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Friday, 7 October 2011

7 October 2011. You NEVER Despise Something Truthful Because of its Provenance… Only Fools and Childish Konvertsy Do So…

The truth is where you find it… not where you wish it to be…


A friend wrote me:

I don’t like the source, but it’s more or less true. I saw this posted online; it’s accurate, for the most part:

Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald is also for centralised control. This is why he pines for the days of Bob Kondratick running the OCA during the benign-neglect reign of Metropolitan Theodosius Lazor. The Holy Synod was largely self-absorbed as the bishops gazed intensely at their own dioceses while ignoring the greater OCA. Metropolitan Theodosius pretty much did what he wanted, which wasn’t much, but that was OK with all the bishops because it meant that they didn’t have to work together. If there was a conflict, Bob came in with a solution, usually involving cash that seemed to magically appear and disappear. [Tikhon’s] despair came with the realisation that the quiet world of the early years, when his cathedral in LA was full of immigrants and the Slavonic services were packed, gave way to an almost empty church in a Hispanic neighbourhood, and converts who don’t share his fantasies have replaced the immigrants. When Bob Kondratick’s episcopal baby-sitting service ended with his removal and deposition, Bishop Tikhon could no longer remain as bishop because he simply could not handle the strain of cooperating with the other bishops on the Holy Synod. He threatened to retire and everyone accepted his offer with gladness.


This isn’t completely true… but one should NEVER refuse to look at something just because this one or that one said it. Even partial truths are valuable and you should never disregard what’s accurate. You discard the dross and keep the pure metal… that’s how mature and grounded people operate. Love BT DOES want Bobby back, and he’ll do anything to do it… but for a reason that the writer doesn’t mention. Bobby “enabled” the fagorama in the upper reaches of the OCA. There are those of us who saw him and his “friend” at Veselka’s in the Village… he was OPEN about it. Love BT was part of a circle that included Nikolai Soraich, Innocent Brittain, and Benjamin Peterson… the good word has it that they’re all closeted poofters. Love BT drooled over the HOOMie cultists, despite their glaring ties with the sodomite Gleb Podmoshensky. Both of these facts make one wonder… is Love BT simply a Benjamin Peterson of the previous generation?

Bobby was a “fixer”… and he “fixed” the “problems” that arose with Feodosy Lazor, Pierre l’Huillier, Dmitri Royster, Seraphim Storheim, and Herman Swaiko. It was much like the RC paedophilia scandal before it went “public”. There’s been more than one “confidential settlement”. “We admit no guilt or wrongdoing”… how many times has that been said by the OCA’s lawyers? Did he “fix” “problems” for Love BT too? There’s no direct evidence, but look at Love BT’s rabid defence of Bobby… it IS suggestive. Also, don’t forget James Silver’s ties to Hillary Madison. It seems that all of Bobby’s defenders have some sort of moral taint hanging over them.

Again… NEVER refuse to heed something because of the source. You just might ignore the truth if you do so…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 7 October 2011

Albany NY  


Schismatics in Sumy Oblast in the Ukraine Received into the Canonical Orthodox Church through Repentance

Bishop Iosif Maslennikov of Konotop and Glukhov (1978- ), of the canonical UOC/MP. The loudmouths in Stokoe’s comboxes are perpetually mewling about the “old and stuck in the mud” clergy in Russia… then, please, explain to me why the only clergy that I see in the MP are young men like this bishop and Archbishop Mark and Fr Vsevolod (and oldsters like Metropolitan Yuvenaly who’re “young at heart”)? Are we looking at the same Church?


