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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

4 October 2011. NO Reportage of Orthodox Education Day on oca.org… NO Mention of Jillions on oca.org… NO Mention of Archbishop Dmitri in oca.org “In Memoriam” section… Jillions Writes Self-Promoting Comment in Stokoe’s Comboxes

Orthodox Education Day at SVS on 1 October 2011. The crowd was sparse, as this image indicates.


A friend wrote me:

So, people are getting paid to run the OCA website? I was surprised they no longer use the big tent any longer for liturgies… well, maybe not… it looks like the end.

I remember well… all the priests got a letter to attend one of the many birthday parties for Bishop Herman. This letter explained how and when to hand your gift to “Hs Majesty” and what line to stand in. One of the older priests was livid! He asked, “Why is this happening? Why is [Herman] getting away with acting like a pope?”

There’s NO MORE BIG TENT at Orthodox Education Day… well, well, well… that’s NEWS! The crowd is meagre… they only want “approved” and “safe” people there, no doubt. Why is there NO reportage of Orthodox Education Day on oca.org? Why is oca.org silent on Fathausen’s absence? I’m no supporter of Bush’s wars of aggression, but I’d NEVER say an unkind or nasty word to a soldier home from the war zone (especially one wounded or maimed)… I’d buy ‘em a drink, show nothing but kindness, and give ‘em a kiss, that’s what I’d do. For Fathausen to stay away deliberately from an event supposedly focusing on those who serve in the forces was nasty and rude in the extreme. He pals around with rightwing extremists who avoided and shirked their service… that should tell you something.

As of 14.00 EDT Tuesday 4 October 2011, there’s no mention of Jillions as OCA Chancellor-designee on oca.org. The website had the obligation to confirm or deny the reports that were “out there”. Instead, it took a sphinx-like silence. This is further proof that Ginny Nieuwsma is NOT a journalist; she’s nothing but a paid mouthpiece for JP and Lyonyo (as the Apostle said, “a brazen sounding gong”). A real journalist is like the late Mike Royko… you go out there, you flush out the stories, and you publish them so that the ordinary sweats can get the TRUTH. If some jackass official (political or ecclesial) tries to pressure you into silence, you tell them, “Sod off. Get rooted in the most expeditious way possible”, you shout out the real story, and deal with whatever flak they send you. Again, this silence shows that Ginny Nieuwsma’s nothing but an obsequious toady to the “powers-that-be”… that’s a sign that EVERYTHING that she writes is suspect.

A friend sent me this in re Archbishop Dmitri Royster:

What do you make if this? There’s an In Memoriam section on the OCA website, but no mention at all of Dmitri. In my opinion, you don’t have to be a fan of the Archbishop to recognise that as wrong.   

Hear; hear! I agree wholeheartedly. You NEVER sugar-coat the past, nor do you try to suppress it. The truth ALWAYS finds its way out! Future historians of the Church in the diaspora in the USA and Canada will study Aleksandr Schmemann, Ivan von Meyendorff, Dmitri Royster, Seraphim Sigrist, Vitaly Ustinov, Georgi and Antony Grabbe, and Gleb Podmoshensky… not because they’re exemplars… they’re not, emphatically… but because they were a part of our history (and let’s face it, history would be BORING without the “bastards” and “enthusiasts”). I stand “for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”. That means “warts and all”. You NEVER omit someone because you dislike them, or even if you find them evil. Russians (and Leftists, in general) should never try to make Lenin, Yagoda, or Yezhov “unpersons”; Christians should never try to erase the record of evil men such as Judas Iscariot, Arius, the Iconoclasts, Aleksandr Vvedensky, Aleksandr Men, Kirill Terlecky, or Iosif Slipy. Note well that OrthoWiki (which has NO connection with the main Wikipedia, a geeky friend of mine assured me) refuses to relate the history surrounding Gleb Podmoshensky. That shows them to be Orwellian “retouchers” of history (an MP priest called it “mostly convert rubbish”… in many ways, it is). If we’re Christians, we follow Our Lord Christ, Who’s Incarnate Truth… therefore, if we try to “whitewash” or “retouch” the past, we’re servants of Satan, full stop. Christians do NOT believe in damnatio memoriae. Dmitri Royster died as a legit bishop of the OCA… it’s shameful that he’s NOT in the In Memoriam section of oca.org.

It’s unbelievable, but John Jillions wrote a self-serving comment in Stokoe’s comboxes in re his own nomination as OCA Chancellor. READ IT. The hubristic bastard expects you to swallow it whole, without demur. He and Stokoe are a pair, aren’t they? Here it is (you CAN keep down your lunch):

Well, I guess I’ll have to get used to a slightly higher public profile in the OCA if this goes through. But, as Mark notes this still must have the approval of the Holy Synod (I’ll meet with them on Wednesday). And no formal offer has been made or accepted. Otherwise, his report is correct except for a few details. I was in charge of the Doctor of Ministry (not MDiv) program at Saint Paul University until this year, and while I speak Russian fairly well, I am not at all fluent in Greek. Prayers will be much appreciated.

(Editor’s note (Mark Stokoe): Fr John is far too modest. We apologise for the error… and join in prayers for every future success. )

3 October 2011

Fr John A Jillions

Orthodox Christians for Accountability



Here’s a shot of something good… wasn’t Mark’s toadying to his pal Jillions treacly and cloying? AARGH! The above proves that Jillions is a cloistered academic with no idea of how things are done in the “real world”. Firstly, if there are corrections, you have a trusted underling or accomplice send it… you don’t do it yourself! That’s NEVER done. Note how he preens himself. Let’s see… he’s a dual citizen with no real allegiance to one polity or another… he’s an employee at a papist/Uniate institution (thereby, hobnobbing with those who directly attack the Church in the Western Ukraine)… he’s a brother-in-law to one of Lyonyo’s Old Gang in Syosset (don’t forget, Stokoe was Lyonyo’s loyal dog at the Chancery)… now, he shows himself a shameless self-promoter. Mark should have removed the name and made it an “anonymous” post… but he didn’t. That shows that not only Jillions is a puffed-up posturing fool, Mark’s a negligent and unthinking boob. These people wish to run the OCA… and they have nothing but contempt and condescension for you.

If you needed proof that “them whom the gods would destroy, first, they make them mad”, just look at what’s happening in the OCA. I rest my case…

Is Bishop Mel going to go along with the charade of naming Jillions Chancellor? We’ll soon have the measure of Mel Pleska… quo vadis, Bishop Mel?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Albany NY


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