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Thursday, 22 September 2011

22 September 2011. You Can’t Make Shit Like This Up…

Read these:




Let’s dispose of the first two in a sentence… these people are unhinged nutters, full stop. If there’d been any actual evidence of Barack Obama being foreign-born, the GOP would be in the Supreme Court in a heartbeat, and the Roberts court would be sympathetic to them. The Republican Party refuses to repudiate these bozos, for the simple reason that a hefty proportion of the knuckle-draggers make up the Tea Party base. As for the congressman… he ONLY has 400 Gs to invest after he uses 200 Gs for his family. He expects us to sympathise with him… he views any “wealth tax” like that in the Scandinavian countries (the most well-off countries in the world, by the way) as “class warfare”. I’ll tell you what “class warfare” is… the top earners increased their proportion of the national income from 8 percent to 23 percent. Where did it come from?


Remember that the next time you drive past a McMansion or a gated development. You’ll know what to do next November. You can start by pulling the plug on Faux News and Rush Limboob. Oh… Rush earned 154 mill last year, that’s about 400 Gs a DAY. Do you make that much in a year? Or two? Or three? We CAN have the American Dream back… but are we willing to pay the cost to slay the dragon?



22 September 2011. To George Michalopulos: Hands Off Bishop Mel!

Docs vs Cops

Sergei Yolkin



In this case, it’s “The Truth Dogs George Michalopulos’ Heels…  You TRULY have to stop being Bobby’s lickspittle and running-dog-lackey, Georgie… it’s bloody obvious even to the kids and to the simple…


I received this from one of my correspondents:

George Michalopulos signed the post pertaining to the canonical release of Bishop Mel; I believe he’s the moderator of www.monomakhos.com. Mr Michalopulos is a Greek-American, who was raised in the Orthodox Faith… I think that he’s one of Bobby K’s mouthpieces. Whether George likes it or not, Bishop Mel has a valid canonical release from the appropriate ecclesiastical authority (i.e. his ruling bishop) in the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Greece. End of story.

That’s it… Bishop Mel has a valid release, and another kind friend sent me another copy of it. They’re identical, but that’s OK… I can PROVE to any disinterested judge that I got the straight story from two people in two very different parts of the country. In short, Bobby and Fathausen are desperate. Trust me, it’s going to get MUCH worse in the short term; the whole point will be to terrorise people.

These people are cold-blooded, malicious, and crooked. Remember what they did to Vladyki Vasili in ’84… and the more recent case involving Eric Iliff. The suit against SVS “went away” after his death, didn’t it? I pray for John and Monica Iliff every day… so should you. I remember Eric every day… so should you. They’ll tell you that it’s your DUTY to “enable” queer bishops, crooked archpriests, paedophile clergy, and layabout staffers, and that God will bless you if you let them rape the Church without limit. Truly, they shall. They’ll tell you that people like me are malcontents, that we’re mentally troubled; that has been their MO since the time of ADS. They’ll tell you that must attend to your immortal soul, that you must ignore any flaws in the institutional Church and be silent about dishonesty and corruption, for you can’t do anything about it. I’ll tell you what that is… it’s the Black Hundreds mindset! That’s a denial of the Incarnation! The Church is NOT a discarnate “fellowship of the saints”… it’s a living and breathing community that’ll die if we don’t clean up the shit.

Where did the 250 Gs for the payoff to Bobby come from? Mr Michalopulos doesn’t question THAT. What about Alexey Karlgut’s spiteful and implacable attacks on Kristi Koumentakos and her family? Mr Michalopulos doesn’t mention THAT. What about Fathausen’s long and intimate relationship with the deposed schismatic sodomite Gleb Podmoshensky? Mr Michalopulo’s outrage is certainly SELECTIVE. What about your pal Bobby K, Mr Michalopulos? Bobby obviously passed on to you the info that Mel’s release was crook. Guess what, it wasn’t. The nuns are a bunch of renegades that need to be shipped back to Greece where there came from. Let their REAL bishop deal with them as he wills… that’s the ORTHODOX way. Mr Michalopulos makes excuses for and whitewashes Dmitri Royster (as did Rod Dreher and Terrence Mattingly), who’s reputed to have been one of the greatest sexual predators in the Church (he was so blatant that the Centre sent in its veto of his election as Metropolitan in ’77… thank God for the grit of Metropolitan Nikodim!).

Oh… I thought that I’d mention that there was NO mention of any patriarchal blessing on any OCA/MP soirée at St Nick’s on East 97th on patriarchia.ru. NONE whatsoever. In other words, it was a crook little affair ginned up by Yustinian and El Gordo. Don’t forget, Yustinian’s a Romanian expert sent to the USA for screwing up the St Matrona Society contretemps in Tiraspol in Transnistria. As per usual, oca.org is spinning the story big time. If there were a patriarchal blessing on any shindig, there’d be a mention of it on the main website… there wasn’t any, so, there wasn’t any “patriarchal blessing” on anything. His Holiness was busy in Piter, in any case, frying rather more important fish, I’d say.

