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Friday, 16 September 2011

16 September 2011. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… “Forgive Us, Righteous Tsar Nikolai!”



The above billboards are in Sevastopol, in the Crimea, which is offficially in the Ukraine (but it’s a largely Great Russian area)… Khrushchyov gave it over to the Ukrainian SSR in 1954… that’s the only reason that’s in the “Ukraine” today. Reflect on this… Sevastopol votes heavily for the KPU and it supports such signage… it’s NO contradiction. As a wise MP priest wrote to me, “The only mistake that the communists made was persecuting the Church”… and I agree.

The people are READY for a RED MONARCHY.. and that’s NOT a contradiction in terms… think on that.



16 September 2011. Lest We Forget… SS Man Looting the Possessions of Repressed Jews After Babi Yar

One of the lowest forms of pond scum out there are “Holocaust Deniers“. No, I don’t think that they should face legal penalties for their idiocies. I do think that we can give them “what for”, in full measure, undiluted, with no ice! That’s how you deal with such low-lifes… don’t make “martyrs” of them, for God’s sake. This image shows an SS man rifling the belongings of repressed Jews at Babi Yar… according to the Deniers and to Ukrainian Uniate Nationalist nutters, this didn’t happen. Well, well, well… the photographic evidence says likewise. I condemn the Nazi repression of the Jews and the Israeli occupation of Palestine (the West Bank, that is) equally. What the Nazis did was wrong; what the Israelis do is wrong (both did so in pursuit of an ideology calling for “Lebensraum“). Fair is fair… call me an “Anti-Semite“… go ahead. It’s not true, and all decent people can see that… and that’s good enough for me.


The RF MID says that the US State Department’s Report on Worldwide Religious Freedom is Unpersuasive


The RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID), according to MID spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich, said that the US State Department’s report on religious freedom around the world is biased and unpersuasive. At a press briefing in Moscow, he said, “I’ll speak plainly, the report impresses us as boorish, unpersuasive, and tendentious; in essence, it’s the same as last year’s dead letter”. He went on to say that the MID feels that “from one year to the next, the experts who prepare the contents of this report make the very same claims; in particular, they don’t take the time to delve deeply into the details of inter-confessional relations in the Russian Federation”. In addition, Lukashevich stated that a number of the report’s assertions simply didn’t make any sense. As an example, He said that attempts by American officials to link the situation concerning the so-called Schneerson Library (a collection of Hebrew books and manuscripts collected by rabbis of the Jewish Chabad movement at the end of 18th century in what is now Byelorussia) to the problem of property restitution to the heirs of Holocaust victims was out of place.

16 September 2011



Editor’s Note:

I oppose the “return” of the so-called Schneerson Library to the so-called Chabad movement in the USA. They never owned it… therefore, they have no vested legal rights in its possession. What they wish is control over the materials, so that they can restrict their use to those who support their notions and fancies. No doubt, some will call me “Anti-Semitic” for such a stance. GET A LIFE. I oppose the Israel Lobby and I oppose Anti-Semitism. In my mind, BOTH are rank racism of the worst sort. I oppose John Demjanjuk’s legal persecution and I oppose Neo-Nazi hate speech. They’re one and the same thing.

I stand against ALL the haters… Left or Right! I’ll cosh ’em all! Of course, that means that all the Goodthinkers (again, both Left and Right) will call me “vicious”, “nasty”, and “unforgiving”… so be it. If you stand for the Truth… if you stand against Hate… if you defend the Helpless… you stand FOR Christ and His REAL Church (which, sometimes, isn’t the same as what hyperclerical elements wish you to believe). That’s what I believe… that’s that.


