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Thursday, 6 October 2011

The “American Autumn”: “Occupy Wall Street” May Foretell a March on Washington

Protests have spread to Chicago


The Occupy Wall Street campaign is spreading to other cities in the USA and Canada. In California, it’s “Occupy San Francisco” and “Occupy Santa Barbara”, in Washington State, it’s “Occupy Seattle”. The “Occupy” movement has spread to Portland, Philadelphia, and Miami. Canadian activists are readying to “Occupy” Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montréal. On Thursday, activists plan a mass demonstration in Washington DC “against the system and the institutions that support endless war and unlimited corporate greed”.

Michael Levitin, editor of the Occupied Wall Street Journal, said, “I’m convinced that the protest movement will spread to the federal capital of the United States. We want to go to Washington to force lawmakers to listen to us and do something. I think that as long as they don’t listen to us, and do nothing, the protests aren’t going away, in fact, they might even grow. Now, we have the newspaper Occupied Wall Street Journal, which is our press outlet. We represent the interests of most Americans. You’ve got to understand that we aren’t a bunch of unemployed kids with nothing better to do. We have ideals and specific ideas about what to do. We speak out on problems a lot of Americans identify with”.

Occupy Wall Street began on 17 September in downtown New York City in Manhattan. Camille Rivera, an organiser with United New York, told VOR about the protest rallies in New York, “I was on Wall Street on Saturday and Sunday. I was a little jealous to see what they were doing at the Occupied Wall Street Journal. There are really a lot of people there. Every day, all sorts of people come, airline pilots, teachers… the trades unions are joining the movement. Some join us on their lunch breaks”.

5 October 2011

Aleksandr Vatutin

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