor numbered in the millions until the Catastrophe of Smyrna and the Great Exchange of Populations in the 1920s (many Greek-American families are of Asia Minor provenance).

The Church honours the podvig of the heroes of the VOV… full stop. The Church condemns the collaborators and their works… that’s why I won’t have anything to do officially with Agafangel’s bunch… they’re chock full of Vlasovtsy and their descendents. Don’t hate the rank n’ filers, though… they were led astray by unrepentant rightwingers… sad, isn’t it?

KMG’s an unabashed Socialist… his words have a simple meaning. Work creates wealth… not money. If you want money… well, then, work for it! Unfortunately, the Neoliberal Free Market system is as dysfunctional and perverted in economic terms as paedophilia is in sexual terms… and His Holiness has called it a fraud explicitly, more than once. You can have Christianity or you can have Laissez-Faire Libertarian Nihilism… not both. Do choose well…



Fr Vsevolod Chaplin Said Online Anonymity is “Dishonourable”


Any self-respecting person should consider anonymous internet posting obscene and abnormal. I think that our society should have such a standard of morality.

Fr Vsevolod Chaplin

Head of the MP Department for Church and Society


Once again, Archpriest Fr Vsevolod Chaplin, the head of the MP Department for Church and Society, called on society to oppose anonymous posting on the Internet. On Thursday, in St Petersburg, at a joint meeting of the Commission on the Harmonisation of Inter-Ethnic and Interfaith Relations, the RF Presidential Council for Cooperation with Religious Associations, and the Northern Capital Advisory Council on the Implementation of Public Policy on Nationality Issues, he said, “On the internet, a lot of people don’t want to give out their true identity; they don’t want to give out their names or post their actual photo”. He continued, “Often, people use such anonymity to camouflage criminal activity of all sorts on the Internet… child pornography and paedophilia, drug trafficking, and ethnic or religious demagoguery”. Fr Vsevolod emphasised that Internet anonymity “is dishonourable, as you can easily use it to hide criminal activity. Any self-respecting person should consider anonymous internet posting obscene and abnormal. I think that our society should have such a standard of morality”. He pointed to the need to rapidly assess and prevent the spread of “provocative images or other forms of conflict on Internet and social networks”, noting, “Their very fast response can significantly increase possible incitements to violence or escalate conflicts. Fr Vsevolod also touched upon immigration, calling on businessmen to “work for the integration of guest-workers [into Russian society], including setting up special centres” that would be public-private partnerships. In his view, businessmen “are largely to blame in this, as they exploit illegal labourers without caring about their welfare”.

8 September 2011



Editor’s Note:

Vsevolod Anatolyevich is the closest confidant to His Holiness. When Fr Vsevolod speaks, he speaks for KMG, too, often enough. That makes this “read and heed” for Christians. As for “anonymity”, I’ve always signed my name to my posts; if there’s a source, I give it in full, so that you can check it, if you desire. The people at OCATruth all hide behind “usernames” (as most of the bloviators in Stokoe’s comboxes do, as well). One of these things is NOT like the other…

You can believe what you read there, or, you can take credence in what you read here. I’ve got the guts to sign my name to my posts… make up your own mind.


15 September 2011. A Word on the “Anonymous” Trolls and Sock-Puppets Abroad in the Orthodox Internet

These sock-puppets are cute and funny… “Sock-puppets” such as Mark Stokoe, Marilyn Swezey, Terrence Mattingly, “Helga”, “John”, and “Ps-Iosifson” are NOT… and they all wrap themselves in the mantle of “religion”, “morality”, and “respectability”… God DO help us…


Any self-respecting person should consider anonymous internet posting obscene and abnormal. I think that our society should have such a standard of morality.

Fr Vsevolod Chaplin

Head of the MP Department for Church and Society


Some call me “vicious”, “nasty”, and “unforgiving”… amongst other things. I note that they don’t have the decency to sign their posts. This tells you something very important about the konvertsy. As a friend pointed up a couple of years ago, “It’s always the Sunday of the Pharisee for them; it’s never the Sunday of the Publican”. Such an attitude is profoundly un-Orthodox… yes, it’s definitely very Sectarian in its smug unsmiling Calvinistic pietism… it shows that these children have NEVER converted in their heart-of-hearts. Reading the Fathers until your eyes ache isn’t going to do it… memorising the Canons isn’t going to do it… quoting the Scriptures backwards and forwards isn’t going to do it. Tithing, dress codes, and striving for “purity” are only going to put you on the Path to Regress… not the Road to Heaven.

That is, most of what passes for Orthodoxy on the Internet in English (and, sadly, more than a little in Russian) is absolute twaddle written by callow newbies with no idea of what they’re saying in the least. The Fathers were great warriors of prayer who wrote in response to specific challenges in Church life, after long years of struggle, ascesis, prayer, and liturgical life. A newbie, no matter how educated, no matter how much they may have read before conversion, has no right whatsoever to comment upon the Fathers. Before their reception into the Church, they were “unillumined”… they read things through the distorting lens of heterodox belief and ideology. After reception, it takes years to acclimatise to the Church and internalise its habits, rhythms, and folkways. I’d say that a former heterodox clergyman is unfit to be an Orthodox clergyman (with the sole exception of Uniates “returning home”), as they’ve internalised heterodox ways of thought and hermeneutics that are impossible for them to shake.

As for me, I rarely touch on the Fathers… I HAVE read them, indeed, more so than the average konvertsy, but the Fathers are contradictory, they’re not “logical”, and they’re not a compendium of doctrine in any case (they are, often enough, meditations on doctrine and practise, which is another thing altogether). The Fathers wrote in response to specific problems either in general Church life or in personal spiritual life, thus, they don’t present a harmonised doctrinal whole (grounded monastics will say, “This Father is good for those who doubt, this one for one who’s despondent, etc”). Sometimes, the Fathers state their personal opinions; sometimes, they’re chock fulla shit (any decent Patristics scholar will tell you this)! Letting a prideful newbie comment on the Fathers and Canons in public is handing them a Makarov with the safety disengaged. What’s sad isn’t that they might hurt themselves, but the certainty that they’ll hurt others… we’ve all seen it, haven’t we? What compounds it is that these prunefaced Jansenistic commandoes hide behind “usernames”. They hurl brickbats at all those who disagree with them, but do they their best to slink away cravenly from any retaliation.

I get “bricks through my window” because I sign my name… some jackass Googles me and puts up the “fruit” of their labour under a username (I’ve NEVER done that; it’s an immoral invasion of someone’s privacy). So what… that I’m NOT perfect isn’t unknown to me… do reflect that the posters of such tell-alls aren’t perfect either. If their point is that you mustn’t attend to the imperfect… you do see the pretty little trap that they laid for themselves, don’t you? Do note the umbrage that they affect when you point this up! Such Sturm und Drang! Such high dudgeon affected! How dare you question THEM! No doubt, you can see how this attitude is antipodes away from anything that the Church teaches, advises, or sets forth as an exemplar. Don’t lecture such sorts, though, it’s a bloody waste of breath… all that it’ll do is to exasperate you and set them more firmly in prelest and delusion.

Oppose them… that’s what you can do. One wonders what’ll come out of the OCA Sobor, if anything. There’s a cynical side of me that says, “Nothing’ll happen… the same old same old waltz’ll be danced yet again”. Yet, we can clean up the present mess… we can’t get Nirvana… it’ll take YEARS to rebuild once we get rid of Fathausen and the konvertsy blowhards… but we can make a good start.

Shall we? Or, shall we cower before sock-puppets and usernames? It’s up to us…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 15 September 2011

Albany NY

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