Don’t tell me how “nice” this one or that one is… or how “spiritual” they are. In my experience that’s often an indication that they’re NOT what they claim to be… let’s not forget Sam Greene, Hillary Madison, Panteleimon Metropoulos, and Dmitri Royster. You can’t tell from exterior signs who’s who and who’s up to what. You can only tell the truth from what people DO. If someone lies… you notice it. If someone steals… you notice it. If someone abuses another… you notice it. If someone tells you to ignore it “for the good of the Church” or “for the good of your soul”, you’re dealing with Satan’s servant, full stop. It’s our DUTY to speak up… it’s our OBLIGATION to stand up.

We’ll all face judgement some day… and I intend to stand clear before my God. “I made many mistakes, I made many missteps, but I kept the Truth before me at all times”. I think that I’ll pass muster… what about you? Think on it…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 22 September 2011

Albany NY

Editor’s Addendum:

I just received this:

Reg. No. 68

13 December 2008

Canonical Letter of Release

Through the present Document of our Monastery, signed and sealed with its holy seal, in accordance with the decision recorded in Section A of the Minutes of Meeting VI of our Elders’ Council on 13 December 2008, complying with the petition of the Beatific Archbishop of Washington and New York-Metropolitan of all America and Canada (sic) Jonah of the OCA, expressed by his Letter of 8 December 2008, addressed to us, We Release the great-schema brother, dear to us, Very Reverend Archimandrite Fr Melchisedek, secular name Thomas Pleska, son of Alexander and Eugenia, formerly Professor of Dogmatics at the Theological Academy of St Tikhon, Pennsylvania, USA, in order for him to serve the Lord from now on with all faithfulness and commitment even outside the monastic sheepfold, through His Beatitude, the aforementioned Metropolitan, who called him to this, with His Eminence, our Metropolitan of Thessaliotis and Phanariophersala, Kirill, attesting that his priesthood is without impediment by his sealed and signed sanction hereupon.

The Abbot Of The Holy Monastery Of Petra

Archimandrite Dionysios

and the Brothers with me in Christ


Someone kindly send me a PDF of this, with the monastery seal affixed to it. George Michalopulos is a lying sack of sack of shit and deserves to have a Cossack horsewhipping for his baldfaced and brazen lies. Retract everything in PUBLIC, Mr Michalopulos. EVERYTHING. Bishop Mel’s release is kosher… and, what’s more, you knew that there’s nothing wrong with it. This is enough to make any decent person avoid your scurvy presence.

Why must we put up with such?


Galina Vladilenovna Chalikova, Founder and Head of the Charitable Fund “Gifts of Life” to Assist Children with Cancer Died on 18 September 2011

Galina Chalikova… after dealing with so much manifest nastiness, I want to give you some of the GOOD that the Mother Church has on offer… that’s where we belong… not in a spurious autocephaly. Pray for Galina Vladilenovna… good on her soul, I say…


Galina Vladilenovna Chalikova, the Chairman of the Board of the Charitable Foundation Подари жизнь (Podari zhizn: Gifts of Life) began her charitable activities in 1989. At that time, she first came to the Russian Paediatric Clinical Hospital (RDKB) after the Spitak earthquake, when injured children filled the hospital. Since then, she has been in the RDKB and in other hospitals, and she was never empty-handed. In 2006, Galina Vladilenovna formalised her work by forming “Gifts of Life”, which helps children with cancer and other serious illnesses. She collected money to treat sick children, buy special drugs, and help mothers who were out of work and had no money. On 18 September 2011, Galina Vladilenovna Chalikova died from cancer. Her husband and son survive her.


Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, Chairman of the MP Department for Church and Society, Expressed His Condolences in Connection with the Death of G V Chalikova, the Founder and Head of “Give Life”

Dear brothers and sisters!

We all suffered a loss with the passing of Galina Vladilenovna Chalikova, the founder and head of Подари жизнь (Podari zhizn: Gifts of Life). I express my sincere condolences to rector of her parish, all her colleagues, and to all her friends. Galina Vladilenovna was a woman of great compassion and limitless energy; her efforts saved thousands of children’s lives. Many parents were able to regain a sense of the love of God and of their neighbour through her efforts. The Lord allowed her effort (подвиг: podvig) to pass through a hard and bitter path, the same path from which she had spent years trying to save others from. I believe that the merciful Lord will lift this burden, and take His daughter to His abode where there’s no sorrow, in renewed and blessed life. I wish spiritual strength, faith, joy, peace, and health to all of Galina Vladilenovna’s colleagues, her fellow parishioners at Ss Cosmas and Damian in Shubin, and to all the children and parents she showered her love and compassion upon.

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin

Chairman of the MP Department for Church and Society

21 September 2011


Official MP Website


Editor’s Note:

Fr Vsevolod uses the word “podvig”… it’s impossible to “English” the intensity of this word. It’s one of the “strongest” words in Russian, you only use it to describe bravery that’s so extraordinary that it’s almost sublime in it’s self-sacrifice and self-forgetfulness. This is HIGH praise, indeed.

