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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Church Opposes the Death Penalty… It ALWAYS Has… The Church is FOR Social Justice… It’s NOT for Tea Party Greed and Consumerism…

Don’t be following Dreher, Mattingly, Reardon, JP, Love BT, et al off the cliff… it’s kinda a LONG drop…


An Excerpt from an interview posted on the KPRF website:

Sergei Nikitin

The [Moscow Patriarchate] supports the abolition of the death penalty and it doesn’t wish its return because, by imposing such a penalty, the State assumes functions that, generally speaking, in the Church’s opinion, are outside its competence.


Should a religious opinion guide a secular state?

Sergei Nikitin

Not according to the point of view that Patriarch Kirill expressed to us. Kirill is guided by the understanding that his opinion is founded in human rights… we agree with him that the death penalty has no place in our society.



Look… the USA hasn’t changed, has it? Don’t people believe it to be the most advanced democracy in the world, with the most respect for human rights?

Sergei Nikitin

Who thinks that way? All things being equal, if you look at documents issued by Amnesty International, if you read them carefully…


You’re saying that the USA violates human rights?

Sergei Nikitin

Yes. We often point up that if a prisoner attempts to escape from the 21st century GULag of Guantánamo, they face the death penalty. We disagree with what they do, whether it came from Bush or from other high American officials.


Well, of course, it’s understandable why someone would be upset.

Sergei Nikitin

The death penalty is only one in a constellation of problems. They have a problem with maternal mortality, which, although it’s seemingly far from the topic of human rights, is also a state responsibility. The state has the obligation to care for its citizens. Again, we stand for all economic, social, and cultural rights. All of these are human rights. Of course, the USA tries to portray itself as the premier defender of human rights in the world… they really do.

15 April 2011

KPRF Official Website



Unlike bloodthirsty Radical American Sectarianism (“Evangelicalism”, “Pentecostalism”, and Mormonism) with its obsession with what it thinks is the “biblical” Mosaic Code of Revenge (“an eye for an eye”), the Church has been wary of the death penalty. It has NEVER banned it… nor has it called it immoral. It has called for its very rare application, though. The Church approves the KPRF’s stance (with reservations, of course)… that we should apply such a penalty to traitors, paedophiles, serial killers, and large-scale drug dealers only. Historically, Orthodox Russia was much less fond of the death penalty than Catholic and Protestant Europe was. Tsaritsa Yekaterina Alekseyevna wrote, “In normal times, the death penalty is neither useful nor necessary”. However, she allowed an explicit exception in the case of someone who, even while convicted and incarcerated, “still has the resources and capability to ignite public unrest” (no doubt, the justification for the execution of Pugachyov). In 1825, a court sentenced 36 Decembrist rebels to death. However, Tsar Nikolai Pavlovich decided to commute all but five of the sentences, even though revolts against the monarch had almost universally resulted in automatic death sentences in the past. Perhaps, this was due to society’s changing views of the death penalty. By the late 1890s, the state virtually never carried out capital punishment for murder; it imposed 10–15 years imprisonment at hard labour as a substitute, although the state still carried it out for treason. Tsars Aleksandr Aleksandrovich and St Nikolai Aleksandrovich found the measure distasteful (and Tsar St Nikolai found the over-use of “Stolypin’s necktie” hard to bear).

In comparison, Rick Perry of Texas is a soulless, blood-soaked, and vicious killer. Of course, he’s a Sectarian; so, one has to take into account his adherence to the False God Jayzuss and to the bloody and greedy teachings of the Sectarian “preachers”. Perry has put 235 people to death in 11 years (the rate would be one execution per 1.2 million people per year)… to compare that with Russia, one would have to multiply the number by six, coming up with 1,410. 235 divided by 11 comes out to 21 executions of death sentences a year in Texas… Russia would have to have 126 executions a year to have a comparable level of uncivilised barbarity. In reality, the post-Soviet Russian Federation put 78 people to death between 1992-96,  that is, at a rate of about 15-16 executions a year, for a rate of one execution per 9 million people. One can easily see that Orthodoxy is morally superior to Sectarians such as Southern Baptists, Pentecostalists, and Mormons; the Roman Catholics share our views on social justice, as well (don’t listen to Weigel, Bottum, or the Touchstonistas… they’re out of step with their leadership). It’s about time that we exposed these poseurs; they’re non-Christian phonies. The present New GOP/Tea Party is contaminated and overrun with such radical religious nutters. It’s time for REAL Christians to stand up… it’s time to take back our good name.

We can start by repudiating JP, Matthew Tate, BP, Love BT, Dreher, Mattingly, Reardon, Freddie M-G, Freeman, and the rest of the konvertsy cabal. They wish to ally the Church with Perry the Bloody. There’s nothing further to say, is there? Our country and Church have real problems that no Manhattan Declaration (“Christian Conscience?” I think NOT… it’s crackbrained Sectarian dribbling and raving)), Objectivism, or Tea Party can solve. Remember, “The state has the obligation to care for its citizens. Again, we stand for all economic, social, and cultural rights. All of these are human rights”. We can stand for this, for God’s justice, or, we can stand with Rick Perry as he grinds his boot heel without mercy into the faces of the prostrate unemployed and laughs maniacally (in the name of “religion”, no less).

That’s our choice…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Albany NY 


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