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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

27 September 2011. A Whole Lotta WORK Goin’ On… Makin’ It BETTER For YOU…

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Lately, most of my effort’s gone into Art in Faith, getting the tags and links up to snuff. As I stated earlier, I’m going to extend that to all my sites until anything that’s obscure for the general (Orthodox) reader will get a link. One of my acquaintances teaches a Church School class and she was telling me that if I could “link” explanations for the feasts and bios for the saints to the artwork, that’d help her considerably. THAT was a GOOD idea… another time when the “good idea” came from someone else. I’ve “frozen” the graphics and image layout, and it looks like the tagging and linkage policy is fairly well set now, too. You can’t “tinker” with things incessantly… that’s barmy. However, I can see where my earlier posts would benefit from tagging and linking. So… that’s where most of my online effort’s going for the time being. I’ll cover the important stuff… and if a major story breaks, of course, I’ll drop all to cover it, as per usual.

It’s all to make it easier for you guys to search and “navigate”… and that’s the NAME OF THE GAME. Be good, smile, and pass me the jug! Detail work is THIRSTY work! Ciao…



27 September 2011. Some of My Favourite Things… Links to a Five-Part YouTube Version of the Epic “1612” With English Subtites


Link to a five-part YouTube version of the epic movie 1612 with English subtitles…



The five parts run about 140 minutes (nearly 2 1/2 hours). This is NOT a kid’s flick. There’s brief nudity, adult situations, and the battle scenes can get gory. You’s been warned…

Along with the battles, there’s A GOOD dose of down-home Russian nationalism and patriotism… we wear the white hats around here, pardner. Lean back, get the popcorn, and let the violent and well-filmed action envelop you. The lavish costumes, vast landscapes, stirring battle scenes, and slow-motion flashbacks will grab you. There’s gorgeous visuals and likable characters, and the story’s dramatic. Sit a spell and be entertained… and it’s more accurate than Westerners care to admit. Yes, Virginia, literary licence was used… they only had 2 1/2 hours.. sheesh…


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