“Charlie” is the closest confidant to His Holiness… to get a message from him is the same as getting it straight from His Nibs Himself. People such as Galina Vladilenovna are the sorts that the Patriarch holds high for us to emulate… not certain churchmen and their mouthpieces who aren’t fit to be mentioned in the company of such august podvizhniki.

THIS, by the way, is what “pro-life” means… it’s NOT the bootless waving of placards on the streets. Think on it…


22 September 2011. “Monomakhos” Has To Apologise to Mel Pleska… His Canonical Release is Legit and In Order

Archbishop Melchizedek Pleska (1942- ) of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania… the loudmouth konvertsy owe him an apology… I’ll advise Bishop Mel not to hold his breath. These fatuous and nasty children are beyond the pale and beyond help.


A loudmouthed smarkach convert has made accusations against Bishop Mel, claiming that his release isn’t in order. A friend kindly sent me an Adobe Document PDF of the original letter. I’ve saved it to my files; it’s available to any court that might need it. Mel should force this smarkach to “put up or shut up”. He has the proper doggy papers… the record shows the konvertsy as ignorant and squalling blowhards yet again. Here’s a transcript of the document:

Reg. No. 67

13 December 2008


Minutes Section II

Today, Saturday 13 December 2008, at 09.00, after the Divine Liturgy in our Holy Monastery of Petra of the Sacred Diocese of Thessaliotis and Phanariophersala of the Most Holy Church of Greece, the Elders’ Council of our Monastic Brotherhood convened in the Council Chamber, with our Abbot and Spiritual Father, the Elder Archimandrite Dionysios, presiding. The matter set forth was the venerable Letter of His Beatitude  His Beatitude Jonah, Archbishop of Washington and New York, Metropolitan of all American and Canada (sic) of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), on 8 December 2008, requesting from us release papers of fathers and brethren for the needs and prospects of his Church, and in particular that of our Elder’s spiritual son since 1982, whom he tonsured a great-schema monk, the very reverend archimandrite Fr Melchizedek, secular name Thomas Pleska, son of Alexander and Joanna-Eugenia, holding American Passport No. 140930591. He holds register no. 13 in the Monastic Roll of our Sacred Monastery, a man tested upon our Rock like Peter, undergoing hardship with us for a whole decade, ministering to the Lord like the God-receiver in the Temple night and day for the fathers and sisters, with the Lord’s word in his mouth and silence of the desert, also demonstrating most recently through his letters, that his heart was never distanced from his spiritual father, our Elder. Thus, persisting in prayer, with one mind surrendering to the Holy Spirit, we herewith send the canonical release paper of the aforementioned brother, ratified through the good will of our Eminent Metropolitan, Kyrill of Thessaliotis and Phanariophersala, to His Beatitude, the aforementioned Archbishop, who is applying like that man of Macedonia; likewise we make known his Letter, referenced above, to the Monastic Communities of “Karaiskake” and “Red Church”, as well as that in Thebes, of which our very reverend Elder is the Builder and Father, making peace in pain.

The Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Petra, Chairman

Archimandrite Dionysios

The Elders’ Council

  • Treasurer, Monk Agapion

  • Oeconomos, Hieromonk Porphyrios

  • Secretary, Hieromonk Symeon

Exact copy from the Book of Minutes maintained in the Sacred Monastery

For The Sacred Monastery of Petra, the Secretary

Hieromonk Symeon



It’s time to run such nasty and vile children out of Christ’s Church. They aren’t of us; they never were, they aren’t now, and they never shall be. Most of all, their ignorant bloviating on the Canons and Fathers is a disgrace at best, a cancer at worst. I NEVER go about quoting the Fathers… they’re NOT dogma. They’re MEDITATIONS on that dogma. I NEVER go about quoting the Canons… they’re NOT the Church’s Teaching. They’re explications of that teaching in SPECIFIC instances. The Fathers were great warriors of prayer who wrote their works after long years of struggle in ascesis. These toddlers haven’t struggled a day in their lives! Indeed, most of them hide behind “user-names”… Jesse Cone and Rod Dreher are particularly contemptible, loathsome, and noxious in that regard.

It’s time to CLEAN HOUSE. It’s time to give the konvertsy an ultimatum… “Be Orthodox or be gone”. As for Love BT, you can gauge a man by the company that he keeps at present or that he kept in the past… let’s see… Bobby K, Fathausen, Dmitri Royster, Benjamin Peterson, Nikolai Soraich, the HOOMies… need I go on? He seems to like golubiye, grifters, and cultists… that doesn’t make him one, but it does prove to all his poor judgement and lack of discernment. Don’t forget his role in the knifing of Vasili Rodzianko in ’84 (don’t forget that Vl Vasili got the knife for protesting the gay blades).

This is too much of a muchness… I’m walking away from it all for a while. These abominable and depraved toddlers get to me. Oh, yes… I DO sign my name… I always have, haven’t I? Keep that in mind as you decide between what I say and what the OCATruth squad, “Monomakhos”, “Josephus Flavius” at Byzantine Texas, and “John” at ad Oriente say. None of them has the guts to put their names to their writings. THAT speaks volumes.

If we want a Church for our kids, we got some work to do…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 22 August 2011

Albany NY

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