On 26 September 2011, the eve of the holyday of the Elevation of the Holy Cross, in Shostka in Sumy Oblast in the Ukraine, a parish of the schismatic “Patriarchate of Kiev”, led by their priest, returned to the fold of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church/MP. Earlier, Vladimir Skiba, known as “Hieromonk Siluan”, a former clergyman of the so-called UOC/KP’s Diocese of Konotop, petitioned Bishop Iosif Maslennikov of Konotop and Glukhov to forgive him, and to receive him, along with the members of the schismatic UOC/KP Holy Trinity parish, into ecclesiastical communion with the Diocese of Konotop of the canonical UOC/MP. Vladyki Iosif served the rite of accession to the Orthodox Church. Parishioners professed their loyalty to the Church of Christ, and they renounced all schismatic and heterodox activities and formally broke all ties with the schismatic Mikhail Antonovich Denisenko (formerly Metropolitan Philaret). At the end of the rite of accession and the reconsecration of Holy Trinity’s parish church, Bishop Iosif served Divine Liturgy. Vladyki Iosif expressed his sincere joy on the return of our brothers and sisters in the faith from the sin of schism. He said, “Schisms and divisions are wounds and sores on the Body of Christ, which is embodied by the Church. However, for Orthodox Christians, the Cross isn’t a symbol of death… it’s a symbol of life and resurrection. In ancient Jerusalem, touching the dead to the True Cross brought them back to life; when a parish returns to the salvific bosom of the Church, it breathes life into a newly-Orthodox community”. The newly-reconciled schismatics confessed and took Holy Communion together with other Orthodox Christians. Everyone received icons of the Saviour and the Most Holy Mother of God, along with an episcopal blessing.

28 September 2011



Editor’s Note:

An MP priest sent me the link to this with the comment, “Is this the future for the OCA?” Now, it’s time to “speak the unthinkable”. With the nomination of John Jillions to be Chancellor, the OCA crossed a line. Mr Jillions is a known quasi-papist, Radical Renovationist, and indifferentist. His wife is even worse than he is. Together, they’re a force for evil… there’s no other way of putting it. I believe that portions of the OCA are going to descend into schism (that’s why Love BT must be prevented from attending the Sobor… he’ll light the match just out of spite). Interestingly enough, New Skete’s probably not going to spin off into vagante irrelevance. They need to sell their dogs and cheesecakes in order to survive, so, they have to stay “canonical”… they’ll either return to the Unia or go to the EP. SVS, too, won’t fly off into schism… they’ll go EP, just like the Paris cabal.

Here’s the saddest part… all of the loudmouth konvertsy truly think that they can “defy” world Orthodoxy. Trust me… they’d be disowned, and right smartly, too. They’d be nothing but another splinter that’s left the Church and spun into isolated and crackbrained rebellion. No one would miss them… NO ONE. Some of the saner parishes would be dragged into the whirlpool… the scenario illustrated by the above news item would play out in more than one community. As for the rest… the Church would take its traditional attitude… “If you wish to return, you know where the door is, and what the conditions are. They’re not going to change any time soon or any time later. It’s up to you”. We haven’t come to the darkest segment of the road yet. Are we at “June 1941” (the nadir-point of the atheist persecution… only 100 churches were left in all the USSR) yet? Shall we have to drink the cup to the bitter dregs? One hopes not…


7 October 2011. Hmm… Made an Error in re Denise Jillions… Here’s the REAL DEAL… THANK YOU to My Sources… Some other titbits Picked Up Along the Way

Let me correct an error that I made (I make them… I’m not “perfect” the way Stokoe and Lil’ Mizz Ginny are). Eric Wheeler’s late wife was Alla Jillions Wheeler… Alla was the sister of John Jillions. Denise Jillions, John’s wife, is no relation to Eric Wheeler, other than being his late wife’s sister-in-law. My sources are good… they‘re willing to keep me straight. NO… I don’t take “corrections” from “interested clergy” or their pals… that’s always WRONG (although, strangely enough, it’s always “for the good of the Church”). If I’m wrong in re facts… and reliable sources back that error… I don’t make excuses… I just put out the straight story. Reflect well that Stokoe, Lil’ Mizz Ginny, Lonyo, Fathausen, and Dreher don’t do that… their story changes every which-way… no one dares say, “A man whose allegiance is due to expedience”… caveat lector.

