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Friday, 21 October 2011

21 October 2011. Remember Baba and Dede! We Are Their Legacy!

All Our Strength at Home Will Aid the Front!

Irakli Toidze



We have a choice. We can have a Church full of the sinful-ginful muddling their way to the Kingdom (and getting there in one piece). On the other hand, we can follow academic pied-pipers full of airy-fairy notions about a “pure” Church that never existed (and never shall). There you have it… we can have a REAL legacy or we can have a BALONEY legacy. I choose to follow baba and dede… we ARE their legacy, after all. Yes… you can laugh at “Baba’s Religion” all that you want… we come of heroic stock… if they could do it, so can we.



Russian Parliament Adopts Law Restricting Abortions (WARNING! Western Piece Full of Dezinformatsiya)

A Mother Tucking Children Into Bed

Norman Rockwell



Editor’s Foreword:

First, I checked RIA-Novosti, VOR, and Interfax for news of this… it wasn’t there, either on the English or Russian sides. It was splashed all over Western media… especially Neoliberal (“conservative”) sources. That rang alarm bells off in my mind. Ergo, I decided to check the veracity of the figures offered. I want you to know what the Neoliberal pukes are saying… take the following with reservations, please. It’s not completely up to Hoyle. I’ll go further on this in my Afterword.



On Friday, the Russian parliament adopted a law limiting abortions, but rejected even tougher restrictions backed by the country’s conservative (sic) Orthodox Church. Health officials say Russia’s abortion rates are amongst the world’s highest, contributing to a fertility rate of only 1.4 children per woman, far below the 2.1 needed to maintain the existing population. The country’s birth rate has become a serious concern for Russia as it fights to stem a steep population decline. The Health Ministry says more than a million pregnancies are terminated in Russia annually, although abortion critics say the statistics don’t include private clinics and the real number amounts to six million a year. The law passed Friday limits abortions to 12 weeks of pregnancy, except for women who say they can’t afford a child, who may have an abortion up to 22 weeks. The law also stipulates a mandatory waiting period of two to seven days before the procedure to allow a woman to reconsider her decision. The law doesn’t include restrictions proposed by the Russian Orthodox Church (sic), such as a requiring a husband’s consent for married women, parents’ consent for teenage girls or for a doctor’s right to refuse an abortion. During the Soviet era, abortion laws were liberal and unrestricted abortions became virtually the only effective method of family planning, as condoms were unreliable and seldom used. The abortion debate in Russia hasn’t become as divisive and heated as the abortion debate in the United States, but the effort to restrict them has strong backing from the Russian Orthodox Church, which has sought a more muscular role in society. Russia’s population, now at 143 million, has shrunk by 5.7 million since the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union, a plunge blamed on rampant alcoholism, bad diets, and lack of exercise.

21 October 2011

Associated Press

As quoted in the Washington Post


Editor’s Afterword:

Earth to American journalists! Check out your facts before writing your story. There’s much wrong in the above piece, and let Tyotya Vara walk you through the real deal. Firstly, let me tell you where I got my facts. I went to Wikipedia, and typed in, “fertility rate in Russia”… that took me here. The figures here are official Russian statistics. The LOWEST fertility rate recorded was in 1999, with a TFR of 1.543; it improved to 1.665 in 2004, the last year available. Note that both are above the figure quoted by the AP, which means that the AP got it from crank Western intel sources… they didn’t even check the Russian figures. To further nail this down, the birth rate that had dropped to 8.7 percent in 1999, had rebounded to 10.7 in 2007, a 23 percent increase in the birth rate. In addition, there was negligible out-migration prior to 1991, but that increased exponentially after 1991, leading to millions of Russians living abroad, mostly in Europe and North America. When one factors in net out-migration rates, the picture isn’t as bad as Western intel agencies like to paint out.

