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Thursday, 6 October 2011

6 October 2011. A Video Response to the Snotty and Shirty Konvertsy in Stokoe’s Comboxes… Reality vs Illusion

Remember the Meeting on the Elbe!

V Fenin




Lately, there’s been some rather grotty commenting going on in Stokoe’s comboxes by the ususal cast of konvertsy ignoramuses. I’d remind them that if wasn’t for the bravery of the Russian peopleUncle Adolf would have shoved all of the Jews of Europe in the ovens and the Slavs would’ve been next. In fact, have you noticed how closely their “American Exceptionalism” resembles Nazism? Do ask the suffering people of Afghanistan and Iraq their opinion on that after living through a decade of American aggression. That’s why I posted the above video… we Russians aren’t going to roll over and play dead for a bunch of arrogant, ignorant, and hubristical Anglo-Saxons.

My view is simple… no one people is “chosen of God”… certainly, not Anglo-Saxon America, whose history is drenched in self-pious violence and bloodshed. It’s time to tend to our affairs and business… we should end the wars and we should end the multinationals’ rape of the environment and their brutalisation of foreign workers. Then, America could be a POSITIVE force in the world. Don’t forget, American and Soviet troops shook hands at the Elbe… it happened in the past, it can happen again. Oh… at that time, the USA was under the “socialistic” New Deal… it’s never been stronger… before or since. Think on that, rightwingers…

Back to the Future! It’s NOT just a catchy slogan!


To David Constantine Wright:

DO shut up. I’d LOVE to see you in the same room with Vsevolod Chaplin or Mark Golovkov… both hold the kandidatura nauka (by the way, the Blunder only holds a Western PhD, a degree inferior to the kandidatura). They’d make you eat every last one of your chuckle-headed assertions… and I’d PAY to see it (so would many others, to speak truthfully)!



6 October 2011. “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”… But THIS is Ridiculous

Don’t bother me… I done did it already… I may be tranquil and mosey along, but I’m not as slow as she is…


Look at this:


This should have posted on Monday 27 September 2011… 11 days ago! This is laziness and slothfulness of the highest order. It’s even more laggardly than the usual display from Lil’ Mizz Ginny, to be sure. Even Flash the Coon Hound is faster! However, to be fair, this is being posted because yours truly posted something about Fathausen’s dreck recently. If you want to read about it first… COME HERE. If you’re content to be spoonfed by Lyonyo & Co, well, log on to oca.org. You don’t take nearly two weeks to publicise a minor event such as a book-signing. You get the news out there… there are perspirin’ minds to be fed!

Talking about reporting the news in a timely fashion… I got the news late last night that the Holy Synod (foolishly) hired Jillions. I waited until the morning on the grounds that I wanted to see if Lil’ Mizz Ginny had learned the error of her ways and was going to post on it expeditiously, as she should. Well… she’s not learnt a bloody thing. As of 15.20 EDT (23.20 MSK 20.20 UTC 12.20 PDT), there’s still NOTHING up on oca.org concerning this. It looks like Lil’ Mizz Ginny is like a deer caught in the headlights without guidance from Lyonyo or El Gordo. Posting about Jillions was more important than a seminar at SVS. She KNEW last night… ergo, this delay is unprofessional, unconscionable, and unworkmanlike.

Who’s going to take Lil’ Mizz Ginny out to the woodshed for “three of the best?” Any volunteers? Hmm… there’s a LONG line of takers on that one…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 6 October 2011

Albany NY

A Multimedia Presentation. 6 October 2011. What Jews Have Given the Rodina… Some TRUTH about Birobidzhan