16 September 2011. Ignorant Konvertsy Raising Clueless Brouhaha Over Church’s Correct Environmental Stance in Alaska

Here’s a typical member of the konvertsy internet commentariat… “Isn’t Free Enterprise grand! I have my McMansion and my Cadillac Escalade SUV… my gated community is so CLEAN… the race goes to the swiftest, y’know…”


It’s sad to say that the rightwing konvertsy teabaggers are throwing another ignorant and childish tantrum. Read this:


Note this:

The Orthodox Church, formerly the Russian Orthodox Church, has had a long presence in Alaska, particularly in the rural parts of the state. The first church was established in 1794 by Orthodox monks in what was then the Russian territory of Kodiak. With increasing political turmoil in Russia, the church grew and prospered in Alaska, particularly in its rural areas. One of the strongest voices for rural Alaska in the church is [Fr Michael] Oleksa, who was 30 when he was assigned to rural Kodiak in 1970. Since moving to the state, he’s been a tireless advocate for Alaska Native culture and for environmental justice, authoring several books on the subject. For his efforts, he has received numerous awards from all sorts of state agencies and from the Alaska Federation of Natives. Oleksa and the church have long been against the Pebble mine, even before hooking up with Gillam. In fact, it was a resolution that the Orthodox Church in America‘s Diocese of Alaska passed at its annual state-wide gathering in 2009 that attracted Gillam’s attention, according to Oleksa. It did not mention Pebble specifically, but it blessed all “development” that would enhance the quality of life in villages. It also withheld any such blessing from “development” that seriously threatened to poison or pollute the lakes and rivers, which the “Church and its largely Alaska Native membership considers holy and sacred”.


There’s nothing untoward in considering the environment sacred… its God’s creation! Why do you think that we bless rivers and streams, chop holes in the ice, and jump into them at Epiphany? Earth to konvertsy… get a life and get informed! Our obligation as stewards of the rivers, streams, forests, and countryside is God-given… our leaders have said so, but, of course, the ignorant konvertsy don’t know that. Their tantrums mean that they oppose Patriarch Bartholomew Archontonis, the “Green Patriarch”… the United Nations Environment Programme named him a “Champion of the Earth”… for good reason. See these:




An excerpt from the video The Green Patriarch…


They oppose Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev, who decried the environmental catastrophe in the Russian countryside and issued calls for Orthodox to protect their natural heritage. See these:

http://rt.com/news/russian-patriarch-goes-green/ (In Russian terms, when His Holiness attacks “Liberalism”, he attacks rightwing “conservative” extremism (such as Libertarianism), not Social Democracy… His Holiness supports Socialism and Social Justice wholeheartedly)


The konvertsy filth wants to make Alaska into another Nikel! You’ve never heard of Nikel? Here’s what Wikipedia had to say about it:

The town is linked to the Norilsk Nickel plant nearby, which employs many of its citizens, which causes grave environmental and health concerns for the population. The nickel smelter, which has been an eyesore in Norway–Russia relations for decades due to its extreme pollution levels, usually deposits its sulphur dioxide fumes to the south of the town where the countryside is a brown moonscape of bald hills, barren of plant life for kilometres around. In the summertime, the toxic fumes, which for the rest of the year rarely blow northwards towards the town, occasionally do just that, making breathing difficult and even burning holes in people’s umbrellas.



THIS is what the konvertsy want… it’s the invisible hand of the Free Market, after all. Don’t forget, the konvertsy aren’t really Christians, they’re nasty Libertarian Nihilist unbelievers of the worst possible sort. They bow low before the altar of Omnipotent, All-powerful, and Invincible Mammon and willingly burn incense before it… Mammon is God and Ayn Rand is his Prophet! All hail to the Epic Heroes Rick Perry, Paul Ryan, and Rush Limbaugh, of the Fellowship of the Almighty Dollar! Bozhe! Do save us from such blasphemous delusion. They’re nothing but modern-day Gong Farmers. In short, the present clueless brouhaha on the internet is yet more proof that the konvertsy not only aren’t of us… they never were, and they’re incapable of being such. Kaufft nicht bei Reardon, Freeman, Dreher, Mattingly, Whiteford, and Cone… they worship the demonic Hobbesian delusions of the New Christian Right (the reject the true moderate heritage of the Old Republican Party), and that’s a fact (their motto is, “Pecunia non olet… Money doesn’t stink”).

The sooner that we’re rid of this semi-Sectarian pestilence, the better. They’re spitting on the icon of Christ… you can have rightwing konvertsy delusions or you can have Christ… which do you want?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 16 September 2011

Albany NY

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