In short, the AP and the Post are passing on unmitigated bullshit from Langley. Is there a “demographic problem”… yes, there is. However, it’s not as bad as Western “La Russophobes” say it is. Indeed… the native population in the USA has birth patterns quite similar to those in Russia. The growth in the US population is mainly in recent Hispanic arrivals and their children (the rest of the growth is in immigration, there’s been a slight decrease in the native population), who were brought in by American businessmen to depress wage levels in the labour market. I must add that it was a successful dodge; by the way, today, ordinary Americans earn only 85 percent (in real terms) as much as they did in 1981. Where did that money go? It went to subsidise a 250 percent growth in the earnings of the most affluent five percent.

There be dragons out there, and the American corporate media is one of them. Check out what they say… all too often its out-and-out lies and evasions. Look at how they demonised Gaddafi. The real reason that the oligarchs hated Muammar was that he used his country’s oil wealth to finance a solid and generous social welfare system. Just you watch, the first act of the “liberators” will be to turn this money over to their Western paymasters and puppeteers. Of course, the Western oligarchs will pay their kleptocratic servants well. It’ll be a repeat of Batista’s Cuba. It just might end the same way… with the ordinary Libyans hating the Americans as much as the ordinary Cubans do.

America loves reproaching others whilst it practises the very same things… it loves telling lies about others’ “weakness” whilst it boasts of its own “strength”… it loves brutalising the helpless and kicking them when they’re down… it loves killing all those that it labels as “foes”. You reap what you sow… if you sow the wind, you’ll reap the whirlwind… have we forgotten that?


21 October 2011. What Is To Be Done? Bobby Jr is in Bracelets… Shall We Have the Guts to Do the Same to His Old Man?

Mother Church is calling us home. Why won’t we listen? We’re missed and we’re wanted…


C’est pire qu’un crime, c’est une faute.

This was worse than a crime; it was a botch.

Saying attributed to various sources on the death of the Duc d’Enghien


By now, you’re all aware that the Feds have nicked Bobby K’s son for a dodgy Ponzi scheme. If  one reads the SIC report, one quickly becomes convinced that the Holy Synod, Metropolitan Council, SVS, and the Chancery crowd all colluded to hide crime. Credit card fraud and income tax evasion are serious federal offences. All legit religious bodies hand over criminal clergy and staff to the secular arm for punishment… the Centre does it, there are crook priests in the Butyrki to prove it… the TEC does it, they ensured that an embezzling treasurer did hard time in NY State for dipping into funds on a lesser scale than Bobby did. The OCA refused and refuses to do what all other legit religious bodies do.

Not only did the Metropolitan Council cravenly pull back in the case of Bobby K and Iggy in the case of missing financial records in the Diocese of NY & NJ, they refused to see that Ray Velencia received proper punishment for his illegal actions (the violation of pastoral confidentiality is a LEGAL concept, not a canonical one). This isn’t to mention the fact the Metropolitan Council punked out and refused to turn over Bobby to the Feds for his criminal actions outlined in the SIC report. How many of you recall the Eve of the Millennium party that Bobby threw? I wonder how much the hotel suite overlooking Times Square cost him? It wasn’t a secret… Bobby invited all too many of the “higher” clergy to his party… all too many of those now screaming for “openness” and “transparency” were at the festivities.

If we’re to retain ANY cred, we have to lance the boil and let all the pus flow out. It’ll be nasty and messy; it’ll smell horribly and spatter all of us. Yes… if Bishop Mel swears out a complaint against Bobby (for as Acting Chancellor, legally, he’s the “offended party”), all the suppressed truth about the fagorama in the upper reaches of the OCA’s going to come out. It’s going to cause one hell of a smell, and the OCA’s cred will be shot, irrevocably, and for good and all. It won’t be pretty… but that’s the TRUTH. If the Church is the Pillar and Ground of Truth, as the Apostle wrote, then, we’ve got to face facts or God will MAKE US face reality. That’s what happened in 1917… the Church became corrupt… it became fat n’ sassy… God burned out the cancer using the Godless as His Instrument.

