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Monday, 19 September 2011

19 September 2011. Those Were the Days, My Friend, We’d Thought They’d Never End… Love BT and Lyonyo at SVS in ’66

Love BT thinks that I’m all wet… well… “a picture is worth a thousand words”… a picture from the old pre-OCA Metropolia days (I’d like to know how Lyonyo and Love BT fell out… one does wonder… perspirin’ minds wanna know!)… I think that I DO know a thing or two that the konvertsy don’t. Note well that the Coneheads, Mattingly, JP, Dreher, Whiteford, Love BT, Lyonyo, Stokoe, Freddie M-G, and the rest don’t give you such, do they? They DO give you the rubbishy and sanitised history found in OrthoWiki (I’ll have plenty to say on that topic tomorrow, kids)… that has as much relation to reality as the Jabberwocky and Treebeard the Ent do (and, sadly, the Jabberwocky and Treebeard make MUCH more sense than the named “buglers” do).  Caveat lector… especially, if it comes from the Troll of Micheltorena Street…


A little “mood music” from “back in the day”…


Remember, all sorts of people were in and out at the Chancery… not just employees, staff, and clergy…



Editor’s Update:

Another correspondent reminded me that Love BT shut down the “R” clubs on the west coast… one wonders why? Did Nick Hazila beat him at bowling, or what?



19 September 2011. Bishop Nikon Liolin Nearly Fainted at Royster’s Funeral… That’s the Kind of Detail that oca.org is Supposed to Report… BUT IT DIDN’T

A friend sent me the above snap from Dmitri Royster’s funeral. They also passed on the word that it was over 40 degrees (104 degrees Fahrenheit) outside and that Bishop Nikon Liolin of Boston nearly fainted. That’s the kind of detail that oca.org is supposed to report, kids… IN A TIMELY FASHION. They can’t report on Dmtri’s death, now… it’s no longer timely. This shows, for even the slow learners, that Ginny Nieuwsma is an incompetent running dog lackey for El Gordo, Lyonyo, the Syosset gang, and SVS. Of course, she’s getting conflicting “marching orders”… a reasonable individual would get out of such a situation, but she’s probably a konvertsy fanatic with a vested interest in the maintenance of the autocephalist status quo. She had the obligation to get the story out within 24 hours… she didn’t. She had the obligation to give you a complete and detailed description of the funeral… she didn’t. If she doubted what to write, she could’ve consulted my report on Metropolitan Laurus’ funeral written on the same day that the funeral occurred. She failed in her duty to you… it’s evident that she’s taking your money and spitting in your face.

A journalist’s duty is clear… the news is to be reported promptly; you give it out in proper detail, with all due care for vetting. I’d say, “Compare my in-depth and copious coverage of the deaths of Metropolitans Nicholas and Laurus, and the deaths of Patriarchs Pavle and Aleksei, to Ms Nieuwsma’s scanty and uninformative reportage of Dmitri Royster’s funeral on oca.org”. I’d say that a child could draw the proper conclusion. Ms Nieuwsma is NO journalist… she’s only a paid shill and cheerleader for the powers-that-be. Perhaps, the reason why she’s so laggardly and obtuse is that her orders from her various masters are conflicting (this is especially the case with Lyonyo and El Gordo)… in that case, she should go according to the voice of her conscience… but that would mean the loss of her situation, wouldn’t it?

In nearly six decades of life, I’ve found moral courage to be a rare commodity… Ms Nieuwsma lacks it. There’s no way to remedy that deficiency, either… one either stands tall or one cowers and cringes. I’ve chosen the former; Ms Nieuwsma has chosen the latter. It’s up to you to choose whom to believe… do take a care…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 19 September 2011

Albany NY

A View from Moscow by Valentin Zorin… Something New… Something Old


Apparently, some seem to have chosen their favourite to face Barack Obama in the presidential election in November 2012. They seem to like Texas Governor Rick Perry. You might consider his appearance on the American political stage unexpected and random, if you didn’t know some of the facts and circumstances of his political career. For quite some time, a powerful group of Texas oil barons have thought that Rick Perry’s their best bet. When they placed George W Bush in the Texas Governor’s chair in the ‘90s, Rick Perry was his Lieutenant Governor. After Bush won the US presidential election in 2000, Rick Perry took his place in the governor’s mansion in Austin, and, now, for eleven years, he’s headed one of the richest states in America. His many years of personal friendship and cooperation with George Bush, his team, and his supporters is a major asset to Rick Perry’s ambitious plans, as it gives him support from right-wing “conservative” circles in the Republican Party.