It takes about a minute for the song to kick in…




A short little vid about Biro made in the ’30s










To say the least, extremist Zionists spit bullets whenever you even hint at “Birobidzhan“. Firstly, the place wasn’t a hell on earth, as the above images testify. The area has fertile soil and is rich in mineral resources. Secondly, it WAS an attempt at a “Jewish homeland“… albeit with Yiddish as the language, not Hebrew, and under Socialistic, not Capitalistic auspices. Birobidzhan Jewish National University, uniquely in the Russian Far East, uses as the basis of its teaching the study of the Hebrew language, Jewish history, and classic Jewish texts. In recent years, there’s been renewed interest in the area in its Jewish roots. Birobidzhan has several state-run schools that teach Yiddish, a Yiddish school for religious instruction, and a kindergarten. Today, the city’s 14 public schools must teach Yiddish and Jewish tradition. In short, it was (and is) nothing to sneeze at. Don’t forget, the extremist Zionists (especially the Likud terrorists under Netanyahu) are close allies of the American extreme right (and of American Radical Sectarians). They hate Biro on ideological grounds… not because of any factual or objective grounds.

Today, some 2,000 to 4,000 Jewish people still live in the area and keep the Yiddish culture alive (with a theatre and newspaper, no less). Raise a glass and cheer… if you look at the above images, you can see that Biro is hardly a “hole in the wall”.


This Just In Department:

One of my friends wrote me:

The majority of the early secular Zionists and the founding fathers and mothers of the modern State of Israel were socialists not capitalists. A capitalist economic model would have been impractical and unsustainable anyway in the early years of Statehood. Without crucial military aid from then-Socialist bloc Czechoslovakia, the State of Israel would’ve been annihilated in short order following the Proclamation of Statehood by David Ben-Gurion in Tel Aviv on 14 May 1948. The kibbutzim… now fading from the scene, unfortunately… are a salient example of the marriage between the ideals of secular Zionism and socialism. American involvement came later and capitalism arrived even later. Whether the Likud crowd likes it or not, the Birobidzhan community is an international treasure preserving Yiddish language and literature as well as the ethos of traditional Eastern European Jewish culture and life. 

I replied:

I KNOW THAT… I was talking of what Israel’s become… a little USA. It’s a Crusader State… how much longer do you think that they have?

To which, I got the reply:

I know that you know… I’m not sure if all your readers know, especially the younger ones. As far as the “new” State of Israel is concerned… who knows… things would’ve worked out much better in the short and long term if they stayed the course with the original socialist model.

THIS is why this website flies… you guys! I’m blessed with friends… God IS good.


America Protests Against Capitalism: An Overview from the International Media

American cops rough up Occupy Wall Street protestor… but the coppers are “union men”. Now, the unions are “out there”, how long shall the cops take orders from the money-grubbing oligarchs and their GOP politico lickspittles? Perspirin’ minds wanna know!


Occupy Wall Street… on Saturday, thousands of ordinary Americans tried to occupy the Brooklyn Bridge. Police in the “democratic” USA acted just like the cops in Iran, Egypt, and Greece; they arrested and handcuffed 700 demonstrators, and took them off to court. Many ordinary Americans are tired of the outrageousness of the mega-corporations and the continued support that these corporate giants get from the government. There are plenty of people disgusted with the current atmosphere in America, whose leadership is doing its best to ram its notions down the throats of the entire world. Obviously, today, many Americans feel that the direction of their society’s development is deeply flawed, and are increasingly sceptical of an economic system that no longer evenly distributes its benefits into the wider community, according to an editorial in the Independent .

America’s facing an acute financial and political crisis, and Americans decided to confront it, right in the heart of New York, Wall Street, the financial centre of the world. Moreover, they’ve done it. They shut down the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge, which connects two boroughs of Greater New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn), paralysing traffic for several hours, leaving it in a giant traffic jam. At first, the police tried to get the demonstrators to leave on their own; then, they resorted to mass arrests to clear the bridge. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in a speech justifying the police action used purely “authoritarian” terms… “Although people have a right to protest, we must remember that other people have the right to walk the streets in peace and security”. The protesters believe that the police acted too aggressively, and the intelligentsia supports that point of view. “Predatory traders destroyed the global economy, those who protested against that are in jail”, the newspaper The Guardian quoted writer Salman Rushdie as saying.