There’s much desperate talk of how the Centre supports Fathausen and the Syosset/SVS apparat. If that were so, you’d see the likes of Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov and/or other leading MP hierarchs of Metropolitan rank (not the Blunder… he’s just a “pretty face” and channel to the zapadniki) coming to the USA and liturgically concelebrating with JP. Obviously, that’s not occurring, and that, in itself, is a “red flag” to all observers who’re “in the know”. In short, the OCA’s no longer viable, and hasn’t been such for some time. For many years, the OCA operated on the “capital” of the Metropolia, not only its material resources, but also its “spiritual” and “intellectual” deposits, as well. There’s no way that we can trace the collapse of the OCA as we can the decline of the TEC. The TEC was honest in its accounting… so, one could see its decrease. The OCA was dishonest, so, the only conclusion that one can come to is that the catastrophe is even more marked. There’s no way of knowing the precise depth of the fall, but a good guess would be that the OCA’s only some 40 percent the size of the Metropolia in 1965. That’s the price for Schmemann’s Folly.

There’s no way that even a UNIFIED Russian Orthodox Church in the USA could afford SVS or the Syosset Chancery. They’re beyond our means, and to continue them in their present form would only be a waste of the believers’ money. A united Church could use Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville and Saint Tikhon’s in South Canaan, as both are attached to monasteries (they’d also be MUCH cheaper to operate). There’d be NO need for a stand-alone seminary (in an inordinately expensive MSA, to boot), which isn’t usual Orthodox practise in the Motherland… His Holiness has called for all future seminaries to be attached to monasteries. Don’t cry for Bouteneff, Meyendorff, or Hatfield… their heterodox pals would find them employment… and laud them for being “victims” of a “retrograde” hierarchy and Church.

The present mess should tell us all of us that the OCA’s fruits are bitter and acrid. Any group that won’t turn over criminals to the courts isn’t Christian… and that’s the way it is. It’s time to go home… this experiment has failed, utterly and completely. Its time to rip up the Tomos, and to be what we always were and what we always shall be… Russian Orthodox Christians. Look at the image heading this post… need I say more? We know where the path home is… why aren’t we on it?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 21 October 2011

Albany NY

21 October 2011. Here’s a Link to the Official Complaint Against Bobby Jr…

THIS is why the Kondraticks and Lyonyos got away with what they did… Stokoe and Wheeler and Vinogradov and Iggy all smiled broad vacuous grins of approval at it all (such was (and is) the “culture” at the Chancery). Oh… such sycophancy is “for the good of the Church” and God blesses it… Lyonyo and Stokoe say so!


Click here and see a PDF of the actual complaint against Bobby Jr. Bishop Mel! You can swear out a warrant for Bobby Sr, too… there’s enough schmutz in the SIC report to sink ten battleships, not merely one. As I posted earlier, credit card fraud and income tax evasion ARE federal offences. Reflect on this… Wheeler kept his mouth shut… Stokoe kept his mouth shut… they ALL kept their mouths shut… until Lyonyo siced ’em on Bobby. Let’s not be coy… the smart word has it that Bobby Sr checked into Manhattan hotels as “Mr Kondratick”; I’m told that these hotel check-ins were somehow related to his “double life” as a practising homosexual… and all of the paladins knew it… and NONE of ’em talked. I wasn’t the only person to see Bobby and his pals at Veselka’s over on Tenth and Second! Fathausen does NOTHING about the rolling fagorama in the upper reaches of the OCA. NOTHING. Gauge his windy bombast about homosexuality against THAT. Don’t forget… Fathausen’s Royster’s protégé. He has nothing but silence about Dmitri’s philandering. Oh, one last thing… Fathausen’s guru was Podmoshensky. If “like calls unto like”… I’d say that we have a “methinks the maiden doth protesteth too much” situation here.

THIS is the “legacy” of the OCA. It’s why it’s declined to 40 percent of its 1965 peak. I’ve had enough of this for a while… so have you. “Now, is the time to act”, as the deacon says to the priest in the liturgy… yes, indeed…


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