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Friday, 7 October 2011

Schismatics in Sumy Oblast in the Ukraine Received into the Canonical Orthodox Church through Repentance

Bishop Iosif Maslennikov of Konotop and Glukhov (1978- ), of the canonical UOC/MP. The loudmouths in Stokoe’s comboxes are perpetually mewling about the “old and stuck in the mud” clergy in Russia… then, please, explain to me why the only clergy that I see in the MP are young men like this bishop and Archbishop Mark and Fr Vsevolod (and oldsters like Metropolitan Yuvenaly who’re “young at heart”)? Are we looking at the same Church?


On 26 September 2011, the eve of the holyday of the Elevation of the Holy Cross, in Shostka in Sumy Oblast in the Ukraine, a parish of the schismatic “Patriarchate of Kiev”, led by their priest, returned to the fold of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church/MP. Earlier, Vladimir Skiba, known as “Hieromonk Siluan”, a former clergyman of the so-called UOC/KP’s Diocese of Konotop, petitioned Bishop Iosif Maslennikov of Konotop and Glukhov to forgive him, and to receive him, along with the members of the schismatic UOC/KP Holy Trinity parish, into ecclesiastical communion with the Diocese of Konotop of the canonical UOC/MP. Vladyki Iosif served the rite of accession to the Orthodox Church. Parishioners professed their loyalty to the Church of Christ, and they renounced all schismatic and heterodox activities and formally broke all ties with the schismatic Mikhail Antonovich Denisenko (formerly Metropolitan Philaret). At the end of the rite of accession and the reconsecration of Holy Trinity’s parish church, Bishop Iosif served Divine Liturgy. Vladyki Iosif expressed his sincere joy on the return of our brothers and sisters in the faith from the sin of schism. He said, “Schisms and divisions are wounds and sores on the Body of Christ, which is embodied by the Church. However, for Orthodox Christians, the Cross isn’t a symbol of death… it’s a symbol of life and resurrection. In ancient Jerusalem, touching the dead to the True Cross brought them back to life; when a parish returns to the salvific bosom of the Church, it breathes life into a newly-Orthodox community”. The newly-reconciled schismatics confessed and took Holy Communion together with other Orthodox Christians. Everyone received icons of the Saviour and the Most Holy Mother of God, along with an episcopal blessing.

28 September 2011



Editor’s Note:

An MP priest sent me the link to this with the comment, “Is this the future for the OCA?” Now, it’s time to “speak the unthinkable”. With the nomination of John Jillions to be Chancellor, the OCA crossed a line. Mr Jillions is a known quasi-papist, Radical Renovationist, and indifferentist. His wife is even worse than he is. Together, they’re a force for evil… there’s no other way of putting it. I believe that portions of the OCA are going to descend into schism (that’s why Love BT must be prevented from attending the Sobor… he’ll light the match just out of spite). Interestingly enough, New Skete’s probably not going to spin off into vagante irrelevance. They need to sell their dogs and cheesecakes in order to survive, so, they have to stay “canonical”… they’ll either return to the Unia or go to the EP. SVS, too, won’t fly off into schism… they’ll go EP, just like the Paris cabal.

Here’s the saddest part… all of the loudmouth konvertsy truly think that they can “defy” world Orthodoxy. Trust me… they’d be disowned, and right smartly, too. They’d be nothing but another splinter that’s left the Church and spun into isolated and crackbrained rebellion. No one would miss them… NO ONE. Some of the saner parishes would be dragged into the whirlpool… the scenario illustrated by the above news item would play out in more than one community. As for the rest… the Church would take its traditional attitude… “If you wish to return, you know where the door is, and what the conditions are. They’re not going to change any time soon or any time later. It’s up to you”. We haven’t come to the darkest segment of the road yet. Are we at “June 1941” (the nadir-point of the atheist persecution… only 100 churches were left in all the USSR) yet? Shall we have to drink the cup to the bitter dregs? One hopes not…



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