James Silver’s defending Dahulich because Dahulich is “open” (as is Fathausen) to “revisiting” Bobby K’s case with the intention of (very) possibly lifting Bobby’s deposition from the priesthood. On the other hand, BP and Nathaniel Popp are the two main obstacles on the Holy Synod to Bobby’s restoration. In other words, Dahulich has no problem accepting clerical corruption and sexual perversion… that explains why Nicholas Smisko didn’t want him as a successor (and why Piggy Iggy Burdikoff is gaga over Dahulich).

This interesting nugget came my way in re Denise Jillions. In preparation for the 1989 Sobor held in St Louis MO, Denise Jillions sat on the Pre-Conciliar Commission… she dominated/monopolised every meeting and pushed her own agenda. Archbishop Dmitri Royster was the chairman/episcopal moderator. He bitched publicly that Denise, Connie Tarasar, and their pals were trying to “hijack” the Pre-Conciliar Commission and ultimately the ’89 Sobor itself. Wait until Denise takes the helm as OCA Chancellor… it’s going to be like having Connie Tarasar in charge, only worse. Denise is going to be de facto Chancellor and John Jillions is going to be de facto Assistant to the Chancellor. When John and Denise Jillions were in Australia, things did not go well at all. Their departure was ignominious to say the least… the next priest assigned had to clean up the mess they left behind. The OCA Chancery will evolve into a 21st century American “Living Church” if Jillions, Wheeler, Stokoe, Hunchak, and Hopko pere et fils join forces with Lyonyo and Berzonsky pere et fils and assumes “leadership” (make a coup d’état and seize power)… either the edifice will collapse (most probably) or the po-nashemu parishes may have to consider pulling out of the OCA sooner rather than later. Jillions is a hater of Church Order in all its forms… he works for the Uniates, he spits on the Ustav (as his conduct in Ottawa proves), and he hates iconstases (as his support of a certain parish in Montréal indicates). What more do you need?

Well… it won’t be boring… and it may not “play out” at the next Sobor. There IS a faction determined to keep the OCA afloat, and Lyonyo has proven that he’s unscrupulous and won’t let legality stand in his way. It bids fair to be “interesting”… God do preserve us. History teaches us that more than one unthrifty institution can persist if there are enough entrenched interests defending it (e.g. the US Electoral College, propped up by the Republican Party… it’s the only way that Party can stay in the running on the national scale).

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 7 October 2011

Albany NY 

7 October 2011. Same Ol’ Condescending Shit on oca.org… Lil’ Mizz Ginny Won’t Name Jillions as New OCA Chancellor… What’s Lyonyo Afraid Of?

Lil’ Mizz Ginny’s giving you the same ol’ smoke n’ mirrors that Herman did… and Stokoe beams his approval…


Well, oca.org posted SOMETHING on the new Chancellor (after this site jazzed Lil’ Mizz Ginny with the old electric cow-kicker)… they still refuse to name Jillions as the nominee. Look… everybody knows it. It’s NO secret. However, it’s obvious that Lil’ Mizz Ginny had to find what Her Master’s Voice (Lyonyo) had to say. This PROVES that Lyonyo has nothing but contempt for you. That goes back to the ‘70s and his nastiness in the Sea Cliff property fight. He believes that you’re blithering idiots and that you’ll put up with whatever shit that he feeds you.

Do remember what he did in ’05 when the Sobor wanted to withdraw from the NCC. There was a majority of votes in favour of the motion, but Lyonyo used a slimy and dodgy parliamentary manoeuvre to remove the item from the agenda (along with fishy sorts such as Paul Lazor). What’s most worthy of note is that Lyonyo was an “interested party”; as a paid official of the NCC, he’d lose serious dinero if the OCA left the NCC. That is, in a properly-run organisation, the chairman would rule Lyonyo’s motion out of order, the voting would proceed, and Lyonyo would have to resign his position and lose his money. Oh, yes… Stokoe beams at such shenanigans… Lyonyo is the Great White Hope of the Church… yes, sir, he’ll being back Mark, Connie, Eric, Hunchak, and Johnnie… in Mark’s eyes, that’s the Second Coming, Nirvana on Earth, and the Lion Laying Down with the Lamb all rolled into one!

