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Sunday, 25 September 2011

25 September 2011. Why Do I Cover “Negative” Things? “Homo Momento Mori!”

The Last Judgement

Unknown Artist


Church of the Most Holy Mother of God “of Kazan”

Tolyatti (Samara Oblast. Volga Federal Region) RF


Some people take me to task for being so “negative”. Firstly, that word isn’t applicable to our spiritual life, as our spiritual life deals with ultimate realities, and “positive” and “negative” refer to radically-subjective states, whereas the eschaton deals with the naked and objective ground of BEING. The questions that God asks us aren’t, “Have you been pleasant? Have you been nice? Did you follow all the formalities? Did you give all clergymen their ‘due respect?'” Rather, He says, “I AM WHO AM… DID YOU FOLLOW MY TRUTH?” The saddest excuse out there is, “You must do this ‘for the good of the Church'”. If the Church is Christ’s Body, then, it’s God’s Dwelling… and GOD IS TRUTH. YOU CAN’T LIE FOR THE GOOD OF THE CHURCH (save in a few exceptional instances where actual persecution is involved). If you want to serve Christ and His Church, you must tell the Truth… but what if the Truth implicates clergymen? Well… it still must be told, regardless of what the angered clergymen might do to you. Clergy do NOT have a “Get Out of Jail Free” card. Neither do layfolk. We both stand liable before the judgement.

I’m not perfect… not by a long shot. There’s not a single one of us who’s blameless, so, be especially wary of those who say, “Don’t listen to them, they’re sinners”. The ones saying that are sinners, too! You can see the point, can’t you? The older that I get, the less inclined I am to “please men”. I’m going to face judgement… and not too far in the future, either (not tomorrow, nor next year, but I can see that I’m almost in the last quarter of my life). This leads to another realisation… the actions of some clergy lead many of us to think that they’re unbelievers. Are they? Only God knows the heart… but when one sees actions like clergymen destroying records, using “creative” accounting, vicious bullying (and worse) of ordinary believers, abuse of children, and rampant closeted homosexuality, one can’t be silent.

I’ll be able to face my God on the Last Day and say, “I didn’t acquiesce in sin”. Maybe, I can’t stop it… maybe, I’ll be ground down for trying to halt it… but I won’t just sit there and say, “I’ve got to excuse manifest sin for the good of my soul”. THAT’S what’s being taught out there. “Be silent for the good of your soul… pay, pray, and obey; God will bless you for it”. That’s not the way of it… even if I’m alone, I’ll take my stand. I’m mature enough to know that nothing’s free… least of all, being true to God. That’s why I won’t be quiet… that’s why I’ll speak up… and accept the cost, if need be.

What about you? It’d be good to have companions on the road… but you must join of your own volition and decision. Choose well…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 25 September 2011

Albany NY 


25 September 2011. Here’s Whose Authority Fathausen and Seraphim Flouted by the “Pastoral Visitation”…

Canada is a monarchy… and its monarch is Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, By the Grace of GodQueen of Canada (1926- ). By going on his little “pastoral visitation” in BC, Storheim spat on the Queen’s Bench… that is, he’s not only in contempt of court, he’s in contempt of his Queen’s authority and majesty. I hope that they nick him and put him in “bracelets” for doing that. Both he and JP need a sharp and salutatory lesson in respect for the authority of the legal system and its stipulations (Storheim DID agree to stay away from kids, after all)… indeed, the whole OCA apparat needs a stinging rebuke… one could say that their behaviour since the death of Metropolitan Leonty Turkevich has been noting but an unbroken series of actions that can only be described as lèse-majesté (against both the authorities of the state and of the larger Church). There’s been one “confidential settlement” after another… the two latest being the Sidebottom and Koumentakos cases… and the Iliff case was dropped due to a “suicide”… I do think that we’ll finally find out that Eric refused to play footsie with Karlgut (he’s been the OCA’s usual “fixer”, lately).

Let’s not forget Hillary Madison, Dmitri Royster, Pierre l’Huillier, Feodosy Lazor, and Herman Swaiko… and that’s only in the OCA. Seraphim Storheim’s the first of this sorry crew to face legal heat… God willing, he’ll be convicted and that may force the Church to clean house. We have some work to do… in the near term, it means that we’ll all be called all sorts of names by low sorts and it means that the apparatchiki will do their best to blacken all our reputations. I can say that life goes on after their “revelations”, and I’ll confide that, in the end, you find that it’s a relief… they can’t hurt you any more. It does mean that you might face attacks from family and friends, but that’s bearable, too (not pleasant, not easy, not painless… but bearable). Our Lord Christ suffered MUCH worse. As St Innokenty asked us, “Are you willing to swallow a kopeck’s worth?”

Are you? Please, take your time in answering…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 25 September 2011

Albany NY

Ukrainian Nationalists Fear a Transfer of St Sophia Cathedral in Kiev to the Moscow Patriarchate

St Sophia Cathedral in Kiev (Kiev Special City) THE UKRAINE


The Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists (KUN) is against the possible transfer of St Sophia Cathedral in Kiev to the Moscow Patriarchate. Our Interfax correspondent reported that about ten protesters gathered outside the entrance of St Sophia on Monday. They held party banners and a national flag, as well as banners with slogans such as “The History of the St Sophia – The History of RusUkraine” and “St Sophia is Kievan, not Muscovite”. They also unfurled a banner with a picture of Patriarch Kirill portrayed with an American dollar sign on his chest and saying, “I want St Sophia in Kiev!” The press service of KUN noted that this alleged action requires the authorities to preserve St Sofia of Kiev’s National Reserve status in order to “preserve this unique monument from destruction and not disturb inter-confessional peace in the Ukraine”. Earlier, Viktor Vechersky, the First Deputy Head of the State Service for National Cultural Heritage gave assurances that the state wouldn’t transfer the ownership of St Sofia of Kiev National Reserve to the canonical Orthodox Church. On 9 June 2011, a decree of the Cabinet of Ministers passed the control of all the property attached to the St Sofia of Kiev National Reserve to the Ministry of Culture. The buildings of St Sophia Cathedral and its associated monastic complex are on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

19 September 2011



Editor’s Note:

“About ten protesters gathered outside the entrance of St Sophia”… that’s not exactly a groundswell, is it? As for His Holiness selling out to the Americans, that’s a gas! The Americans (especially the noxious “neocons”) have always done their best to smash the Church in the face… they’ve supported such slimers as the Uniates, Ukrainian schismatics, the Aleksandr Men nutters in the real Church, the ROCOR rebels who refused the ’07 reconciliation (truthfully, most of the rank n’ filers are misguided Vlasovtsy and their descendents… they’re not schismatics, they’re only separated for the time being), and the Rusantsov lot. Have a drink and laugh… TEN people showed up. These guys are nothing but the most extreme rightwing fascists. HO HUM. Yanukovich must be getting ready to turn St Sophia back to its rightful owner, the MP. That’s a GOOD thing. After all, the schismatics ain’t Orthodox according to the canons, and the Uniates are nothing but Catholics with an Orthodox rituale (to fool the unwary and simple). Things are being put right in the Ukraine… what’s to complain about? Pass the jug and SMILE.

Oh… one last thing… St Sophia Cathedral and the Kievo-Pechersky Lavra were formerly under the control of two different government ministries. Now, they’re under the same ministerial umbrella. Hmm… the Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra is the HQ of the canonical Church… are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’? God willing, St Sophia will be a cathedral of the REAL Church again, a sign of Little Russia‘s unity with the rest of Holy Rus. May that day some soon.


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