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Thursday, 20 October 2011

20 October 2011. SVSniki Start New Renovationist Gasbag Website

Bozhe Moi! I’ve seen it all! Now, there’s a new Renovationist website run by four of the most gaseous and ungrounded pseudo-intellectuals around. One is Alexis Vinogradov, who creamed his jeans over Rowan Williams coming to SVS. He actually said that it’d “excite” all the former Anglicans in the OCA (I shit you not). Another is Eric Wheeler, who’s part of the Ol’ Boys Network at the Chancery… along with Hunchak, Hopko fils, and Stokoe (one wonders why Stokoe didn’t pump this up on his website… Lyonyo probably didn’t let him). All four of ’em are condescending snots and insufferable know-alls. There’s Robert Arida, who never uses one word where ten will do… and an unknown putz, a M Stankovich. They’re all Struve clones… all poured out of the same ratty ol’ ADS crucible. Click here to see it. Do look at it! GOWAN! DO IT! They expect to be taken seriously. THEY DO. They truly think that they’re the latest thing, and that all of the rest of us are clueless boobs and REQUIRE to be taken by the hand and spoon-fed their superior guidance. BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM.

By their “fruits”… what a choice of words! One of their profs was Pierre l’Huillier… who had “interesting” tastes. There was Dmitri Royster, who was part of an investigation into abusive “sexual tourism” in Mexico. Let’s not forget Bobby K… none of these paladins opened their mouths at the time. Wheeler got the boot from Bobby, probably to make way for a Friend of Bobby… that’s the only reason for his umbrage. I’ll bet that they’ll have “guest spots” from Anglicans pretending to be Orthodox like Reardon (who teaches at an Episkie seminary) and Haffield (who accepted a degree from his old Anglican alma mater). Now is a good time to bring something up. I’ve noticed that EVERY former Anglican amongst the Orthodox clergy still retains the heresy of the Branch Theory. What does that tell you about Fathausen? Not only are the former Anglicans “not of us”, these academic blowhards aren’t either. Note the title they give their website… WE ARE THEIR LEGACY. THIS is why these people and the former Episkies (who are their sworn and dyed-in-the-wool allies) are the enemies of all grounded and REAL Orthodox. We don’t need them… we don’t need ADS’ “legacy”… and we don’t need tired ol’ Silly Sixties solutions to contemporary problems. Pass me the jug… take a hit yourself… it’s NEVER boring, no siree.

Get your tickets for the A D Schmemann, now! It’s to the same design as the Hindenburg, dontcha know…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 20 October 2011

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

A friend just sent me this:

I just looked at that site and I’ll throw up in short order. Thanks a lot. Oh look! They know Greek, don’t you know? They use the Greek-English dictionary on Strong’s Concordance! What scholarship! Using Strong’s to “define” Greek words is the equivalent of doing paint-by-number iconography. Come to think of it, they probably do that too. Shameless posers…

I quite agree… don’t be fooled by imitations. Insist on WATL… after all, it’s Old Doctor Schmemann’s Snake Medicine… good for every ailment of man or beast (secret ingredient… grandpa’s old moonshine).



20 October 2011. Bishop Mel… Why Don’t You Send on the Link to the SIC Report to the Federal Attorney?

The SIC Report outlines credit card fraud and income tax evasion… both federal offences. Let’s be level-headed here, maybe Bishop Mel was asked to lay back by the Feds because they wanted to catch Kondratick fils and his merry band of fraudsters. That’s no longer the case, now, Vladyki… you won’t mess up a Federal investigation. This’ll just put the cherry on top for any ambitious Federal Attorney (and they’re all ambitious and on the make, trust me). Send them the link for the report… they’ll find it absorbing reading.


It’s Jenga time… pull out that right block… need I say more?


20 October 2011. Will No One Bell The Cat? What the SIC Dug Up on Bobby K WAS Actionable… Credit Card Fraud’s a Federal Offence… Bishop Mel,Turn This Turdbird Over to the Secular Arm for Punishment (It’s what Symphonia is ALL ABOUT)

Look at what the SIC found:

b. Other Kondratick family credit card charges for which the OCA paid included: tanning salons; a $700 (22,000 Roubles. 500 Euros. 450 UK Pounds) hair salon charge; and a $3,000 (94,500 Roubles. 2,180 Euros. 1,900 UK Pounds) purchase by Fr Kondratick’s son at a jewellery store (this could have been Jamie Kondratick, the younger son).

This is a crime under the statutes. All Bishop Mel has to do is to swear out a complaint, and as Chancellor of the OCA, he’s the offended party. Shall he? We’ll find out…


20 October 2011. Guess Who Subscribed to VFR? You’d NEVER guess…

I get routine e-mails from WordPress to inform me whenever someone subscribes to my blog… that is, WordPress sends them an e-mail whenever I post. Wanna guess who my latest subscriber is? Here’s a cut n’paste of the e-mail that WordPress sent me:

ocawonder subscribed to Voices from Russia

ocawonder just subscribed to receive an email every time you publish a post. Congratulations. You may want to visit their blog. Perhaps you’ll enjoy their blog as much as they liked yours.

Who woulda thunk it! The Syossetites deign to acknowledge my existence… imagine that! Of course, part of it is that I break stories that they don’t even cover or cover in a laggardly and/or spotty fashion. It just goes to show ya, that life’s still as crazy and illogical as it’s always been, doesn’t it? Lift a glass and CHEER! There IS a God in Heaven, and He still knows how to laugh! Be good all of you…


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