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Monday, 3 October 2011

3 October 2011. Stokoe Mum on Orthodox Education Day

Where’s the bishop?


One of the konvertsy websites had this post:

Speaking about SVS, not ONE OCA Bishop was present this weekend for Ed. Day. The flagship seminary of the OCA and not one bishop thought it important enough be present, but how many of them made the time to be at the MC meeting… Priorities? This is the first time that an OCA bishop was not present at SVS for Ed. Day. Yes, Nikon and Tikhon had good reasons, they get passes. The crowd was miserable, the weather was not bad, so you can’t blame the weather, and SVS professors were walking around bemoaning what has become of their Church. When a Hopko is in almost daily phone contact with Stokoe, reporting to him on the MC meeting, you know where the OCA is headed.

One of my sources added:

Not even Bishop Michael showed up, and he lives in nearby Bronxville, in Westchester County.

What gives? In the ‘80s, the OCA Metropolitan and at least two bishops were always present for Orthodox Education Day. Besides that, it didn’t begin until 10.00 in the morning, to give folks from outlying parts time to get there. Firstly, liturgy was at 08.00 on 1 October, which meant that the crowd only came from surrounding localities and those who had stayed in the area overnight. That is, it was set up so that only the docile and committed cognoscenti could attend. Mark did NOT report that. He knows, as well as I do, that SVS was departing from tradition. He didn’t care! Whatever SVS does is just hunky-dory with Mark. Mark’s an SVS alumnus… he has pals there. Why didn’t he report that no bishops were there? He didn’t because Lyonyo didn’t give him any orders. Mark’s Big Daddy Lyonyo’s loyal retainer… it seems like Tennessee William’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof… no one’s telling the truth… what IS the truth? Who IS going to tell the truth? Mark’s revealed himself as Gooper, not Brick… he’ll lie whenever it’s convenient for his boss.

If no bishop showed for Orthodox Education Day… it was newsworthy and it’s culpable for Mark not to have handled it in a timely fashion. So far, what I’ve learnt is that no bishop was there. If so… it reveals that the OCA has become a hutsky-klutsky construct completely lacking in organisation. If this doesn’t prove to you that the OCA’s a soulless golem careering about, destroying souls left and right, nothing shall. The OCA’s a shadow of what the Metropolia was because it followed the siren song that von Meyendorff and Schmemann sang. It’s time to go home and cut out the games. We’ve got a Church to rebuild…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 3 October 2011

Albany NY 


3 October 2011. Jillions is a “Dual National”… Is He an “American” Canadian… Or, Is He a “Canadian” American?

The state funeral of Jack Layton (1950-2011), Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in the Commons, in Toronto ON CANADA. This was VERY Canadian… not American in the least. Jillions MUST decide… is he “American” or is he “Canadian?” The two are mutually exclusive.


If Jillions, the new OCA Chancellor, is a “dual” national (that is, a holder of two passports), don’t you think that he should renounce one or the other before taking office? If the man refuses to show undivided allegiance to an earthly homeland, which is visible, it’s clear that he’ll have divided allegiance as far as his “spiritual homeland” is concerned (I’ll have more to say on that later on in this post). Trust me, there’s vast differences between Canadians and Americans, they’re not the same thing at all. Americans are citizens of a Radical Republican State that was anti-traditional and anti-hierarchical from the outset. Canadians are citizens of a Conservative Loyalist Monarchist State, indeed, one of the regiments of the Canadian Army was known as the “Loyal Americans”. Elizabeth the Second, By the Grace of God, is the Queen of Canada. On the contrary, Americans spit on royalty… Jillions can be loyal be BOTH of these concepts at the same time? I think not… it’s utterly impossible. Either you’re an egalitarian subversive posing as a loyal subject of the sovereign or you’re a secret monarchist pretending to worship the Radical Libertarianism of the “Founding Fathers”. In short, Stokoe reveals Jillions to be deeply schizophrenic in character, ergo, utterly unfit to hold any office, not only in the OCA, but in any organisation at all. Be one or the other… that’s no problem. However, there’s no such thing as a “generic” North American… you can be an American, a Canadian, or a Quebecker… but NOT a “North American”… it’s simply illusory and non-existent. The only people who speak of “North Americans” in the USA are rightwing extremists who want to incorporate Canada into the USA.

By the way, I meant it when I called Canada “conservative”… for it is. Its sovereignty is based upon allegiance to a monarch, who happens also to be the Queen of several other polities at the same time. Jack Layton, for instance, the late NDP leader, opposed any mucking about with the monarchy… as is true in the Scandinavian countries as well. You can be “Left” and “conservative” at the same time, believe it or not. Don’t forget… single-payer healthcare was the brainchild of Prince Otto von Bismarck. If Jack Layton had become PM, he would have bowed before the Governor General, the representative in Canada of his monarch, for that’s the way it is. In fact, you CAN’T be a Radical Libertarian Republican and be “conservative” at the same time… they’re mutually exclusive! Don’t forget, the US Republican and Democratic Parties BOTH share the same basic ideology… they both believe in Republicanism, ergo, both are “Radical” in the European sense, both are anti-tradition… there’s NO “conservative” political party in the USA (no political party in the US stands up for hierarchy, tradition, or blood-and-soil nationalism).