Saturday’s rally was no fluke… hundreds of demonstrators spent the night in nearby Zucotti Park over the past two weeks, the tabloid The Daily Mail reported. It’s a tent city where people sleep on inflatable mattresses and shower in a nearby McDonalds. These people oppose “Financial terrorism”… they oppose the way the government supports the banks at the expense of ordinary taxpayers and the way it shreds the social safety net. The protesters wish to see higher tax rates on the wealthy, to make large corporations restore to workers their lost benefits, and make the corporations and banks responsible to the people. In their makeshift camp in New York, the protestors have a working pharmacy, a newsstand, IT centre, and even a library. The protestors are ready to occupy this tent city all winter… anything to have their voices heard.

Similar protests have spread across the country…actions in solidarity with the New York rally occurred in Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Julian Harrison, a schoolteacher from Portland OR, earns 50,000 USD a year, but it’s barely enough to pay the bills. “Teachers are getting fired throughout the country, and the competition amongst us is growing. Where I live, college grads are fighting for a place in a coffee shop”, he said. However, there isn’t any despair; the Occupy Wall Street “invaders” have fun, too. The Huffington Post compiled a list of songs popular amongst the protesters, including, You Never Give Me Your Money by the Beatles or Creep by Radiohead.

The American rightwing website BloggerNews collects and analyses popular posts in the blogosphere. It claimed that rich young people in fashionable clothes chant anti-capitalist slogans and sleep in tents, but they surf the Internet on Apple laptops. It claims that they’re people who’ve seen too many romantic stories about the events in Tunisia and Egypt and want to feel cool. One of the outraged rightwingers writing for this website expostulated, “What’s happened to our youth? The Liberals {Social Democrats, the US rightwing is full of ignorant ignoramuses: editor} have made this country what it is now, and these rich kids don’t understand that, and they protest against the only viable way of life… they all get together and listen to Radiohead”. Erin Larkins, a graduate of Columbia University, said that she and her boyfriend earn 130,000 USD a year, but they’ve got so many student loans to pay off that they might have to switch to eating rice and beans. “We aren’t asking for much, we just want a normal life”, she said. The rightwingers at BloggerNews chimed in, “However, what’s ‘normal life’ in the understanding of spoiled American students? They probably never heard the saying, ‘There ain’t no free lunch’.

Be that at it may be, the protests look like they might become an international affair. Canadian CTV television said that the protesters in New York have supported the protestors in Toronto. Local protesters are demanding changes to the financial system and raising taxes on the mega-corporations. Who knows… maybe these protests will be the beginning of a long-awaited “American Spring?”

3 October 2011

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Note well the rightwing rant reported by VOR. This is what the rightwing blogosphere is like… they’re vicious and nasty bullies, but they can’t “take” even a smidgen of what they hand out. They have BILLIONS for bombs… BILLIONS for non-taxpaying corporations… and BILLIONS for the most lightly-taxed oligarchs in the developed world. They have NOTHING for healthcare… NOTHING for UIBs… NOTHING for schools. They are believers in “might makes right”. They believe in smashing their boot-heel full-force into the faces of the prostrate. The blood and gore on their shoes bothers them not at all. They GLORY in it… it means that they’re TOUGH… it means that they’re PRAGMATIC. After all, “The race goes to the swiftest”. If you vote for the Republican Party, THAT’S what you vote for, full stop. If you support Rick Perry… you support cudgelling the poor (McJobs to subsidise McMansions… yahoo!). If you support Rush Limbaugh… you support immorality (he’s a pill popper, a coward who refused to serve, and four-times married)… if you supported George W Bush you supported a liar (there were no WMDs).

Here’s the cherry on top of it all… most of these rightwing barbarians claim to be CHRISTIANS. I’ll not go into that here (it deserves its own post). It’s not true… they’re not Christians… Our Lord Christ said, “Not all those who say ‘Lord, Lord’ will win the Kingdom of Heaven”. I rest my case… for now.


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