The toxic US economy is working against Barack Obama; its effects have dogged his term in office. Largely, the policies of the Bush-Cheney administration caused most of the current American economic troubles, their arms race sapped economic strength; yet, they started a disastrous and botched war in Iraq, whilst simultaneously miring the US in a costly and futile conflict in Afghanistan. However, GOP leaders refuse to take the blame for their contribution to the astronomical national debt and unsustainable fiscal deficit; they used the falling poll numbers of President Obama in relation to the present economic turmoil as a pawn in their pre-election game, betting the farm on the same old Bush team.

The ambitions of the Texas energy oligarchs play a significant role in this turn of events. In the past, the élite often placed “their crowd” in the White House, but the temporarily weakened condition of the banks and Wall Street allows the oil cartel to make a bid for power in Washington. After all, Texas parvenus did it in the past. After the still unsolved murder of President John F Kennedy in Dallas, Texas politician Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) took over, during whose presidency Texas oil business profits increased greatly. Later, Washington was in the hands of the Bush dynasty, George Sr and George Jr, who also made enormous fortunes in the oil business in Texas.

It’s well to remember that the smell of oil pervades American foreign policy. It mushroomed during the presidency of George H W Bush; in the winter of 1991, he sent the US military after the Iraqi oil Eldorado, and his son and heir George W Bush began a military adventure in 2003 in the same long-suffering Iraq under trumped-up pretexts, without a UN mandate. The current wave of revolution in the Arab East threatens the interests of American oil companies. They need to guarantee the sources of their huge profits, they want to share out Libya’s oil wealth with their friends, and they want to secure the sea lanes over which the oil flows. It’s hardly coincidental that the Texas oil companies are trying to push their puppet into the American political limelight; they’re using the Republican Party, a long and regular lackey of the American monopolies, to put their man in Washington in the White House.

16 September 2011

Valentin Zorin

Voice of Russia World Service



Patriarch Kirill Opposes Transforming Education to Conform to “Market Forces”

His Holiness Kirill Mikhailovich Gundyaev (1946- ), Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias


“We need education to form people capable of working in a knowledge-based economy…”

Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias said that the attitude towards education prevailing amongst Russians is wide of the mark. On Sunday, speaking at Voronezh State University (VGU), at ceremony awarding him a degree honoris causa, he said, “In my view, it’d be a big mistake to transform education to be nothing but a provider of market-based services. We must revive a correct attitude to education, such as the one that existed in Russia before the revolution”. He thinks that two fields “are essential to the existence of any country and state”; defence and education “undergird society’s very existence”. His Holiness said that we should deal with education and defence matters “only at the highest national levels”, pointing up, “An illiterate population can’t create a thriving economy. Today, we need education to form people capable of working in a knowledge-based economy”. He went on to say, “Teachers aren’t merchants, they aren’t sellers of knowledge; they’re mentors who help young people find their way in life”. Patriarch Kirill observed that the contemporary Russian standards of labour discipline, workplace culture, and awareness “aren’t what they should be”, so, when one combines that with a lack of moral responsibility, “we face problems within people, which lead to technological catastrophes involving the water, the air, and the earth”.

19 September 2011



Editor’s Note:

Last week, the konvertsy were making a large brouhaha over environmental concerns over a huge open-pit mine proposed in Alaska. Guess what? His Nibs is on the side of the Greenies, not the money-grubbers! He makes that clear in the above statement. Of course, part of the problem is that many Anglo-Saxon Americans tend to “commoditise” everything… they try to turn everything into a commodity to be bought or sold, including “ideas”. The ideological, spiritual, and mental rot is so advanced that most of them can’t see it… it’s why so many Americans are “recognition hogs”… even if they don’t get money for something, they want “attention” and “credit”, which is a form of “social currency”. They can’t understand the Old Russian ideal, which is more communal… individuality must be set aside at times. For instance, on my art sites, some of the images are my own work, but I refuse to take “credit”… my task is to be a transparent “window”… and the less “fuss” I make in this regard, the more that the original will be seen. That’s my thought, in any case. Note that His Holiness advocates one thing (Social Justice Democracy) and that the konvertsy (led by JP and Co) advocate quite another (Rightwing Free Market Libertarian Nihilism). One of these things is NOT like the other… and you MUST choose one or the other.

DO choose well…


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