No doubt, the usual crowd of goodthinkers on the Orthodox Forum, such as Nina Dimas, David Constantine Wright, Rebecca Matovic, Hank Leaf, Michael Reagan, and Sean O’Claire are going to call me names. So what… let them PROVE that Lyonyo wasn’t a creep during the Sea Cliff property fight and let them PROVE that Lyonyo didn’t scuttle the OCA leaving the NCC. They can’t… ergo, they’re nothing but supporters of a lie… “For the good of the Church” (they use that one in an attempt to quash honest inquiry and investigation). That should make you think many times over whenever you read ANYTHING posted by the named individuals. For instance, Michael Reagan saw NOTHING wrong in supporting Love BT and in serving as his Treasurer (also working closely with the known poofter Nikolai Soraich).

The Jillions connection is going to lead to a dust-up, not only now, but at the upcoming Sobor, too. I’m guessing that Love BT will come out swinging against Jillions because of the Wheeler connection… his pal Bobby lost this round, but not necessarily the war. Lyonyo thinks that he’s secured his back by having his hack Jillions as Chancellor… Wheeler’s going to exert inordinate influence at the Chancery (his loudmouth sister is Jillion’s wife, after all)… even if Wheeler stays at Old Westbury Gardens, he and Hunchak can “confer” at Old Westbury Gardens in re Chancery affairs. I’d guess that BP wanted Jillions as well, if for nothing else to counter the influence/power of Bobby’s faction… the main goal of all too many is to keep Bobby and his surrogates OUT. Jillions and his equally Renovationist wife, Denise, may inaugurate a reign of terror against Bobby’s faction on the one hand and the more traditionally-minded (i.e., grounded Orthodox) on the other (don’t forget how Jillions pissed on the ustav in Ottawa and he supports a parish without an iconostas in Montréal). This in turn may accelerate and exacerbate the fragmentation and ultimate collapse of the OCA. Denise Jillions, by all accounts, is a bitch on wheels… wait until you see her in action…. she’ll emerge as the actual Chancellor of the OCA (her husband being nothing but a figurehead… this is what happened at Cambridge according to several English eyewitnesses).

James Silver crawled out from under his rock. He posted the following in Stokoe’s comboxes:

Dear Friends,

Rather than condemn everyone who wasn’t (able to be) there for SVS’s Ed Day this year, it might be better to encourage SVS to schedule Ed Day for the first Saturday in October which does NOT fall on the first of that month. This would enable a great many more of us to attend Ed Day since we wouldn’t then have to make a painful choice between observing the feast of the Protection of the Mother of God in our own parishes or going to SVS. For that very reason, Bp Michael deserves to be above criticism here.

Peace and blessings to all.

Monk (sic) James


He really wants you to take the above blather seriously. Let’s keep this one focused. Orthodox Education Day has ALWAYS been on the first Saturday in October. ALWAYS. You can count on it. This wasn’t an innovation… this wasn’t anything that El Gordo didn’t participate in as a seminarian. Therefore, in arranging schedules, anyone with experience would KNOW that Orthodox Education Day was on the first weekend in October and that JP would HAVE to be there. This means that an ignoranus convert (no doubt, a HOOMie reject) is undertaking scheduling for Fathausen. They don’t know, they don’t care about, and they have no respect for local traditions. Silver’s sticking up for Dahulich… that must mean that Dahulich is in Bobby’s camp. No one can plead ignorance in this one. NO ONE. This was deliberate. Anyone who scheduled ANYTHING for the first Saturday in October is either an ignorant konvertsy rube or they’re spitting on someone, there’s no other explanation.

One last thing… for those “not in the know”, the IDF‘s nuclear war strategy is code-named the “Samson Option“. If Love BT runs up against the wall at the Sobor, BT might avail himself of his own “Samson Option”. Now that I think about it, a prognosis of “Fireworks in Seattle” is tame… the Sobor might be canopied with a (figurative) mushroom cloud if Love BT goes nuclear. I hope Bishop Mel knows this… if I were in charge, I wouldn’t allow BT to attend…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 7 October 2011

Albany NY

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