Jillions’ Galician Uniate pals glorify and excuse THIS… they glorify the Nazis and those who fought for them!


Not only is Jillions a schizo in political terms, he’s a bloody indifferentist in religious terms. One of my sources wrote me:

Now, I’ve seen everything… Jillions is a Professor of Theology at a Uniate Ukrainian Institute in Ottawa… Fathausen, Lyonyo, and the Syosset/SVS cabal are really spitting in the face of the UOC/MP and Her First Hierarch His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir. Remove Fathausen… rip up the Tomos… it’s time to go home to the Mother Church… NOW!

Another communication said:

Note that Stokoe doesn’t mention that he is both a professor at St Paul University (RC) AND one of four professors listed at the Ukrainian Uniate Institute which is affiliated with St. Paul University, but is a separate institution.  Take a look at the websites carefully.

Jillions is affiliated with and supports the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies… a link to it is on one of his home pages. This is too much. By this appointment, the Syosset/SVS apparat is spitting on the Holy Church, especially the confessors in the Western Ukraine undergoing Uniate persecution. Sheptytsky blessed Nazi collaborationist troops, as did his protégé, Slipy. Jillions spits on the memory of our honoured dead from the VOV, both military and civilian. You can honour the heroes of the Red Army or the bandits of the UPA and Hilfspolizei… but not both. Jillions has shown by his presence at this “university” his contempt for Christ’s Holy Church, the anti-Fascist Coalition of World War II, and for the idea of our common homeland of All the Russias.

Let’s see, he graduated SVS in ’79, that means that he was there was Stokoe was there; therefore, he’s pals with Mark… of course, Mark’s trying to lie and cover things up to get him in. In addition, it means that Jillions was at SVS during the worst era of SVS, at the height of the silly season of the Schmemannshchyna. Mark mentions, “For many years Fr John was the Principal of the Insitute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge, England“. What a joke! That was only one hired room! That’s all that it was… it was a Potyomkin Village of the most derisive sort. In short, the information I’m receiving hourly proves that Jillions is a worthless indiffentist, fanatical autocephalist, and a deracinated “world citizen” (such are usually shills for the multinational Western Corporate Oligarchy).

Let’s keep it simple. You can hold up John Jillions for emulation… or you can hold up the late Fr Mikhail Shuvar for emulation. I prefer the latter, no questions about it. I prefer to honour those who shed their blood for Christ rather than those who spit on Our Lord Christ’s Body, the Church. Which do you prefer? Do think seriously before answering that. If you don’t know anything about Fr Mikhail, click on his name… it’ll take you to an article that I translated about this hero.

The hero or the putz? It’s up to you…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 3 October 2011

Albany NY

3 October 2011. Stokoe Lies Brazenly in His Latest Post…

Mark Stokoe claims that he withheld Jillion’s name at the request of the OCA Synod. That’s a brazen lie. Mark only posts what Lyonyo tells him to… he’s nothing but Lyonyo’s lickspittle ruuning-dog-lackey. Don’t forget, Mark was Lyonyo’s Stepin Fetchit when he worked at the Chancery, and he attended liturgy at Lyonyo’s parish, not the Chancery chapel, as did other Chancery staff. NEVER forget… Mark isn’t an independent actor, he’s always been Lyonyo’s Uriah Heep, and, probably, always shall be. Mark is an old Chancery staff member lusting to get his old sinecure back. He’s behind Jillions because Jillions is a fanatical Renovationist and part of the old boy’s network of Hunchak, Johnnie Hopko, and Wheeler. These guys would do anything for Lyonyo… there’s not a honest one in the lot.

As a friend wrote me today:

I really think we are near the end now regarding the OCA…

Another wrote me:

You hit it on the head with the First Family stuff. Maybe Jillions is competent, but it smells of business as usual.

Mark is doing his best to plug the leak in the Titanic… his readership has plummeted, and its NOT going to recover. It’s time to go to the boats… Mark’s an unhinged and ungrounded autocephalist nutter… he’s going to stay until the ship goes down, and he’s going to drown with it. Is that what you want for yourself?


Video. Vladimir Martynov: “The Beatitudes”… An Ancient Text to a Modern Chromatic Setting…

This is sung by the world-famous Sirin Ensemble, who’re mostly known for their work in Old Russian chant genres. Here, they team up with a modern composer, Vladimir Martynov. The melody is Old Russian, the harmonics are in fifths and fourths per the ancient style. This is GOOD… take a listen… let it BUILD within you. This is REAL…


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