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Sunday, 18 September 2011

18 September 2011. Where in the World is oca.org? They DID Promise Us a Story on Peterson’s Trip to Czechia… Well… Where’s It Hiding, Ginny?

They said that there’d be a story this week… where is it?


With a flourish, oca.org promised us a story about BP’s trip to Czechia during the week of 11 September… now, that week is over, with NOTHING delivered. For those not in the know, at the end of August, JP and BP were supposed to go to Czechia for the fifth anniversary of Metropolitan Kryštof Pulec, the First Hierarch of the Local Church of Czechia and Slovakia. At the last minute, the Czechs canned JP’s invite (as happened in Bulgaria earlier, by the way). For a Local Church that supposedly “recognises” the “autocephaly” of the OCA, that’s odd behaviour. JP went off in a sulk to Dallas, where Archbishop Dmitri’s death gave him “cover” for his failure vis-à-vis the Czech trip (there’s more than one observation on the Dmitri coverage, but one thing at a time).

The so-called photo album posted on oca.org dates from 28 August, only two days into the trip. There’s no captioning or accompanying text to tell you what’s where and who’s who… that’s a sign of absolute laziness and general dogsbody slothfulness on the part of Ginny and her whole team. That’s NOT professional… I’d not do it that way… but I’m not going to offer Ms Nieuwsma and her bunch of dilettantish poseurs pointers… I’ll merely observe that Ms Nieuwsma is NO journalist… she’s a paid flack, a talking head, a shill, a mercenary for hire… and not a very good one at that. For instance, there’s no image of Peterson with Mark Golovkov in the above-mentioned album, Mark WAS incountry at the time. As all aware people know, Archbishop Mark’s KMG’s TRUE advisor on external affairs (the Blunder’s just an ecumenical bit-player… retained for his usefulness amongst the papists, ecumenical gas-bags, and the Neoliberal oligarch faction at the Centre). Peterson didn’t meet with Vladyki Mark… my sources tell me that BP et al had lunch with the Ukrainian Ambassador to Czechia, but not with the Russian Ambassador. Didn’t the OCA receive its Tomos from the MP?

Why didn’t BP meet with the Russian ambassador… could it be that the RF was paying back the OCA for SVS’s support of the Paris Gang in re the St Nick’s controversy in Nice? BP et al didn’t meet publicly with any MP bishop, clergy, or official assigned to the MP Podvorie to the Czech Church. BP et al didn’t meet publicly with any high-ranking Czech secular officials, nor did they meet with highest-echelon Roman Catholic ecclesial dignitaries. Obviously, Syosset, JP, and Lyonyo are trying to portray BP’s trip to Czechia as simply an overseas junket of a diocesan bishop rather than a high-level official visit to an Autocephalous Local Orthodox Church that “recognises” the “autocephaly” of the OCA. Maybe, that’s why they only posted it on the OCA Diocese of the West website. It gives them “deniability”… you see, “We did post something… it wasn’t accessible… we didn’t allude to it on the main site… we forgot”. These people are being PAID for issuing this impenetrable and obscurantist fog… they’re stealing the “widow’s mite”, aren’t they (where’s Alexander Lebedeff to scream about the widow’s mite, now?)? However, the actions of Ms Nieuwsma et al should convince you that she’s not an ethical journalist… she’s a “spin doctor”… a dense, mediocre, and incompetent one, to be sure, but a “spin doctor”, all the same. For instance, the only coverage of Archbishop Dmitri’s funeral was a single low-res image on the TOC insert on oca.org, a “reflection”, and an “interview” with Fathausen. The most-senior bishop in the OCA dies (and the first convert bishop) and there’s NO straight reportage of his funeral on the OCA main website… NONE. I guess that the layabouts were expecting ME to do the work so that they could post it under their names on oca.org… my refusal to do so may have hurt their campaign badly. I’ve never seen a lazier or a nastier bunch (it’s all in the name of “religion”, interestingly enough).

Compare that derisory and unsatisfactory coverage with what came out of the ACROD after Metropolitan Nicholas’ death… and the Johnstown po-nashemu guys don’t have a pot to piss in! It was ALL “volunteer” work… yes, it was “good works”… but it was “good work”, too. They did everything in a prompt, competent, and proper fashion. The only cavil that I had was that some of the images were shitty… but they did what they had to do with what they had at hand… and they did well enough (that’s why Photoshop exists… you use it to pump up el rauncho images… not to insert the head of a pol onto the photo of a senior archpriest). Would you call me catty if I were to remind you that the ACROD guys had a giant “NOT WELCOME” mat out for Fathausen at Nicholas’ funeral? They invited Herman Swaiko… why not? That’s the time-honoured old-time Hunkie Way. You suspend all feuds for a funeral… Bishop Mel got an invite… Metropolitan Constantine Buggan of the Ukies showed up… he was a real old-school stand-up guy! He had his bishops in tow and they had their condolences up tout suite on their website, no fuss, no delay about it. I DO have my quibbles with his bunch, but in this, they not only did right, they did right in spades, and I, for one, congratulate them for it.

