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Friday, 30 September 2011

Video. 30 September 2011. Much Ado About Nothing Department… Blunder Kisses the Pope’s Bum… Is That NEWS?



There’s much brouhaha over this video in some circles. Rest easy… this is typical for the Blunder and his gang of merry men in Bolshaya Ordynka. This is NOT new. The Blunder’s been doing this for YEARS. Simply put, for the longest time, the Blunder’s been kissing up to Benny, and, to give the RCs credit, I don’t think that they trust him (c’mon, are you going to take “interested parties” such as Zenit and Asia News at face value?). Benny doesn’t believe in the sincerity of the Blunder any more than I do, and that’s not much (indeed, as a successful infighter in the Curial shark tank, he probably trusts this greasy charlatan LESS than I do). The presence of Igor Vyzhanov proves that this is nothing a crook publicity shoot and photo op. Vyzhanov was in New York recently for a spell, he was supposedly the “Representative of the VRNS” to the UN. Vyzhanov is a slippery and unctuous politician in a riassa who makes Lyonyo look like a piker. Consider the sources… this is from a papist news agency, and PortalCredo.ru is a joke of a website (it’s blatantly pro-American, pro-Western, Neoliberal, and zapadnikin short,  rubbishy twaddle)… it gives a forum to Denisenko, Rusantsov, Gleb Yakunin, and other such flotsam. In short… HO-HUM!

I’ll believe that’s there’s been a breakthrough in Orthodox/Catholic relations if someone like Mark Golvkov were to announce it. As for the Blunder, he’s in bed with the Legion of Christ fruitcakes through Zenit… need I say more? It takes more than gee-shucks good looks and a mellifluous voice to make a REAL churchman (it DOES give you the measure of the konvertsy who swoon over him, though).

To sum up, it was “less than underwhelming”… that does put the cherry on the sundae, doesn’t it?



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