Yes, Fathausen’s OCA apparat is secretive… worse than Herman’s old gang. Where’s Dickie? What’s up with him? Is he is “in” or is he “out?” Dickie’s website is back… but there’s no news concerning it or him on oca.org… is Dickie reinstated or what? If so, why didn’t the OCA apparat report it on the main website? Is Lyonyo back from Moscow? Did he do anything in Russia other than serve a Pannikhida for the 9/11 victims? Did Lyonyo reinstate Dickie? If so, why is there silence on his part and on the part of Syosset? Besides the silence on oca.org concerning substantive topics (hidden by fluff posts like the “Wonder Blog”… that’s so treacly, it sets my teeth on edge), the other members of the “usual cast of suspects” are quiet, too. Stokoe’s very quiet. He hasn’t posted anything subsequent to the 9 September piece, nor has he updated the comments section. Love BT is quiet (he just piped up… I wonder what Yuvenaly Kirillovich thinks of him now (especially after finding out about BT’s pal Madison many moons ago)?), Silver has fallen off the face of the earth, and Jesse Cone and the Coneheads haven’t posted anything on OCATruth since 10 September. Lastly, and most importantly, where is El Gordo hiding these days?

DO remember October ’08, Fathausen said, “It’s all over”… it IS, but not in the sense that he meant. There’s nothing but blood, toil, tears, and sweat in our immediate future as “Church” after the collapse of Schmemann’s Folly and the OCA’s demise… but, at least, we’ll be on the road Homewards. The people of my generation won’t see the end of the rebuilding in this life… but we MUST start. That’s our God-given task… and that’s what He’ll judge us on. Who’ll lay the first brick with me? It’s almost that time…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 18 September 2011

Albany NY


18 September 2011. The Photoshop Goof That Won’t Die…

There’s been some questioning on my call on the Goncharov Photoshop hoax. Firstly… there’s been NO reportage of this in the regular media. NONE. I ran a Google search on  “Владимир Гончаров – депутат Луганского облсовета от Партии Регионов”. NO major media outlet has touched this story… the word on some of the forums is that a report circulating on one of the LJ blogs that Goncharov was ordained is false. Here’s a typical response:

Протоиерей Александр Авдюгин из Луганской области, также принимавший участие в литургии 15 сентября, прокомментировать ситуацию не смог: «Мне точно нечего сказать по причине того, что это тоже для меня новость. Он со мной в одном ряду вчера стоял на службе. Но кто это такой мне неведомо. В понедельник буду в Луганске, разузнаю, если смогу.»

Archpriest Alexander Avdyugin of Lugansk Oblast, who also took part in the liturgy on 15 September, was unable to comment on the situation, “I don’t have anything to say; it’s news for me, too. Yesterday, he stood near me at the service. However, who’s this, I don’t know. On Monday, I’ll be in Lugansk, I’ll ask around, if I can”.


You pays your money, and you takes your choice. I say, NO major legit media outlet is touching this… this looks like Photohop, kids. Remember, the MP has made the point that priests can’t involve themselves in politics or in commerce. In any case, the priest quoted in the LJ report could be a schismatic… something that seems VERY probable if the major media has refused to touch this for 24 hours. Use your God-given good-sense. Until it’s confirmed by a major outlet, news of this sort is well-done rumour. After all, it didn’t show up in the photoalbums on patriarchia.ru. If this was for real, there’d have been some sort of official response. The Russian cyberworld is full of mischievous padonki… do take a care, there’s more than one steaming cow pat waiting for the unwary!


Editor’s Update:

I received the following from one of my correspondents:

Please, note also that a newly ordained priest wouldn’t be wearing the nabedrennik, palitza, and jeweled Cross as “Goncharov” does in this photo. Per current MP regulations, a priest has to serve for 20 years before wearing all those pieces… and he’d also be in the rank of archpriest.

‘Nuff said! God is GOOD… He sent me friends… and that’s more important than money is (but a little cash wouldn’t hurt, Lord… c’mon…)…


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